Umm... first confession

I am a 25 year old female. I'm chubby, but that cute kinda chubby. I have had a few bf's but the s** is usually ok. I have always wanted something more but can never come out and say it. Maybe one day I will. But I thought I'd put it on here first. My ultimate fantasy is to meet a random older man maybe 40's in a bar or coffee shop or somewhere really random. Have him come up and ask me out to dinner or something and have him be all nice and sweet to me. Then we would go back to his place where he would immediately grab me and push me down on the bed. He would then tie my hand and mouth with duct tape and show me what a real man he is. He would start shoving things inside me. Then after take his fist and lube it up before ramming it deep inside both my holes. And no matter how much I scream or cry I would want him to stop. I would want him to keep going as long as he wanted. Then he would remove to tape from my mouth just enough to shove himself inside me. Using my mouth as much as he wanted. And going as deep as he can. And I mean hard and deep. Leaving my lips and nose brused after. And only pulling it out to smack my face with it. Then have hime finish all over my face covering me with his hot c**. Then when he's done I want him to spit on my face then take a big p*** all over it and make me taste it. And for the last thing I would want him to do is to keep my laying down and to squat down on top of me and take a big crap all over my chest.

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  • I would love to use you...I enjoy probing your holes with everything you wish

  • We’ll I’m 50 and I would definitely eat your P**** out good and shove my c*** deep inside your mouth. After you sucked me good I would take turns f****** your ass and p****. I’d definitely bite your nipples hard and leave hickies on your ass and t*** as my territory

  • I love f****** chubby women. What size are you t*** etc. I'm mature 50 and dominant, I want to train you as my fat s***

  • I'm c38. 46-42-38. I love a*** and choking on a hard c***

  • I know I’d love to show you how it’s done.I’d slowly kiss and suck your nipples then slowly move to you p**** and a****** until you came all over my face.
    By then you’d be ready for me to f*** you good and hard

  • Well I'm up for that

  • I would love to meet you I am 54 and treat you like a proper s*** and do more then p*** and s*** on you u dirty fat s***

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