Ultimate sexual sensation

When I was 16 something really weird happened, I had a boyfriend, in fact I lost my virginity to him, but this happened without him.
My folks were going on holiday for a couple of weeks leaving me alone in the house, my boyfriend was away too so I thought great, house to myself and for the first week nothing to do except take Ben out for walks!
Ben was out Alsatian, very affectionate and big, in more ways than one as I was about to find out!
3 days's had passed, very boring days I may say and couldn't wait for my boyfriend to come back and have some fun, I went in the shower, put a dressing gown on and went into the bedroom to brush my hair, after than I sat on the edge of the bed.
Ben was always given free run of the house as he was an exceptional guard dog so coming into my room was normal for him, but this night he got a little too interested in me.
I'll cut to the quick, I was sitting on my bed and he walked up to me, he'd done that thousands of times, he jumped up catching me by surprise his front paws pushing me backwards, falling back I tried to get him off me in a playful way but he was really pushing hard against me.
I tried to push him off me and made the mistake of raising my leg to try and lever him off, opp's! my mistake, he was between my legs and I wasn't wearing any underwear, I could feel him on my crotch and as hard as I tried, I was pinned underneath him.
Next thing he was thrusting his lower half at me, I must admit I was scared, he never got this aggressive before, his p**** was out, he was between my legs and I was naked, next thing I knew his p**** had found me! bare in mind this is a 12 stone dog and powerful.
His p**** went into my v*****, I was terrified cause he growled at me for trying to push him away, I let him make love to me cause I was scared, after a few mins with his p**** inside me he calmed down, I was still scared of him so I lay there with him doing what he wanted, I was overcome with a strange emotion, I was enjoying it! enjoying the sensation of having his c*** inside me, he was huge and could feel him growing inside me, I know now this was his knot, we were locked together and there was nothing I could do about it.
I felt him so deep inside me, his c*** e**********, we were there for say 15 to 20 mins before he let me go and when he did his s**** poured out of me.
I was confused! why did I enjoy it? I still don't have an answer to this day except I did! but I never felt so sexually satisfied in my life.
He's clean, he can't get me pregnant, and he can't tell anyone and be indiscreet, turns out he is the perfect lover.
That was two years ago and he still makes love to me, he has also got extremely protective of me!
Well I am his b**** after all.


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  • Http://www.hotlegsinlove.com/Documents/DogRape_9.pdf

  • Exodus 22:19

  • Your fairytale god is not real. Wake up.

  • I honestly watched a clip of a f****** gorgeous lady positioning herself on all fours to let a huge rout-wilder mount her. I thought this was so sick until I saw how huge his c*** was and how he made her c** from his deep fast strokes. I thought to myself now if this was an old ugly lady this would be so f****** gross. But no !!! She was f****** hot looking and had a sexy body. I became so aroused at watching her take it so rough and enjoy it.
    It’s like she needed his c*** to make her hurt from a deep rough f******. The other hot part was watching the dog lick her clean she was totally into that


  • I swear to god you should be in prison

  • Im at loss what to do. I got a puppy last xmas for my allmost ten year old daughter and a few times now i have walked in on her naked on her bed and him licking her...

  • Exodus 22:19, read this in the bible

  • Recently I’ve been very interested in trying this. I’m very submissive to my hubby and wouldn’t want to bring this up to him but secretly wish he would make me have s** with a dog while he watched and told me what to do. We currently don’t have a dog but for the last month I’ve been trying to talk him into getting me a male dog. I think if he ever agrees, this will be how I spend my evenings when he’s out of town.

  • I love hearing stories like this . Always wanted to watch a girl and her dog going at it . Something about how wrong it is is a real turn on . When you talked about your first time with him you said he made love to you but it sounded more like he raped you and you got off on the fear . Do you like feeling helpless?

  • Damon I can pm you

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