My sisters GF

Many years ago my sister decided she was no longer into men and started to...Dabble in hooking up with girls, She had a few bad relationships and I get why she went the direction she did but coming from a very conventional family...Well, Maybe not conventional anymore but our parents are married still, My husband and I are married and my brother and his wife are married. None of us had any children out of wedlock, We all dated, Got married, Bought a house and started our families but my sister, Who was always the one to push boundaries and test my parents patience was always the one that if anyone had to choose which one of us would be a bit wild it would have been her.
I told my husband everything although I don't think most girls would divulge too much information about their past indiscretions but I didn't want any secrets or straight up lies in our relationship, I myself had a few drunk "Hookups" back in the day, One in highschool with my best friend who is still my absolute best friend to this day and a few with certain room mates back in college. I don't think I did anything that needs to be kept a secret and I think most girls go through a stage at some point in their life and for a lot it seems to be during college which I actually thought would be the same for my sister since that was when she started to lean toward girls but she just never started to lean back the other way. I had left all that wild crazy stuff behind when I met my husband and got married and settled down since I just wanted the fairy tale with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids.
Anyway after a long and rambling intro here is my confession, "I hooked up with my sisters GF". There it is. I would have never in a million years thought I would ever be saying that I had hooked up with another girl. My sister and her GF have been together 3 years now and always stay at our house when in town since mom still insists they sleep in separate rooms because they are not married which was the same rule for all of us, We got a bit drunk last night and I got up in the middle of the night to pee and get a drink...I know, Counter productive to pee then drink more fluids but whatever. I went to the kitchen in my standard shorts and tank top sleeping attire and got a drink out of the fridge, When I turned around my sisters GF was standing there.
I have 3 kids and have breast fed all of them so my previous D's...Which I have to say were quite an attention getter are now not so much, I can squish them into a small C or a large B depending on the day and normally I NEVER let anyone see me without a bra but there I was with my girls out in all their low hanging glory, I was still drunk and not really thinking about it because I was caught off guard but I jumped a bit and told her she scared me, We had a little drunk giggle and I was going to sneak back to bed but she started talking to me.
She was also in her shorts and a loose fitting muscle shirt showing a LOT of side boob and being a chesty girl there was quite a bit on display and she has long nips which were at full attention, I had peeked in the arm of her top a bit when she reached for a glass and they were quite impressive, We were talking and I didn't really notice how close she was getting to me but when I turned to look at her she leaned in and kissed me, I was caught of guard again and didn't pull back as fast as I should have so we ended up having a 4-5 second kiss before I pulled back and whispered to her that I couldn't.
She looked at me and told me that my sister was all good with it which I told her I didn't believe so she texted my sister right in front of me then handed me her phone, My sister was down the hall and she texted back that this was her GF's one and only fantasy and she wanted to grant it for her. Shock and disbelief were among the many feelings going through my mind and as my sisters lesbian GF was pressing up against me my sister was texting me that she wanted me to hook up with her, I put her phone down and picked up mine not actually believing it was my sister and texted her "WHAT???" from my phone, The reply "I...WANT...THIS", I set my phone down and her GF was touching my arm and running her hands through my hair as she whispered to me that they were planning on taking the next step and getting married but both wanted to have one last hook up with someone else and my sister already had, But there was only one person she wanted to be with...ME!!!
I was drunk and inhibitions were low, we had smoked a joint before bed which made them even lower and my husband had passed out on me by the time I came out of the bathroom so...I was...Maybe already a bit frustrated sexually and I had already been thinking about going to the walk in attached to our bedroom since it is the most private place in the house and that is where I keep my one and only "Toy" for a little session before going back to bed but now found myself presented with a different option, One I had not planned on and one I didn't think would ever happen again.
She was doing everything right and I was trying to protest...Like actually thinking it was a bad idea and that it was wrong in so many ways but her hands and her lips were doing all the right things and somewhere along the line I couldn't control it anymore so I kissed her. Next thing I knew we were headed downstairs and before I knew it we were rolling around on the couch, She had me topless before I even realized it and when she cupped my boobs and sucked one nipple into her mouth all reservations and any thoughts I had about stopping were gone.
With me being the MUCH less experienced one she took the lead and lead me through an hour long experience which still has my mind reeling and emotions going on that I don't think I have ever experienced, Besides being a very attractive woman she has a phenomenal body and knows exactly what to do and what to say, She led me to an early orgasm and when it happened I was initially saddened because I have never had more than one and usually that brings an end to my interest which usually means I simply lay there and wait for my husband to finish but she brought me to climax then somehow kept my body tingling until I couldn't not keep going.
We both brought each other to climax before I had a second one and then laid there holding each other as my body twitched and shook, With not one single thought going through my head I laid there holding her kissing softly until she got back on top of me but after a few failed attempts to get me going again and realizing I was BEYOND finished I finished her once more then we both sat up and snuggled for about 10 minutes before my embarrassment kicked in, I told her I had to go to bed and although she wanted me to stay on the couch with her I couldn't, I went upstairs and stood in front of the bathroom mirror staring at myself for a long time before going to bed and laying awake thinking about what had happened and finally passing out.
This morning was super awkward and thank god my husband was last out of bed because it gave me a chance to talk to her and my sister, My sister was beaming when she seen me this morning and jumped up hugging me, She instantly told me how much she loved me and how happy she was while her GF pretty much thanked me telling me that through many conversations they both knew I was the only one for it to happen with. My sister kind of weirded me out even more by admitting that she had snuck down and watched which I don't even know how I feel about the fact someone had watched let alone my sister but when my husband woke up I had already told them not to say a word around him and now I am faced with the question of do I tell him or not.
I don't want any secrets between us but...How...What do I say...How do I tell him...What will his reaction be.

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