Is life supposed to be this hard?

I really want to know.

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  • Pretend you are a hollywood cel. you have to fake it til you make it and faking it is hard.

  • Well good question. I hear a lot of people say "life is whatcha make it" I mean go prostitute and hustle or be a complete a****** on the world cuz no one will care anyway. it does get a lot harder as you age.

  • You said it....I am very old and waiting for death to end my done with the world

  • The amount of pleasure that one gets in life is far less than the pain. It is why I never had a child.

  • Yes It someone said "no body dies a virgin life f**** all "...

  • It all depends upon the past life deeds that we make sounds like old school but very true and hard to believe....why I am not born with a silver spoon

  • Actually, this is about as easy as life ever gets. Think about what it was like for most of our ancestors. Childbirth = death; drinking water = dysentery; working a manual labour job = short life span. Believe it or not, this is probably the best time to live. It's that humans are utterly incapable of recognising that fact.

  • OP here: Thanks for bringing this up. It's a much better perspective to have than the one I had.

  • Shouldn't be, but it is. It's because the world is so full of stupid people.

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