I have been wanting now for about 5 years to do a MFM threeway with my wife. I even confessed to her that I would be good if I could just watch. I have giving her the right to have s** outside our marriage aslong as she records it and lets me see. It all started because we both got drunk one day and she passed out. We had some friends over and one of them said my wife was super hot. Well I am way older then my wife. So that comment kept playing over and over in my head. As we ran out of beer we all called it a night and everybody started living. As soon as everbody left I undressed my wife and started f****ing her. When someone knocked on the door. At first I ignored the knock bit they kept knocking. I got up and covered my wife with a blanket. When ai answered the door it was one of our friends. He said to me that he could not drive and if he could crash at our house. I said yeah that cool just let get my wife to our bedroom and tou can use the couch. So once again my wife was undressed so I had to figure out how to get her to our bedroom without letting my friend see her naked. We sat at the kitchen table and talked for a bit. When I told him that we were going to bed he said yeah I am crashimg too. When I went to get my wife I had already forgooten that O had undeessed her. When I took the blanket off of her she was naked from
The waste down. He saw her and at first turned away and apologized to me. Then he told me that she was hot and that made me think... I quess I should have mentioned this she is 5'7" 130lbs with a nice round ass. So I left her uncovered and naked on the couch while he stared at her. He asked if he could have s** her and of cousre I said no. I let him touch her and even got her fully naked. I let him eat her p**** y and fondel her. He ended by rubbing one out and finishing on her ass. I then took her upstairs and we went to bed. The next day after our friend left she told I know what happens lastnight and that was your one chance for a MFM threeway. So she let it happen and my dumb drunk ass thought she was passed out. Now she refuses to even entertain the idea of a threeway. Our friend asks all the time if we can get her drunk again but she refuses to drink with us. I quess to all wives and females is a MFM threeway not something that you may or may not explore. I have told her lets do it once and if it is not enjoyable for you it will never happen again.

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  • She should have divorced your ass you dumb f***. How the h*** could you do this to someone you supposedly love? First you f*** her w o permission which is raping your own wife then You sat there and allowed him to sexually assault her w o her consent. Yes she was awake but you didn’t know that and what you did while you thought she was asleep was allow this man to molest and assault your “passed out wife” just after you did. People like you don’t deserve a women you piece of s***!

  • I too had this crazy feeling of MFM, but Indian women are not open minded. We had a party during winter. My office staff(4 males and 2 females) and we were having a good time with dance, wine, beer, whisky, meat, etc, etc. These 3 females chose to drink wine and were enjoying the party. Post dinner, people started leaving. My wife was high and wanted more so my friend passed his whisky to her which she gulped it in a shot. After everybody left, I saw that she was not in a position to stand and wanted to sleep in our living room. I was also high, so I slept on the sofa near her. After some time our door bell rang. When I opened, I saw one of my friend who had served my wife whisky on the door. His last train had left and as there were no other modes of transport available, he requested if he can sleep in my house. I obliged and took him to our bedroom. He reminded me that my wife was in the living room, so we both picked her and made her lie on the bed. As I was high, I started to undress her and started to fondle with her breast. My friend also joined me and we both ended f****** her. Then we left her on bed naked and slept outside on the sofa in the living room.
    Next morning, she woke us at around 9 am but didnt tell anything about our threesome experience. I am confused now.

  • If she did not protest while you were both f****** her then that means she enjoyed it!! Clearly you enjoyed it too!

    I would love to meet you folks some time! I am in San Francisco Bay Area in California but do come to Bangalore & Bombay once or twice a year. Would love to stay in touch so that we can meet when am there next.

    Write to me at bigbigizzy321@gmail.com

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