Stupid Chinese Grader

This idiot chinese b****** grader gave me a low score in a class when I should have deserved a higher score, due to his inability to understand the english in our final exam. This little chinese f*** can't speak a word of english properly, and doesn't even give a single s*** about helping the students in the class. My professor in the class is reasonable, but this chinese shitskin is too stupid to even help us out. If we were all at that c**** c***'s mercy, then half the class would end up with Cs or even Ds. Someone needs to do something about these chinese idiots studying at colleges and f****** people over by their lack of english. At least try to understand english, ok, and if you can't, at least try to help students. There's no excuse to not speaking the language and then misgrading students by giving them lower scores than they deserve

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  • Chingcjongs language is inferior...
    Lmao your such a brainwashed f*** aren't you?
    The education system in china is one of the hardest to complete in the world and judging by how salty you're being over something so f****** minor I'm gonna go ahead and say you didn't even finish school.
    It's a vet well know fact that the average asian person is far smarter than the average western person so here's an idea. F*** up.

  • O rly? Then why are 99% of them untermensch? The aryan race is far superior than the chinchongs ethics. You, good sir are a brainwashed f*** who needs reeducation.

  • Honhonhon loser.

  • True. We should force them all to learn english, or be shot by firing squad. Chingchongs language is inferior, and must be replaced with supreme english.

  • the h*** he got hired as a teacher if he can't even understand native language you speak

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