Otherwise perfect relationship

I met the young woman I'm with almost 2 years ago when we were both newly divorced. She's originally from eastern Europe and she's very attractive and sexy. About nine months ago, she moved in and everything has been amazing except one issue that is causing us conflict. After my divorce, I had gotten a vasectomy and after hers, she had gotten fitted with an IUD. After she moved in, I asked her if she was going to have the IUD removed since she knew I couldn't get her pregnant. She didn't really give me a direct answer and I dropped it for a while. Some time later I brought it up again and it turned into kind of an argument. She accused me of not trusting her. I answered that I do trust her but there is only one reason I could think of that she would keep the IUD in, or else that she doesn't expect our relationship to last. She insisted she's been faithful and I was just being an insecure male and we left it at kind of a stalemate. She travels for work a lot and I know she could cheat even without the IUD, but I just don't understand why she refuses. She's sweet and affectionate and we get along great, and maybe I am being an insecure male, but it still bothers me.

Jun 19, 2018

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  • I'd be a little suspicious. Sounds like she's keeping the IUD as a backup in case she needs some d*** that isn't yours. It's possible that she isn't cheating, but she thinks about it, because she is ready in case she has a "need for seed."

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