I hate Malaysia

Malaysia is by far the most unwelcoming Country for Foreigners and International Students. The Institutions are f****** commercial as h***. When my parents first told me they were sending me to Malaysia to study I was happy because i came here before a few times for holidays and shopping trips. I've never stayed here for more than a week before. But when i came here as a student everything changed. My class mates started ripping me off and leeching off me. They literally made me do all their Assignments and projects.Cheated off my paper in class and would find some excuse and make me pay for their meals. Staying around these people made me realize how f***** up Chinese people really are. And please don't tell me that i should've tried standing up for myself and what not. When you know that you're living in someone Else's country you try not to be rude to them and try to show them what type of a person you are. These people f****** make me feel like swearing at them all the f****** time. If you're an international student and miss 3 days of class without Medical Certificates in a month then you're barred from the Final Exam.Whereas the f****** local Chinese and Malays don't have to submit MC's at all and they don't get barred from Exams. Even some of the teachers are extremely rude to International students. I'm talking about Taylor's University by the way. B***** commercial ass University. Now they've introduced this new rule where they've made BAHASA MALAYSIA as the Malaysian language course compulsory for all international Students. What the f*** for??? Its not like we can use this crap language anywhere else in the world. This Language doesn't even make sense its just a bunch of English words jumbled up to make it sound a bit different. And to top it off this country is supposed to be a Muslim country but you see the people wear the sluttiest clothes here and they prioritize Christmas and f****** Chinese New year more than Eid a.k.a Hari Raya which is supposed to be the most important holiday for this Country.

God i can't wait to leave this crap hole.

Dec 5, 2012

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  • I don't know why there are people who adamantly sympathize for any hateful Asian commie. They are going to learn the hard way. Commies will charge foreigners more money and rip foreigners off. Foreigners will be treated unpleasantly.

  • Malaysian people should be ashamed of themselves.

  • I'm Malaysian myself and I agree with your opinion. I hate Malaysia. They're nothing but shameless and shallow A-hole. I hate Malaysia and I hate my toxic family. Luckily, I moved out from that horrible country to US with my boyfriend from Florida. And I want to tell you all this, I will never come back to Malaysia even if my parents begging me to come back five times or five hundred. It's my choice to have a better life after what I have been through in the past.

  • There's one thing I hate more than President Trump, It's Malaysia. Oh my god, I hate Malaysia so much.

  • It is a very unwelcoming country, with a population that has a major chip on their shoulder. I stayed there for 3 months, in Penang, and will never go back there.

    The worst are probably the chinese. A bunch of ill-mannered animals. Funny thing is that they always like to insist they're not like the mainland Chinese, but I see only a small difference there. They're rude, loud and arrogant. They're also envious and too stupid to hide it. I think these primitive people there do not understand that it's quite embarrassing to openly express envy or jealousy in a public place. Do they think that foreigners can't see it in their behavior?

    It is a shithole. So many things wrong there. Thailand also has some problems but it's still a much better choice than Malaysia.

  • I am East-Asian who took trip to Malay about 2 weeks ago. I thought Malayisa is quite good country for 'tourist'. But it seems like Malaysians are not so good to their 'foreign workers or students'. I heard about 'Buma-phatra' policy which even discriminate their own people by their ethnics. Looks like Malaysia is failed version of USA.

  • Malaysia is a ripped off version of USA. If Malaysia think American are the worst, they were wrong. They're the one who's the worst especially leaving homeless people hungry and dirty who they can't help but just ignore them like that. Malaysia trash hole.

  • Malaysia Is a religious nut land. Like f*** that country and Islamic state. Those Muslim in Malaysia wasn't peaceful, they're sarcasm a*******. If they act like that, go back to Saudi Arabia.

  • Malaysian chicks are just women with diapers on their head, which they call hijabs made specifically for their shxit for brains. Just turn on some amazing Serb songs while visiting that shxithole of a country to get by. It’s rather obvious why east-Asians hate them.

  • Serb are not that better though, serb are slavs of Europe aka slaves

  • So have you graduated already? If you had already gone back to your country, that's a good luck for you. I just came to this country after the s*** parties take power in this country.

  • The minister Kulasegaran the f****** c*** like f****** h*** said he wanna ban all foreign hawkers in Malaysia in order to "protect local tastes". Wtf??? I can find lots of local hawkers cook f****** s**** till we can't eat. Why Malaysian voted Pakatan Harapan the m***********? I hope someone attack Putrajaya.

  • The f****** Pakatan Harapan government moves Malaysia towards xenophobic... they wanna kick all foreigners out. Reformism? F*** off. But many foreigners don't know the truth of Mahathir the m***********.

  • F*** of you stupid malay in malaysia.
    how many years have past after merdeka?
    and the malay be government for how many years?
    till now still want say that malay left behind and still need the special right.
    why u can learn to watch p*** and fapping in less then 18 years. but cant learn to live without the racist BUmipukimak special right in so many years after merdeka ?

    let me explain to u the stupid malay racist system

    their useless king just sit there and act like care about the malay people but what they do just simple. use their power to take the tax that pay by citizen and enjoy. but the citizen happy with that cause they feel like the king help them a lots. u think the money that king use to help the malay more then the money they spend for luxury and other desire?

    the malay party that win in election, they just know bla bla bla like will help malay, if they help u guy why the malay race stay left behind after so many year?
    they just want to be the government and get the citizen money from corruption and bribe. But what can we do, the malay still left behind, i mean their brain. so they easily trust the fool promise from the malay party that say try to help them but just want to fool them.

    and the malay race citizen r the worst,
    nobita = malay people
    doraemon = malaysia special right
    the malay never try to stop get the help from doraemon at all and the doraemon never try to stop help them at all , cause they need the malay voter for keep their corruption and bribe system for continue working. and they lost nothing for helping the cry babay malay people. cause they just take salary and the money that they use for help the malay people is the tax that pay by all malaysian, but most of it just for help malay.

  • I've finally found someone who agrees with me. Malaysians are utter hypocrites. They constantly call Australians racist and talk s*** about Australia calling it undeveloped and yet so many of them move to Australia to study or raise their family. I love how Malaysians always associate Australia with racism and yet Malaysia literally has racism enshrined in their Constitution. Hypocrite country.

  • Yeah I agree, why don't Malaysia change their country name into Freaksia instead.

  • Malaysia is a f*****g sh*t hole. Worst country I've ever been to. The women are sows and hairy beasts.

  • What about the men

  • Totally agree with you... malaysia even don't wanna hire foreigner for 2 months internship. I have to do internship as part of my uni syllabus and they srsly don't wanna hire foreigner even 2 months only. They're so rude.

  • From the way you speak, not surprising why people are rude to you. F*** off t***!

  • Aaa

  • Bro malaysia is the shittiest country in the Southeast Asia

  • Must be an indon or arab.Not surprising since our country won't cater to them

  • Well hello, one Japanese student here lol. I prefer mingling with Arabs and Indonesians over locals.

  • Malaysia is a really stupid country filled with self centred a*******. Even our educators are dumb as f***. Racist biatches everywhere. Government schools are worst. Their pendidikan moral subject teaches all the wrong things. It’s like living in a damn shitpot.

  • I am Malaysian Citizen and i agree what you saying, dude. I f*****g hate Malaysia. There's too many rude people around. I've been bullied and harassed by Malaysian Muslim (Mostly), Iban, Christian and Malaysian Chinese at schools (When i was in a kindergarten until High School) and everywhere i go. I grown up being bullied here and being treated like an outcast, because of this i have depression for 8 years. Malaysian doesn't let us have our own freedom and foods over there are disgusting and i'm gonna warn to the outsiders not to travel to Malaysia. And i wish i'm living in Florida because my boyfriend's over there. Also i really want to convert myself from Muslim to Christian because many muslim teasing and harass me for can't read my own Al-Quran (even i've read for like everyday and many times but it's hard to remember it). Malaysian people are most likely hate pride month and been racist to American (I love American). I wish Malaysian people die and burn in h*** (but not me and Malaysian Citizen who hate their own country)

  • Yeah just go convert from being Muslim to Christian because you already know where you re going to end up .

  • Oh I know, going to h***. Too bad for you, I don't believe in h*** because Islam is a false religion. "Islam is not a religion of Peace", better realize that, you m************ s******* f*******.

  • I was shocked to see Malaysian reactions when the government doubled the fees on foreigners ..their comment was >> Yea charge them ..charge the foreigners ..h*** yea charge the fxx foreigners ..!! i was really shocked about the amount of hate they have against us , iam an expatriate and i live with my own money ..i cant understand Why they hate us like that and invite us to invest ..

  • F*** you?? Most Malaysian pay the taxes for contributing to this country, struggling for everything. Foreigners want to have live this country for free and complaining to much. They think have money can invest to this country and expect the government treat them like a fxxing royal. What exactly you invest to this country???? How much??? Sorry... totally disrespectful.

  • I pay more tax than you Malaysian for working with higher salary. Also you're wrong that foreigners like retirement visa holders come here for free. Your government makes local banks to hold their money as fixed deposit to be able to live here.
    Educate yourself. You even don't know how money flows into your own country lol

  • Malaysia is totally a bullshit and only pigs are born there

  • Pigs like you*

  • And pigs like infested the country

  • Now the Malaysian government is going to prohibit all foreigners to cook at local restaurants. They say foreigners are "ruining the local tastes". What the f*** is this? This is impossible in Europe or Australia. I feel like I wanna leave from Malaysia now.

  • Dont say f##@ing to much. If you dont like this country please go to h***. Dont came to malaysia as a country to get political ashlum . As foreiGners please respect the local people and adapt the culture here if they wanted to be respected by malaysian. Dont make this country like your own. most foreigners are complain here mostly from arab aka to in order the better life from the their war torn country.

  • Even lots of local hawkers cook s**** till we can't eat. So do you think only locals can protect the taste? Such a neo-n*** law which is impossible in France or Germany.

  • Do Malaysian people not aware of far-right? In France people always aware of it, when far-right candidates are in the first round, people boycott so that they won't win in the second round. But Malaysia doesn't even have two-round system, and it makes far-rights to take power.

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