I hate Malaysia

Malaysia is by far the most unwelcoming Country for Foreigners and International Students. The Institutions are f****** commercial as h***. When my parents first told me they were sending me to Malaysia to study I was happy because i came here before a few times for holidays and shopping trips. I've never stayed here for more than a week before. But when i came here as a student everything changed. My class mates started ripping me off and leeching off me. They literally made me do all their Assignments and projects.Cheated off my paper in class and would find some excuse and make me pay for their meals. Staying around these people made me realize how f***** up Chinese people really are. And please don't tell me that i should've tried standing up for myself and what not. When you know that you're living in someone Else's country you try not to be rude to them and try to show them what type of a person you are. These people f****** make me feel like swearing at them all the f****** time. If you're an international student and miss 3 days of class without Medical Certificates in a month then you're barred from the Final Exam.Whereas the f****** local Chinese and Malays don't have to submit MC's at all and they don't get barred from Exams. Even some of the teachers are extremely rude to International students. I'm talking about Taylor's University by the way. B***** commercial ass University. Now they've introduced this new rule where they've made BAHASA MALAYSIA as the Malaysian language course compulsory for all international Students. What the f*** for??? Its not like we can use this crap language anywhere else in the world. This Language doesn't even make sense its just a bunch of English words jumbled up to make it sound a bit different. And to top it off this country is supposed to be a Muslim country but you see the people wear the sluttiest clothes here and they prioritize Christmas and f****** Chinese New year more than Eid a.k.a Hari Raya which is supposed to be the most important holiday for this Country.

God i can't wait to leave this crap hole.



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  • It is a very unwelcoming country, with a population that has a major chip on their shoulder. I stayed there for 3 months, in Penang, and will never go back there.

    The worst are probably the chinese. A bunch of ill-mannered animals. Funny thing is that they always like to insist they're not like the mainland Chinese, but I see only a small difference there. They're rude, loud and arrogant. They're also envious and too stupid to hide it. I think these primitive people there do not understand that it's quite embarrassing to openly express envy or jealousy in a public place. Do they think that foreigners can't see it in their behavior?

    It is a shithole. So many things wrong there. Thailand also has some problems but it's still a much better choice than Malaysia.

  • I am East-Asian who took trip to Malay about 2 weeks ago. I thought Malayisa is quite good country for 'tourist'. But it seems like Malaysians are not so good to their 'foreign workers or students'. I heard about 'Buma-phatra' policy which even discriminate their own people by their ethnics. Looks like Malaysia is failed version of USA.

  • Malaysia is a ripped off version of USA. If Malaysia think American are the worst, they were wrong. They're the one who's the worst especially leaving homeless people hungry and dirty who they can't help but just ignore them like that. Malaysia trash hole.

  • Malaysia Is a religious nut land. Like f*** that country and Islamic state. Those Muslim in Malaysia wasn't peaceful, they're sarcasm a*******. If they act like that, go back to Saudi Arabia.

  • Malaysian chicks are just women with diapers on their head, which they call hijabs made specifically for their shxit for brains. Just turn on some amazing Serb songs while visiting that shxithole of a country to get by. It’s rather obvious why east-Asians hate them.

  • So have you graduated already? If you had already gone back to your country, that's a good luck for you. I just came to this country after the s*** parties take power in this country.

  • The minister Kulasegaran the f****** c*** like f****** h*** said he wanna ban all foreign hawkers in Malaysia in order to "protect local tastes". Wtf??? I can find lots of local hawkers cook f****** s**** till we can't eat. Why Malaysian voted Pakatan Harapan the m***********? I hope someone attack Putrajaya.

  • The f****** Pakatan Harapan government moves Malaysia towards xenophobic... they wanna kick all foreigners out. Reformism? F*** off. But many foreigners don't know the truth of Mahathir the m***********.

  • F*** of you stupid malay in malaysia.
    how many years have past after merdeka?
    and the malay be government for how many years?
    till now still want say that malay left behind and still need the special right.
    why u can learn to watch p*** and fapping in less then 18 years. but cant learn to live without the racist BUmipukimak special right in so many years after merdeka ?

    let me explain to u the stupid malay racist system

    their useless king just sit there and act like care about the malay people but what they do just simple. use their power to take the tax that pay by citizen and enjoy. but the citizen happy with that cause they feel like the king help them a lots. u think the money that king use to help the malay more then the money they spend for luxury and other desire?

    the malay party that win in election, they just know bla bla bla like will help malay, if they help u guy why the malay race stay left behind after so many year?
    they just want to be the government and get the citizen money from corruption and bribe. But what can we do, the malay still left behind, i mean their brain. so they easily trust the fool promise from the malay party that say try to help them but just want to fool them.

    and the malay race citizen r the worst,
    nobita = malay people
    doraemon = malaysia special right
    the malay never try to stop get the help from doraemon at all and the doraemon never try to stop help them at all , cause they need the malay voter for keep their corruption and bribe system for continue working. and they lost nothing for helping the cry babay malay people. cause they just take salary and the money that they use for help the malay people is the tax that pay by all malaysian, but most of it just for help malay.

  • I've finally found someone who agrees with me. Malaysians are utter hypocrites. They constantly call Australians racist and talk s*** about Australia calling it undeveloped and yet so many of them move to Australia to study or raise their family. I love how Malaysians always associate Australia with racism and yet Malaysia literally has racism enshrined in their Constitution. Hypocrite country.

  • Yeah I agree, why don't Malaysia change their country name into Freaksia instead.

  • Malaysia is a f*****g sh*t hole. Worst country I've ever been to. The women are sows and hairy beasts.

  • Totally agree with you... malaysia even don't wanna hire foreigner for 2 months internship. I have to do internship as part of my uni syllabus and they srsly don't wanna hire foreigner even 2 months only. They're so rude.

  • From the way you speak, not surprising why people are rude to you. F*** off t***!

  • Aaa

  • Bro malaysia is the shittiest country in the Southeast Asia

  • Must be an indon or arab.Not surprising since our country won't cater to them

  • Well hello, one Japanese student here lol. I prefer mingling with Arabs and Indonesians over locals.

  • Malaysia is a really stupid country filled with self centred a*******. Even our educators are dumb as f***. Racist biatches everywhere. Government schools are worst. Their pendidikan moral subject teaches all the wrong things. It’s like living in a damn shitpot.

  • I am Malaysian Citizen and i agree what you saying, dude. I f*****g hate Malaysia. There's too many rude people around. I've been bullied and harassed by Malaysian Muslim (Mostly), Iban, Christian and Malaysian Chinese at schools (When i was in a kindergarten until High School) and everywhere i go. I grown up being bullied here and being treated like an outcast, because of this i have depression for 8 years. Malaysian doesn't let us have our own freedom and foods over there are disgusting and i'm gonna warn to the outsiders not to travel to Malaysia. And i wish i'm living in Florida because my boyfriend's over there. Also i really want to convert myself from Muslim to Christian because many muslim teasing and harass me for can't read my own Al-Quran (even i've read for like everyday and many times but it's hard to remember it). Malaysian people are most likely hate pride month and been racist to American (I love American). I wish Malaysian people die and burn in h*** (but not me and Malaysian Citizen who hate their own country)

  • Yeah just go convert from being Muslim to Christian because you already know where you re going to end up .

  • Oh I know, going to h***. Too bad for you, I don't believe in h*** because Islam is a false religion. "Islam is not a religion of Peace", better realize that, you m************ s******* f*******.

  • I was shocked to see Malaysian reactions when the government doubled the fees on foreigners ..their comment was >> Yea charge them ..charge the foreigners ..h*** yea charge the fxx foreigners ..!! i was really shocked about the amount of hate they have against us , iam an expatriate and i live with my own money ..i cant understand Why they hate us like that and invite us to invest ..

  • F*** you?? Most Malaysian pay the taxes for contributing to this country, struggling for everything. Foreigners want to have live this country for free and complaining to much. They think have money can invest to this country and expect the government treat them like a fxxing royal. What exactly you invest to this country???? How much??? Sorry... totally disrespectful.

  • I pay more tax than you Malaysian for working with higher salary. Also you're wrong that foreigners like retirement visa holders come here for free. Your government makes local banks to hold their money as fixed deposit to be able to live here.
    Educate yourself. You even don't know how money flows into your own country lol

  • Malaysia is totally a bullshit and only pigs are born there

  • Pigs like you*

  • And pigs like infested the country

  • Now the Malaysian government is going to prohibit all foreigners to cook at local restaurants. They say foreigners are "ruining the local tastes". What the f*** is this? This is impossible in Europe or Australia. I feel like I wanna leave from Malaysia now.

  • Dont say f##@ing to much. If you dont like this country please go to h***. Dont came to malaysia as a country to get political ashlum . As foreiGners please respect the local people and adapt the culture here if they wanted to be respected by malaysian. Dont make this country like your own. most foreigners are complain here mostly from arab aka to in order the better life from the their war torn country.

  • Even lots of local hawkers cook s**** till we can't eat. So do you think only locals can protect the taste? Such a neo-n*** law which is impossible in France or Germany.

  • Malaysians are close-minded. Especially Pakatan Harapan. Since they came to power Malaysia goes wrong. Even yesterday Mahathir insulted foreigners. What the f*** is this.

  • Do Malaysian people not aware of far-right? In France people always aware of it, when far-right candidates are in the first round, people boycott so that they won't win in the second round. But Malaysia doesn't even have two-round system, and it makes far-rights to take power.

  • Now Pakatan Harapan has taken the power of Malaysia. One of their manifesto is to expel all foreign workers to "protect locals". This is impossible! I'm from France and in my country this is totally wrong! If Pakatan Harapan is truely centre-left and socialist, why do they want to behave like that? It's far-right, never ever centre-left.

  • I'm from Germany. I don't understand wtf is wrong with this creepy Malaysian new government. They wanna kick all foreigners out. If German government does like this the government will automatically be collapsed and many people will condemn. But Malaysia? People will applause.

  • I am going to uni there soon (apparently). They asked me to be there by the 30th or something, but I can't get visa for at least 10 more days?! What the actual f***?! And it's been 4 months since I applied! A tortoise does work faster!

  • I am a Malaysian Citizen & I honestly f****** hate this country. Ever since my first day of Kindergarden I have faced racism (by the Malays (mostly) & then the Chinese). Ugh!!! The Malay obsession & priority is so bad that it's disgusting.

    If you are not a Malay in this country, don't even bother. You will be discriminated, abused, bullied, etc. All which I have personally faced & been through.

    I love this country but not the people. The racism is overwhelming & beyond repulsive. This country doesn't appreciate Indians or Chinese or even foreigners who have contributed to the country & its economy. Only always Malays come first & the funniest thing (well it's not that funny but just saying) is that it's the Malays themselves who are against their own country. Sad but true.

  • I'm a Malaysian who was a designer student and wish to be immigrated away to French (please pray for me because people here drive me crazy)from here and never come back! I grown up being bullied here and being treated like an outcast, like a criminal who was doing the crime by being born even though I was cursed by a Malaysian blood. Malaysian get influenced quickly by negative activity but still be proud when doing so like bully, saying the word that was offensive to a certain person, never feel sorry about what they did and would said that you're too sensitive and couldn't receive complains. Never appreciate or support a Malaysian doing something good take Yuna as an example, she's great singer but Malaysian was act like haters and when she get famous, they'll beg her to come back Malaysia after what they did to her. They always make something even a little stupid things become famous especially the Chinese. They're racist! One is if you're not Malay they'll treat you badly and two they fetishising Korean and trying to be Korean and their people accept it and think it's normal which is not! They think they're modern but actually they're like a cave man just rises from the cave after thousands of years and be rude to everything new they've saw. They get jealous if you're better than them and would do anything to make you feel bad for being superior than them because they're incapable to learn something new or doing something to get their goals. If they're fail at something, they always assumed that's someone put a curse on them instead of finding a solution. I'm so ashamed being a Malaysian!

  • The way you are describing malaysia is similar that what you will face in france , i feel sorry for you really , if you come in france and you are not white catholic french then you are doomed too no matter what you do (high diplomas, efforts, converting to catholicism, changing name into christian.....) better go england or germany

  • Ugh I feel you , I’m actually a malaysian citizen but damn I hate those typical malaysian as f***. To be honest, I can wait to migrate from this country. People here can be so manipulative about their religion and often use it as an excuse. They are also NARROW MINDED and discrimination is everywhere. I’m so sorry that you guys had been through all of these though. But s**t, I’m stucked here and it’s irritating, not to be exaggerating but I feel like dying.

  • I totally feel for you!
    I myself was a student and still being trapped in this country.
    To be frank, I settled down to keep myself away from Malaysians after all these years' craps. Among the major 3 races, each has things I loathe.
    A gorilla-faced Malay man banged the toilet door when I was inside for only 5min.
    A Chinese colleague started to borrow a few RM100s from me on the spot to buy herself a blouse every time we go shopping, using me like a bank.
    A Sihk Indian manager started to harras me in a various ways after I copied to HR a message asking him to approve my claim for working on an off-day since it was waaay overdue.
    The list goes on.
    Basically, they are rude, unfriendly, small-minded, inpatient, with no moral, thrifty, no manner, no critical mind, and luuuuuuuve gossiping and dramas. Just read their political news, it's full of childish emotional words.
    I always pay attention not to pick up their stupid English accent. I would feel like puking when I notice myself speaking like them sometimes.
    To anyone coming to this country for study, please don't. Invest your precious money in Australia, etc. Have you heard of any achievement done by its Uni/college students in the world stage? None!!!!!

  • I agree wholeheartedely. I was in that stupid country for 8years. I infrastructure is legit but the xenophobic mentality is disgusting. They tend to forget that their f****** govt goes into foreign lands and begs people to do MM2H because the general Malaysian can't work themselves to afford a home.

  • EXACTLY, THANK YOU! YOU JUST SPOKE THE TRUTH! Literally everyone here is rude, selfish and greedy in their own way, and it makes me sick. And don't get me started with the retarded accent. Hearing them speak English in that accent makes me wanna stab my ears.

  • Thank you! This post can not be any more accurate, living in this s*** hole I realize that the culture, people, accent and tons of other s*** here are stupid, ironically i'm in Taylor's right now too, and the Malaysian lecturers are making me wanna kill myself, especially the dirty Chinese ones, they're rude, hard to understand and useless.

  • Haha I f****** hate Malaysia. Its s***! The people are uneducated and rude. The Chinese are just disgusting. I hope North Korea accidentally nukes the place when they launch a "test" warhead. F*** Malaysia and all its religious hypocrisy

  • I agree, it's a shame im malaysian guck being malaysian

  • Sounds like a typical hateful mudslime f***** lol, you call non-muzzies s**** for wearing 'slutty clothing' while forgetting that male mudslimes are the biggest whores for marrying multiple underaged girls at the same time! If you like your girls covered up like garbages, please go to other shitholes like Saudi Arabia or Syria instead, I'm sure IS will gladly welcome f*** like you there.

  • Not all chinese are faggots but i do agree i f****** hate malaysia shouldve went to singapore instead. Anyway lol i wish you luck cause if i were you id f****** swear at all of them and just leave barred from the exam? Well didnt want to get a f****** cert from that s*** country anyway lol


  • Yesz.


  • I agree, but what's actually your problem with people prioritizing Christmas and Chinese New Year? I'm Malaysian and I know how the situation is like.

    Seriously, I think United States is better than Malaysia (But the government... geez). Most foods and stuff in United States only costs like $6-10 or more, that is like 90% cheaper than Malaysia. In Malaysia, one food may
    costs MYR4-10, that's seems cheap, but not for those who got only MYR 1,000+ for their salary, geez. Most works in US may have the same salary, but at least one kilo of prawns costs only $4.95... (While it costs MYR15.99+ here)

    Second, why is Christian the most hated religion in Malaysia? That's weird, most Americans respect almost all religions and cults, but Malaysian? I don't think so, it's just way too sexist. And again, for Bahasa Malaysia stuff, I hate that language, it's way too harsh (Even for a Malaysian like me), and it isn't unique since it is a jumbled up English words... such as...

    Orang bodoh=Moron

    Bruh, it's just stupid... oh, wait! Other languages did the same, I'm dumb. Most Chinese (Both Male and Female) are so arrogant, Indian are rude (Both Male and Female), and most Malays (Both Male and Female) are full of ego (Or s***). At least English (Words like M****, S***, H***) words are soft and the people there are welcoming, forgiving and kind (Most of them), unlike Malay... They teases girly-guy, tomboy, girly-girl and guy... what would stop them from doing so? Wait for them to go H***, I mean it. Also, teasing a weak person as stupid as if they are perfect is full of s***. The government are just... *sigh*. Also, why do you need to censors those 'rude' words?

  • Forgot to mention, Malaysians are rude too, I hate this because most HSP (Highly-Sensitive Person) or emo would suicide themselves. Call them weak, you're a moron. Not everyone can stand rudeness, okay. Bullies did the same to students. Although US is the same, they sometimes apologizes to you.

  • Malaysian people are too much because their only cares money and b******!! And even malaysian actress in 2017 are like to copiying other people movie!!!!! (american movie, korean drama, indian movie and all movie around the world) and they likely too much fangirling toward kpop even their lives in danger

  • I think I agree with u about the K-Pop thing. Even though I'm Malaysian, I don't like those s***** K-Pop at all nor Korean shows/dramas/movies. There's once my cousin watching a Korean show at our grandma's house & then, when I saw her watching the show, I told her not to watch it. I mean, it's not a fault to watch that but I told her don't watch some Korean shows too much & guess what she replied to me? She said, "Hey! People nowadays watch this kind of a show while cartoons are just for kids!" Seriously, I'm a cartoon fan so that's why she includes about cartoons too but like I care about what she said... :\ & I'm kinda agree with u too when u mention about the movie copying but I don't think they'd like to copy other movies from ALL oround the world. Dat would b weird tho.


  • Jealous?

  • Malaysia full of Korean wannabes and fetishising Korean people still feel proud to do so and their people encouraged it...

  • You're being mean!!why you blame Pakistan/Bangladesh when u didn't know the actual f****** truth?!!!im not from Bangladesh nor pakistan though!but u still being an ass****

  • Yess.. F*****g malaysian,they are most stupid people in the world.. Dont have ideas,uncreative,only claimed everything but,trully they are dont have anything.. Racism and stupid

  • Correction! The only country that likes to claim everything is Indonesia. Not our country. I don't want 2 be rude but u must've made a mistake on researching it... & I don't think Malaysians are racism. Okay, I admit. I think some of are but not all okay? Not all of 'em are racism.

  • We foreigners know Malaysian Malays and Indonesian Malays hate each other, but I prefer Indonesia because it has a longer history of Malay culture if I would learn something from Malay culture & history. Even regarding Islam, Indonesia's approach to the religion looks much healthier than Malaysian Malays who come out of stupid ideas often due to their narrow-minded view. Wiping your face after salat is not based on an authentic hadith, and dogs are not hated in Islam, idiots!!!!!
    Even my Malaysian Malay colleague tries to convince me Malaysia is better than Indonesia lol
    Talking about racism, anyone should not be prohibited to own cheaper lands based on his/her race.

  • "Even regarding Islam, Indonesia's approach to the religion looks much healthier than Malaysian Malays who come out of stupid ideas often due to their narrow-minded view"

    Sure....and how many terrorist attack had happened in Indonesia compared to Malaysia?

  • Malaysia is like a mean step sister who s***** everything good from Indonesia and blame everything bad to them I can say.

  • And of course the old b**** stepmother indon who is jealous of her stepdaughter claiming she stole everything good from her and everything bad is attributed to her

  • And most of Chinese are supporters of DAP, a racist and xenophobic party. I don't understand why this kind of neo-n*** party is a part of Socialist International. They're not true socialist.

  • Xenophobia is one of the serious problem in Malaysia. But most of xenophobia is happened by Chinese, rather than Malay. Most of people who always likely to say "no foreigners" are Chinese.

  • Most Malaysian Chinese are secluded to their own race circles. They don't like to mingle with others. They seem overly proud. Stupid pigging race.

  • I'm not a Malaysian but I want to say something... actually not all Malaysians are racist. And each countries have racism and xenophobia...

  • Malaysians are hypocritical racist who claim they live in harmony but in fact do not like the other races. We have also come to the point where we criticise corruption but accept it as a norm. We seem to be proud of our culture and customs, opposing western ways but in truth are imitating the westerners-hypocritically. We have state of the art buildings, cars and clothes but not the mind. We are materialistic, money above all yet we are fond of preaching "money is not everything", especially the typical chinese. Our politicians never admit making a mistake and fond of turning the facts around whenever there is a glitch. Our typical weekend activity is shopping, eating, movies and handphone. We also lack refined mannerisms ie speaking loudly, especially the indians. To foreign journalist or persons we like to proclaim ourselves as "malaysians" but in truth we are racist, just that we tolerate each other but deep down we still put our own ethicity first, ie a chinese,malay or indian.
    I just wonder how our country can be protrayed, we want to be modern but the govt is always going backwards, like considering centuries old hudud laws. We are governed with religion and politics, oil and water that conflicts.
    My biggest mistake is i did not migrate elsewhere. I can list a lot more but its too long.

  • Agreed. Malaysia is the worst country I have lived in. Not for the standard of living but the hypocrisy and rudeness of its people. I see a country that hates itself

  • Malaysia is a racist country, damn government, damn education system, all indian in our country joined gangsterism, bribery/corruption, corrupt public servant and politician

  • I agree with you

  • Aah an indian.The black sheep in every country they went in

  • Tamil n******

  • I hate this place too can't wait to leave in Jan

  • I had a terrible time in Malaysia as an expat, but I kinda miss those days.

  • Im Malaysian, i hate this country too. why?
    1. Corrupted government. There's a saying don't blame the people blame the government. But since Malaysia is a democratic country, government cabinet is ultimately a product from election process. So to speak, it was malaysian, ourselves choosing the corrupted government. So who to blame ? For recent 1MDB scandal, people are blaming Najib. But let's not forget, he was elected, arguably, in a "legit" process. The notorious political party, Barisan Nasional, has been running this country since independence. If I were to comment, not all malaysian deserve the right of voting due to their mentality.
    2. Malaysians are generally incompetent, arrogant, and lazy. The country workforce is heavily relying on foreign workers from Indonesia, Bangla, Burma, etc. Malaysian ourselves are unwilling to work on the jobs such as waiters, construction workers, etc. But yet, not many of us are not competing enough to take up the more high value jobs such as R&D, engineering, etc.
    3. Malaysian are proud of our food. I feels puzzling whenever people saying "im proud to be malaysian, because we have so many delicious food". Oh well, I rarely heard of this statement in developed country. To me taste of food is somehow personal and nothing to be proud of.
    4. There are a lot of religion fanatics if you stay long enough to feel them.

  • Go back to your country,you chinese c***

  • Ha the chinese rule your country you lazy f***

  • And the chinese are the most racist!!

  • Chinese are the most f****** rude and piggy

  • 1. Corrupted government - Maybe you should migrate to Trump country. Who knows in the future you'd get rounded up in Trump country and put in concentration camps.
    2. Malaysians are generally incompetent, arrogant, and lazy - You must be describing yourself and your family.
    3. Why is it a problem what people are happy about with their country? At least they are better than you. A person who hates own country and unwanted anywhere else in the world.
    4. Religion fanatics? Not only are you stupid, you are also ignorant. Please tear your Malaysian ID and passport and go to h***.

  • You obviously have never lived anywhere else. Your country advocates killing those who leave Islam and whipping or imprisoning the gay community. Welcome to the dark ages or as you call it malaysia

  • "Your country advocates killing those who leave Islam and whipping or imprisoning the gay community"

    Source please instead of pulling out bs from your a***

  • Thank you for being judgementalis about country that you hated for. Okay, consider you are brainless foreigner who are truly in desperation for struggling in life and blundering for complaining for nothing . what make you decided to come in Malaysia for studying or working here? Malaysia it have multi culturel, religion And raced and we are living with peacefull in several decades. In 1970 a few sector in Malaysia (plantation,factory,construction,cleaning) are done By many Malaysian . But it was changed after masses legal/illegal immigrant in Malaysia in the late 1990. Lookat number 2 ,you said Malaysian are lazy, incompetent etc, that not true we are done all of job that currently foreigner taking place previously, now the employer on that sector in favor to foreigners with low pay and extra work hours. Malaysian don't hate foreigners we only concern of our society and next generation in term of work opportunities. Since huge immigrant from Bangladeshi flooded in our country everything it changes. Do you know how much malaysian professional skilled worker migrate to other country for better living? We are seem are facing braindrain due to low skilled foreigner Flooded in our country. Malaysia able to service without foreigner. Dont be proud that you done everything the job for us.

  • You need those foreigners to do those jobs you ignorant f***.

  • But we don't need ignorant foreigners like you to do the job for us.You filthy pigs!!!

  • There is a huge amount of generalisation in your comment, you don't seem to be able to form coherent thoughts and perhaps try again when you have it proofread.

  • I strongly agree at you. Even in my life I never met these kind of f****** country where trying to kick all foreigners out. The f****** Malaysians have no brains, means that all of them are f****** stupid. It's not just the problem of the f****** government, but for all Malaysians. By the way I'm from North Korea.

  • Your comrade is calling you

  • I really want to meet the poster! I can't describe how much what he or she post is like I am the one who post it! cheers...and reveal the ugly truth about malaysia

  • I strongly disagree i've Been living in this country for a decade and its Been quite alright but the prime minister is s***.

  • I'm from Dubai and currently living in Malaysia. I strongly agree with you, Malaysia is just a MalaySHITa and all things are f****** h***. Just all Malaysians hate foreigners. Feels like want go back to Dubai.

  • Why are you coming here, not to be rude but I think every foreigner should go study or live at other place than Malaysia. This country only give you depression because of their shitiest people.

  • Hope you have gone back to Dubai.. Malaysia doesn't need a******* like you

  • Actually it does.

    Malays are too busy circlejerking to the idea of kicking out the Chinese and Indians to create a country founded on Islamic morals (as if that's an excuse to be xenophobic) when this is what they have had all along but ruined it for themselves by politicising and commercialising the religion into McIslam and ignoring the faults and bad judgement of politicians only because they're Malay. GST, exemption from hadd punishment for royal family, politicians and the wealthy just to name a few.

    The Chinese are too busy circlejerking to the idea of migrating to various states to declare them new Chinese colonies or independant colonies, balkanising the country, inadvertantly for the gain of their capitalist overlords who only see the overseas Chinese communities as cheap slave labour that doesn't require translators.

    Malaysians need to realise they're all in this together and there's no saviour coming to make them all rich. They also shouldn't be voting for politicians and parties based on race or amount of money they'll buy your votes for. Don't complain that the country is dirty and minutes later throw rubbish out the window of your car.

  • But regardless, Malaysia still holds a special place in my heart. With the influx of refugees from Myanmar it makes me upset to see that even Malays are increasingly against them. The Banglas and Pakistanis coming to work here get a lot of flack from the Malaysians who do the same thing by working and studying overseas. It shouldn't be a struggle to rent or buy a property, or get a job all because you aren't Chinese or don't speak Chinese. It shouldn't be a struggle to get a scholarship, all because you aren't Malay or don't speak Malay. This country needs a leader who doesn't favour his/her own race to set an example for the rest of the people.

  • Will never happen.

  • You and your optimism

  • The Chinese in Malaysia are yellow ba$tards. They destroy the country. Piggish race. Even their $hit is yellow.

  • Funny how they somehow destroy the country when you've had the same political party in control since independence. I'm not Chinese btw.

  • You are not even suppose to be here if you are not happy
    Go back to where you belong!
    I suppose u r just Bangladeshi or Pakistani and life in your country is more shity and a bunch of as a******.
    I been to both country as well,
    AS a Malaysian we are not despising foreigners we just hate their attitude shown, if you are from a filthy country just shut up no need to be proud

  • Here you go, a racist remark just made by one Malaysian.
    I'm from what's called a first-world country, and in my country, we are told not to look down on developing nations or people.

  • As if....first world country are usually more vocal in kicking out the foreigners

  • Why you blame pakistan/bangladesh u dont know the truth!!!stupid malaysian!!you're being mean!!
    even thought im not from pakistan nor bangladesh but there is still a lot of beautifull places in there

  • Just visit Pakistan or bangladesh and u will find people welcoming and will treat u as a guest. I came here and was looking for directioms and that chineese guy didnt even shake hand and my hand was in air. Went to puspakom and there indiam was not replying when ibasked what the form means. One taxi driver yelled at me withoit any reason to go back to Pakistan. Remember that once Pakistan had more foreigners then malaysia and aftrr terrorism every one left. Things can change any time. And people here cannot do the toigh jobs the migrants are doinh for u. It will fall apart. Due to labor shortage.so please respect foreigners. And yes women wear very unislamic dress as they cant pray in what they wear that why keeping robes in mosques.

  • God your english horrible!

  • Yours are f****** horrible as well, you hypocrite!

  • Same feeling , let's meet someday

  • Continuously, I just wanna go to another country that is better than Malaysia... I don't understand why Malaysia and Malaysian hate foreigners but think before, can they still claim as "no foreigner" if they go to abroad? They're just a foreigner in outside of Malaysia.

  • I'm Indonesian living in Malaysia. As a international student I just wanna do part time jobs but nobody allow me to do it. Nobody wanna hiring me because I'm a foreigner. All job vacancies are "MALAYSIAN ONLY". F*** Malaysia, the FUCKEST UNWELCOMING COUNTRY TO FOREIGN STUDENT. In future if I own any jobs I will definitely make a requirement, which is "NO MALAYSIAN" or "OPEN TO ALL EXCEPT MALAYSIAN CITIZENS".

  • Trust me not many Malaysian will want to work under an Indon boss.Even if you open a bussiness in Indonesia.Okay fair enough.You have every right to exclude foreigners (Malaysian included)
    But if in Malaysia.An indon opening a bussiness and decided to hired only non malaysian.Trust me you will get in trouble soon.

  • You should be deported for trying to work illegaly

  • Then why you migrate to this country? Bruh think before you spit out nonsense

  • I'm Bangladeshi in Malaysia. Are you Bangladeshi like me or not? Btw I also hate Malaysia. I strongly agree with you. Malaysia is very unwelcoming and rude to foreigners.

  • Why don't you go home. Malaysia don't need you.

  • I'm a Malaysian I come from Sabah. And I'm so ashamed being Malaysian for you guys peninsula Malaya being so uncivilized & never grown up & talk like ape head b******* doesn't matter you are Malay or Chinese or Indian....you all are the same b******

  • Haha, are you sure what you're saying? Maybe you're not able to see in a bigger picture. Which Malaysian wanna work in the industry where these workers work?
    I'm not from these countries by the way.

  • As a Muslim resident of Malaysia, I can totally agree with you. I myself have been living in Malaysia all my life and can admit I'd rather be in some other country. Most of the people here are sterotypical as s*** and the laws here are seriously f***** up. Seriously, you can get 10 whippings to the ass by just being a homosexual, you can only be transgender if your preferred gender makes you straight and since Bahasa Melayu is one of the most important subjects of education, if you suck at that you've basicly failed every and all kinds of exams at any school here. Life in Malaysia is s*** and one day I hope to live somewhere better.

  • There's a lot of gay men and lesbians in Malaysia and nobody got whipped. There are even cross dressing celebs living their lives and nobody gives a hoot. All the stuff they said about this is bullshit.

    Please migrate to Australia or something, they need blue collar workers. You would do.

  • Really? There's actually few kids got whipped by their parent for that you know?

  • But nobody got whipped by authorities

  • Hello, I'm a Malaysian who came from the state of Sabah (the most-eastern state in Malaysia). I'm sorry to hear your bad memories about Malaysia and I believe that you might underwent any bad cases or incidents that is not mentioned.

    Well, it is a basic etiquette to learn Malay language and patriotic subject in Malaysia even though you're a foreigner. The only one reason is because it is Malaysia, and it is a basic manner. It is not only for Malaysia, for example, if you go to Spain or Mexico, it is basic to learn Spanish as those countries use Spanish as their official language.

    Malaysia and Malaysians are very kind to tourists, and our government also being polite and kind if you're sightseeing. However, if you start living, they change their mind. It is a truth that can't be denied even though I'm Malaysian.

    I met some international students as my friends. They are undergoing several matters like visa problems. Since visa policy for international students are too hard and not soft, they undergo those problems. Although they're just studying but it really contributes to the development of Malaysia.

    And if any foreigners start working, it becomes more trouble. Lots of Malaysians think that foreigners are stealing jobs, but they're just work and live quietly. Therefore the government made very high restrictions about it. Also, individuals are not willing to hire foreigners.

    My mother is Malaysian so that I'm Malaysian, but my father is not. When he married with my mother in 1996 he tried to find jobs in Sabah where I was born but he was almost rejected just because he is foreigner. I'm very sad about this matters. That's why he is doing business in abroad.

    As a Malaysian, I'm sorry to hear lots of bad news from you and I just want to say 'Well, that's too bad.' I, as a Malaysian citizen, feel shameful that lots of Malaysian and even the government is very unkind to foreign workers. Everything must be changed.

  • Oh my god, i really understand your feelings hate this hole, but have to study here.

  • Malaysians consider themselves to be the 'boss' in the area - since almost everything in their lives are done by foreigners. Every year, on Eid celebration day they always show on the news some pedestrians complain bitterly about foreigners flooding the city center. They can't stand the sight of these legal/illegal migrants - it makes them feel as if they're living 'in another country'. Well if they hate foreigners so much they should start building their own houses, taking care of their own children, employing their family members/friends to help them in their farms or shops, then hopefully the pesky foreigners would disappear. Perhaps wouldn't be a bad idea at all to the people of Malaysia to ponder of the hardwork of their ancestors (mainly Indons) to their struggle to open a land, and to sweat to get a better life, so that one day a new generation of sound-minded people would be born to replace the recent xenophobic one.

  • What's the difference from how the Arabs treat workers, how the Singaporeans treat their foreign workers etc.

  • Dark-skinned Malays with Tamil/Indian features are the most racist among them. They have a massive chip on their shoulders. They are the most xenophobic of the lot. They call white people racists? People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. They hate foreigners with the passion and they should in turn avoid living in a foreign country especially UK their old master which they love so much.

  • I agree with you. Not being racist, but I find it true over years' of staying here. My opinion is, they feel inferior due to their ugliness (dark skin often comes with a big round nose and lip.), and themselves don't realize being submitted to whites.
    Looking at my work colleagues, past and present, this type of ugly ones are the least with self-esteem and always jelous of somebody on Facebook.

  • Are you not being Racist yourself?

  • Exactly.

  • The most hateful people in Malaysia are those who like to put on the religious image, with skull caps/long hijabs. They drive like maniacs and they walk around with their noses up in the air, with their mortgaged houses and cars which they got from their so-called Islamic banks which they fool themselves to believe it's the "Islamic loans" they involve themselves with. In reality they involve themselves in usury which in their religion is classed as a major sin, worse than adultery. Talk about misplaced arrogance.

  • "They drive like maniacs and they walk around with their noses up in the air"

    That's the chinese

  • This is the dumbest s*** I've ever seen written. Go kill yourself.

  • I agree 100% with this statement

  • Pull all the foreigners out of their country and see how far they'll go

  • Oh we would thank you for that

  • Probably the next Scandinavian utopia.

  • Malays, Chinese, Indians; all hate each other and they all hate foreigners; whom they depend on so much in their daily lives. They should hate themselves for being such a lazy & hateful individuals.

  • The foreigners should go home so poor Malaysians can demand higher wages for menial jobs and become the next Scandinavian utopia

  • Malays love to play the religious card, in reality the do what others do. Live here for 15 years and you see what they're all about. If you think this has something to do with religion (Islam) you're grossly mistaken. Malays look down on other Muslims as well mainly from Indonesia & Bangladesh - conveniently forget that their ancestors were migrants (mainly from Indonesia) ..

  • My ancestors are from Peninsula.Mind you.Oldest genetics in Peninsula Malay is actually located in East Coast.It's not our fault if indonesians decided to migrate here and find xenophobia.After all these creatures usually the ones who thinks their culture is so great.So why the h*** they are wasting their time here coming to Malaysia?

  • Ironic. East coast mainly Terengganu and Kelantan originated from Malaysia's neighbour. Terengganu people can be traced back in one of Indonesia's Islands at Riau and Kelantan are mainly from Mister Thai.

  • Malaysia more like malayshita,and malaysia is probably and obviously the one and olny mistake the world have ever made

  • Indogsial and Banglashit keep coming im droves along with the muzzies

  • Malaysia are crap holes full of crappy people living or maybe dead burried and dumped by a load of crap.and they are chameleon copying another country culture.i think malaysia is the one and only mistake the world have ever made.

  • Indogsial and Banglashit and porkistan keep coming in droves along with the muzzies.

  • Welcome to the worst country in the world with the worst possible people.

  • Don't compare us to the US or even Saudi

  • Whatever, Malaysia and Saudi are the same. Killing people like that especially to Ex Muslim. Malaysian Muslim are not people, they're evil monsters.

  • Welcome to Malaysia, where malays get special treatment because they have "special" needs (Being extremely stupid)
    What were your parents thinking? The smart people get shipped out of Malaysia so they don't catch the stupid that is circulating nationwide.

    The institutional system is also racist if you haven't noticed that yet

  • You must be a Cina Apek

  • And btw this r***** comment Im sending you from the heart of the Old Continent. From f***** Europe!


  • Pls take me away from here, I've had enough here...I just wanted to go 'home'

  • Have you commit suicide?

  • Your confession post is long enough for a reader to realize you're some kind of a r*****. You wouldn't have been better off in any other place in the wide world simply because of a fact that you are like I said A R*****. A real f***** narrow minded dumb ass racist r*****.

  • Atleast she has an opinion unlike a dumb f*** muslim pig lover.
    Who watch mohammad take off his pants.

  • Muslim does not allow Muslim to eat pigs... Christian does. Also, why is most Malaysian has an uncontrollable mouth? I don't know, it's just, I don't think they'll respect Christians.

  • Muslims don't respect Christians, they love to judge them by their religion. F*** Islam. They're the worst.

  • I see...i'm muslim...subhannallah..
    Astaghfirullahalazim...i don't like your comment...what do you know???kalau debat dngn org 'pandai' mcm kau pun x guna...buang masa...

  • Showing off you malay I see,tetapi sya tahu cakap,orang babi

  • Bodoh punya mat salleh. Dah la bangsa kau kuat bunuh orang, bunuh diri, makan babi. Pi mati la dahla busuk

  • Hello,

    First of all, I'm a Malaysian and all of those celebrations you mentioned (Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Chrismast) are all very festive. It's just that the Muslim celebrate Hari Raya while the others celebrate that it's a holiday. Same goes for the other festivals. When it's Chrismast, the Christians celebrate the event, the others celebrate that it's a holiday.

    So maybe the place you visit (the malls, Taylor University, etc) have more Chinese or Christian visitors or the management are Chinese or Christian, that's why the other two events are more celebrated at the place.

    Secondly, even though Malaysia is a Muslim country, non-Muslim are free to practice their religions.

    Thirdly, most sluttiest I've seen are the non-Muslim Chinese or those frequenting the night clubs and such.. Other than them, people mostly cover most of their skins around here.

    Fourthly, um... if you go to other countries like German, and such, you're required to learn their language too. So why expect differently from Malaysia? I admit the language is quite similar to English but you are seriously rude for considering Bahasa Melayu as a crappy and jumbled up English language. The language exists even before the English came to colonolized Malaysia.

    And lastly, that sucks for you. Not all universities are like that though. May you get a better luck next time. Until then, you'd be happier if you learn to be happy with what you have now or find better friends to spend your time with.

    I mean, why waste your precious time being angry and hateful?

  • I remember back in my country I would search day and night about all developing muslim countries including malaysia and would feel happy seeing their progress. I chose to come to Malaysia out of msia, Pakistan and Turkey. But only now i realised that true muslims make a minor part of malaysia. Islam is more of a cultural thing the malay use for differentiating them from other races.
    I shouldn't say this but behaviour towards foreigners esp of malay and chinese is very disappointing.

  • Pakistan and Turkey.
    As opposed to these two countries.I can assure you Malaysia is the least worst of them

  • I agree with you. In Malaysia, Muslim = Malay. Meaning if you're a muslim, you're much expected to dress like Malays, eat Nasi Lemak every day, and fluent in BM.
    I'm a foreign convert, and was astonished when my ex-colleague Malay man asked me why I don't wear clothes and hijab like Malay women do. I was like hello? My husband is not Malay, f***** stupid, and you know that!!!

  • Ukm has the same bad tratment

  • There ain't got no country called "German", honey.
    Yes, not all colleges or universities force Bahasa Melayu as a compulsory subject into everyone's a**** but it is completely unfair to do so. I was forced to take up Malaysian Studies, in a b***** art school! Of all things, and we weren't aware or was told about it being compulsory.
    Is it fair to force students, both International and non-International to spend their semester getting an A in writing essays? Conversational BM is enough, why push it? Why, Malaysia? WHY?

  • You must be dumb that you're whinging over something so easy as Malaysian Studies

  • Hi there, you probably were not aware of changes to education system for private institutions, but both public and private universities including colleges require even local students to take both BM and malaysian studies as a requirement subject, disregard whether they took the paper exam in high school or study in art institutions, this includes international student too, only exception was passing in another uni and transfer credit, that should answer your frustration :-)

    but you only had to study small part of the whole history and basic language and not fuly. I myself was an international student and i had to learn Maori too, but i didn't complain.

  • You can ask a 'teacher'...loser...i see your dumbness...haha

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