I can't do nothing because of these Chinese people. Why can't you people leave america. You cause a lot of heart ache here. We are angry and we want our lives back. Get out now

May 13, 2020

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  • Communist China and all chinks who defend it needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

  • G****** chinks.we oughta nuke Wuhan right off the face of the would serve those slant eyed cocksuckers right.g****** zipperheads!!!

  • You are one stupid m***********. Get some education and stop being brainwashed. F****** sheeple

  • Its the chinese government who is at fault and.the dishonest media and dems are makinf it worse

  • Go search for CCTV recordings regarding the chinese intentionally coughing and spitting in public during COVID and you'll know it's more than just a***-for-face leader and his group.

    There are so many worst things about the chinese nobody needs to be a racist to hate them.

  • Yes they are disgusting, rude, aggressive and selfish bastards.

  • The Chinese PEOPLE aren't at fault, the Chinese GOVERNMENT is at fault -- it's a complete shitshow of human rights abuses. But don't hate your Chinese neighbors for the actions of Winnie the Pooh, they're no more responsible for the outbreak than you are for Trump/Obama/Bush's errors.

  • The fact that many people identified as "patient zero" that carried and spread the virus in countries outside of china are the chinese tells a different story. Even if their government paid or ordered them to carry the virus, it's still their fault. And not just Americans, many people hate the chinese even more than the Americans do, and for obvious reasons. You don't need corona to hate the chinese. Just look at their nasty eating habits or how they sell animals at their wetmarkets. Do I even have to mention spying or piracy or plagiarism?

    And by animals I mean animals. Bats, snakes, even puppies. Do you even know that the chinese eat tiger testicles too? I don't make this up. You can do your own research.

    Both the government and the people are at fault. The people are infamously known for their dirty and unhygienic habits, among other things like piracy or plagiarism and their government is trying to stall any country that want to conduct investigation about the origin of corona. And those people defend their government. Do your research about Australia and other countries being threatened by The Peasants' Republic of Corona when they wanted to start an investigation and research about the true origin of corona.

  • As you can see, any attempt at intelligence is a huge threat to the groundlings and they start a fresh round of yelping and screeching. Every time you see some stupidly racist comment (usually badly spelled), just know that it most likely came from some incel sitting in three day old Cheeto dust. Or a slightly cleaner individual who thinks just like that incel, which really isn't any better.

  • It's all slant eye fault

  • Yes all so true

  • They are all pure selfish bitchdogs.

  • Let us pledge that no matter what country where ever we will find these chinese scum we will give them beating to death till they turn back to their rat holes

  • Yes

  • Turn out. Send home. All them slants.

  • Please. You "can't do nothing" because you're too stupid to even compose a simple sentence. You're just whining at Chinese people because that's what everybody in your adult day care is doing right now and you can't think for yourself. Own your deficiencies.

  • Oh really so you mean to say the whole world is unable to figure out there own limitations. Come on you walking piece of garbage it was your fuckking country where it came from and you spread it over so stfu and drop dead quickly

  • Feeling triggered, are we? Too bad. China can be blamed for some things, but your inbred stupidity isn't one of them!

  • You are a low life loser

  • LOL

  • So's yo mama.

  • Amen, UK here and we're sick of them chinks and what they've done to the world

  • We so sick YES!

  • Yes they need to go like right f****** now.

  • Not only America whole world is suffering due to these ass holes. They need to be nuked immediately

  • And the most saddest thing is those coronese always thought that whoever hates them must be an American. Everywhere, almost every part of the world is suffering because of this chinese virus. And it's not just the Americans who hate them so much. But what do you expect from hypocrites? The next thing they say will be that I must be an American because I hate them so much. Me? I'm not American. But me and my people, we hate them significantly more and much longer than the Americans do. If only they realized the people who want to spit on their faces so badly are not just the Americans or from America...

    It reminds me about when I was still playing The Division, everytime somebody was mentioning that they are spamming the chat with useless things, or when somebody spotted a group of coronese cheaters, they always responded with "american mother you dog die" or "mother you american die", even if the player is actually a German. And this is not just in The Division, but everywhere else, including public forums and comment section not related to The Division or any game. Does it sound familiar? Or maybe too familiar?

    And they say we are too stupid to even compose a simple line...

    Obviously, the stupid are the ones who staged a protest because they were not allowed to cheat in the exam.

    Japan, South Korea, everywhere in South East Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, all parts of Europe, Rusia, Africa... everybody everywhere knows it so well about the lies and hypocrisy of the dirty corona bioterrorists.

    Avian flu, swine flu, SARS and now corona.
    Apparently, it's them who are too stupid to learn, never mind to compose a simple line.

  • Your anger should be directed more at trump, his administration, and how they've handled this. But i know, just like him, you wont blame the people that need to be blamed, and will continue to blame others.

  • Shut your c********** mouth, c****-lover. Not all people who hate chinks are American, you f****** s*******. I'm not American and I f****** hate Communist China and all chinks who defend it.

  • Don't go bringing intelligence into this thread. As you can see, it's been a magnet for idiots.

  • Boo hoo chinky boy. Go and worship your god emperor Xi the Pooh instead of coming here and stirring up s***, bat eater.

  • I am. German an would love to bring back the Reich and rip china a brand. new ass. permanent.

  • Deutschland!!

  • I feel the same way. I'd love to see the mighty Third Reich and glorious Imperial Japan gang rape Communist China.

  • Here comes the chinese jack a$$

  • So much hate up in this b****.

  • That's all they understand. That and parroting back that exact same phrase without thinking when they get their bile thrown right back.

  • The phrase they're going to start learning in my neck of the woods is "return fire"

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