Hating the chinese

I am am Australian citizen who is outraged by what has happened to the world by this Chinese virus, I believe that that the Chinese government has such a lot to answer for, not necessarily the Chinese people, I am at home at the moment in isolation and absolutely hating everything that is Chinese, to the point where I too have just thought to eradicate them from this planet. But in saying that who would ever want an entire race wiped out, unless you were of course called Adolph Hitler.
I am p*****, snippy at my partner and overall f***** off to the max, that this could happen in this day and age, where we as a normal society know that you do not f****** eat bats and whatever other s*** you eat from your Chinese Wet markets. I am truly struggling to find any kindness in my heart towards the Chinese at this point in time, but having lived and taught over there, they are just like us, getting about there day to day business , they are a pretty dirty race but who is to blame for that, again their f****** government, these people do not even get the opportunity to vote.
Sill sitting her in isolation not being able to see friends or family and still hating the Chinese.



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  • To the Op and most commenters:

    屌你老母!!!! >:( >:( >:(

  • You have to check out the links posted bellow never thought people could be that cruel to animals.

  • I don't hate the Chinese people but I hate what they do. There eating habits are appalling as they skin, boil and burn animals alive because they believe as the animal is dying it releases adrenaline in to the meat witch makes it taste better.
    look it up but it is very graphic
    They are responsible for this virus and many before this mess and China must be held accountable for it.

  • Do research about copyright infringement, intellectual property theft and corporate spying and you'll get more than their dirty, nasty, unhygienic eating habits.

    Trust me, I've been dealing with all these DMCA takedowns and whatnot for almost 12 years and I can tell you there are way too many reasons to hate the chinese, even if you're not racist like me.

    And while you're at it, search for CCTV camera recordings about the chinese intentionally coughing in the public and onto things like fruits or vegetables at the stores, spitting on the public benches or elevator buttons. There's even one case in Thailand where the security or cleaning officer had to take down a chinese woman and kept her on the ground because bystanders reported her doing that nasty thing.

    There are so many obvious reasons why even the non-racist people like me hate the chinese so much. You don't need yellow skin or slant eyes to hate the chinese.

    china and the chinese (intentional small letters, no typo here) must be held accountable for so many things. So worst even capital punishment would be too kind a thing for them. And I do not joke here.

  • Don't look at the website's above. They age nasty but real.

  • You like those websites I put there! Thats the plain truth. They show what Chinese do to animals.

  • Yuk!!!. I hate fish

  • Bombs away!!!

  • Tel you why I hate the Chinese. The cruelty. They are absolutely vile evil scum when it comes to anima!s. Anyone that does what they do to animals deserves to be wiped from this earth. They are the most vile animals on the planet. Hope they all f in die. The lot of them. I hope a massive disaster strikes their country and wipes them all out! If it doesn't happen, then f in nuke the scum.

  • What you do effects you and everyone else

  • We got to start with the m************ bombs!!!

  • The facts are in and they're clear. The virus was created in a Chinese lab. It was then transported by Chinese nationals in non-secure luggage throughout the world. Each operativecarrried two suitcases or duffles. One bag, they left in the open in the airport of their destination. The other was taken to the largest office building in the the country of their destination. Each of the abandoned bags was opened and tilted so as to spill the contents out in their entirety Open vials, stepped on, broken, stepped in, and then tracked around that country. And here's the kicker . . . . . .

    Trump knew it was going to happen before the mission even began!! JE SIGNED OFF ON THE OP!!!!!

  • Your full of crap

  • Trump need to bomb they n******

  • Did you say n#gger. That's not nice. You can't say that. It's racist.

  • Learn how to read, SJW loser! Your need to be perpetually offended even if there's nothing to be offended about is... well, offensive. And you will be treated accordingly

  • No . . . . . . that is n-u-t-s-a-c-k.

  • China do this sort of s*** too often. The way they live is disgusting, irresponsible and wreckless.

  • Yeh...... they all total irresponsible. That why we need to bomb Wuhan. Like today. Like.....today!!!!! I really hate them China n*****!

  • Let me see if I understand your argument.......... Your saying that they are responsible for all this because their irresponsible?

  • Indeed. And gun down any of them that survive, women and children included.

  • KAM is here too???? :(

  • We live in a global world. People in one country affect others.

    We have all sorts of discontinuities though. The world community should require china to stop these wet markets and some other disgusting stuff. At the same time the world community should stop America bombing the s*** out of anyone they feel like. Also whatabout the s*** health care and support for America's own citizens. The UN should step in and send in peace keepers and medical people to help America esp the poor.

  • That filthy virus came out of a lab not a market. The chinese knew it was transmitted from human to human and let it go
    The UN was part of the problem , did nothing to contain the virus

  • The chinese already own the UN

  • I worked with some Chinese. unbelievable what these people would eat. it was the marinated cow s*** or the chicken eggs, where they would buy the rejects at the egg farm that didn't pass the candle test. they would crack them open and suck the partially grown embrios down the hatch. I said to them. you know, theres a supermarket down the street. they said where they came from you eat whatever you can get your hands on. disgusting.

  • That is real funny. You should be a comedian.

  • I too am disgusted and angry with the Chinese.
    They have blood on their yellow hands.

  • Everyone hates them the most annoying part was to hide it from the rest of the world and tried to pin on someone else...These are demons in human form...They are responsible for so many deaths and counting. With god’s grace soon everything will be ok and then all countries will unite to remove china from world map

  • God, you used the exact right word... DEMONS! we need to send in the army and Gut ALL them n*****!!!!!

  • Them hiding the information was seriously f***** up, but they're far from the first or the last country to ever do such a thing. And they're far from the only country to mishandle this pandemic.

  • BUT THEY STARTED THE S*** AND THEY KNEW AND THEY LIED AND THEY STILL LYIN. W e need to exrcute all them n*****!!!!

  • Chinese isn’t a race. It’s a nationality. It’s not a Chinese problem either. The Spanish flu of 100 years ago is thought to have originated in the US Midwest. As long as people mix with livestock this s*** will keep happening. Check just about any food market on the planet; the conditions for creating viruses is legion. China is just the latest. Look up MERS. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Bull crap. It came from those Chinese people. We Americans are real clean people

  • Asians 洗屁股. Americans don't.

  • "Real clean"?? Not all of us are down to your basement-level standards, Cletus. Get literate and also learn what cleanliness really is, because it's obvious you don't have so much as the beginning of a clue!

  • Trump won't let those Chinese n***** get away with this s***. He will bomb they ass to f*** and back.

  • Hasn't happened yet and never will.

  • Baloney, they are the ones who let people leave wuhan province knowing they were infected. They let them leave for anyplace but china.
    They are a lying bunch of slobs.

  • Shitbone muthafukkaz!!

  • Y E S !!!!! Trump need yo bust they whole ass!

  • Whoa now, don't go trying to bring intelligence into this thread. Drop about 100 IQ points and start bawling about a country that isn't yours, like all these other wastoids. Either run at a brick wall headfirst a few times or watch a little Fox News, one or the other will put you in the proper frame of mind.

  • Your comment makes no sense at all, you must be one of those chinese creeps who lurk on this site.

  • Yes, intelligent words and ideas DO tend to sail over pointy greasy heads like yours. Stupidity isn't strength, children...

  • We got to start throwing our bombs!!!!!

  • Thank you for proving their point. :)

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