Malaysia is the most stupidest country

For the past few years , I really hated Malaysia in my entire life. I really hate the country , the governments and the politics including the people that is so racist. Let me start from the beginning , I hate malaysia since I was in primary 6. The first thing that makes me hate about Malaysia is the Malay people. They all being racist to the Ibans , Dayaks , Indians , Chinese and so on. These are the thing that I really don't like about it. People like Iban , Dayaks , Indians , Chinese and more , they didn't do absolutely nothing to them but the Malays just insulting those people like us. Like What The F*** ?! Just because you're Malay and you're staying in a country called " Malaysia " do you think that only your religion can stay there. F*** off okay. Like this recently , wtf ... Chinese back to China , Indians back to India . F****** racist. Why don't you just go to h*** and eat your own s*** and f*** with a dog. Second thing is the education. A new education system came out from last year called " PT3 ". That name just wanna make me beat the s*** of that thing. Last year , they said there's no exam but until June suddenly inform the students all over the Malaysia have exam. F****** government pigs. Why don't you just go f*** yourself and eat s***. Thought it will be successful system is it. Well guess what m************. Your bullshit system doesn't work ! Before PT3 , that is PMR a lot of students got straight A's for their exam and the parents are happy. But until now , the bullshit government education with a new system of education , just f***** up all people all over the Malaysia. Almost the whole Malaysia failed with that system and system cause a lot of students have no choice. Fail go to the science class. Sounds like retarded government pigs. That system can give an effects to the students future. Oh wait. The governments did ! M************. Now for me , I'm gotta sitting for that bullshit. My career is an aircraft engineer. Well thanks to that system , it ruined my life and my career. With that , I won't be successful. Thank you for your bullshit. And the last thing is the government. The government is much worst than a terrorist wanna know why ? Tax , prices increasing and f***** up education. That thing just make the whole Malaysia have an apocalypse. Days by days the value of the money is getting decreasing. How can we live like this ? Stupid governments , stupid prime minister. I rather like Barrack Obama to be Malaysia's prime minister than najib. Sounds like poo's name. Years after years , I'm sure Malaysia economies will corrupt and f***** up. And I'm sure it will be the most stupidest retarded and racism country ever.

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  • Blame their Bumipetra policy back in the 60s, that made them the huge whiners they are today.

  • Ya and make them useless like nobita till the end of the world that keep ask help from the malay special right and no try to improve their self

  • I feel for you.
    I'm a foreigner who work with Malays mostly.
    Whenever one of them complains about Chinese or Indian to me, I feel anger towards them. They are protected by government and still wanna complain.

  • 'your' a ---->r e t a r d<--- A giant f u c king re tard.

  • Your a r*****.

  • Coming from someone using stupidest while saying "most" .... you only need to say most stupid....

  • "most stupidest"?

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