Younger child spanks me

I was on the school bus, there was a younger kid around the age of 7-10. I was talking and he turned around and said “did you give me a redskin” , I said no. He then smacked my leg and turned back around.

When he was leaving the bus he said “thanks for the redskins” and smacked my leg hard. It really turned me on.

This continued for a few days to the point of him smacking my bottom hard with his hand.
One day he got off at my stopped and when we were walking he smacked my bottom. He said “wanna look at my house, parents arent home” my bottom was tingling.

When we were in his house, he smacked me when we were in his room. I was so hard I said “you can spank my bottom bare if you want.

He pulled down my pants, put his left arm around me as if to hold me in place, and started spanking my bottom with his little right hand. It hurt but was arousing at the same time.

He rubbed my bottom every few smacks and called me a very naughty boy. My bottom was red and starting to sting and tingle more.



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  • You there and that was your chance too suck his preteen hairless c*** and have a tight boys ass..

  • Did you take his little boxers off and spank him back.

  • You could ask your parent or sibling for same treatment at home.

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