Being spanked in public

It was probably the first time I got spanked.
My mom went to an 2-day-business trip so she hired an babysitter aged 19 and called 'Kayla' to watch me. I was 7 that time. My mom never gave Kayla spanking permission. Anyway, Kayla took me to the mall and I accidentally touched a statue that said 'PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH' and Kayla's eyes widened. She dragged me to the mall fountain and sat on the marble seat and grabbed a ebony hairbrush and a switch. Kayla layed me over her lap and lectured me saying: "You know you deserve every bit of what is coming up, This will teach you to keep your hands to YOURSELF!" Then she smacked me 10 times with the ebony brush on my panties.
"Oww...It hurts." I sobbed.
"THIS IS THE PAIN YOU DESERVE" Then total smacked me 40 times with the ebony brush.
Then she pulled me panties down.
Smacked me 62 times with the switch. I never experienced spanking before so it really hurts. The last 12 smacks are harsh. I yelped on every smack. I looked through my long hair, Many people are watching. A girl who is staring. 2 boys are giggling and one teenage girl is recording. I was so embarrassed. After my spanking, Kayla moved a wooden chair from a nearby cafe and faced it to the wall and ordered me to sit still. When we got home, Kayla gave me 12 smacks with the belt+Wet bottom. I was bruised and welted. Then she made me wear a maid uniform except it's not covering the bottom, She made me clean the floor by crawling while she smacks me by the cane. My bum still didn't recovered and my mom didn't find out yet.
PS: The teenage girl uploaded a video of me getting spanked on twitter, She tagged spanking and lol.

Oct 25, 2019

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  • >62 spanks
    kek come on kid, this is a terrible attempt at conjuring up your fantasies and passing them off as geniune experience. I can tell you are inexperiences in writing. A note for the future, do no give so many details. H***, you say you were 7 at the time!

  • Spank that 7 yr old ass then let your hand wander between her legs and get a really good feel of her little bald p****

  • I'm calling bullshit on this one. Maybe in the 1800's but not in loving memory. Grabbed a Ivory hair brush. Panties down.
    At least try and make these stories mildly believable.

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