I'm Still in Love my Affair Partner

Even the post is over 3 years old, I can relate. Our affair was discovered on 22 February 2018. My AP chose (for the moment) to try and work it out. Yes, I'm still in love my affair partner. Yes, like the previous post, I'm not attracted to my wife of 32 years anymore. To be painfully honest, not even a little bit. All l I can think about is my lover. I want her...I miss her....I cherish her. My heart breaks everyday that I can't be with her.

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  • I’m in a similar place. My AP has broken things off, I’m totally in love with her, but she saw a post of my family on a reluctant day trip, got jealous and slept with her ex. She only told me because we’re going through a pregnancy “scare” we’re always pretty careful and they weren’t. She knows I haven’t slept with my wife since we started seeing each other, and it’s killing me thinking of her sleeping with him. Even though she supposedly hates him. I love her and still want her. I’ve offered her everything. I feel like I’m drowning. I truly hope it works out for you my friend.

  • Just read all the replies from my post. My God, its just what I needed to see, both pro and con. Especially the post from 20 hours ago that ended with ... "I can't know for sure, but I suspect that your lover will find her way back to you, as well, and you will be together (even if it remains a secret) forever"

  • You need to ditch your wife, even if it ensures your financial doom. Love conquers all!

  • I'm a married female in the same circumstances you described, and like your partner, I too was the one who left the relationship to return to husband and children. It fractured my lover, but I couldn't help that. I did the right thing, and what I thought was the easy thing. But I soon realized that not only was returning -- and STAYING -- not "easy", it was impossible. I had to have my lover back in my life and back between my legs. Yes, "had to have". It wasn't a choice. So, after 16 months apart, we resumed the relationship. We don't see each other as often as we did initially, but when we do, its's good. Did I say "good"? No, it's wonderful. He does me like no man ever has. He knows me like no man ever has. And he makes me explode like no man ever has. In fact, he's the only man who has ever made me explode (you know what I mean). I can't know for sure, but I suspect that your lover will find her way back to you, as well, and you will be together (even if it remains a secret) forever. All best, darling.

  • Sure it does. why don't we believe you? nothing would stop you being with her right now if you really cared.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fujyhv-Q-jo

  • …..waste of time...……..

  • Tell the AP of your feelings. Let her know she can come back anytime she wants.

  • Go back and work h****** your marriage.

  • (1) recognize that the feelings you have for the lover aren't love, they are just l***. (2) go find another affair partner. (3) f*** her. (4) f*** her again. (5) rinse and repeat.

  • I totally agree with you..may b he is lukin for a emotional connection as s** without love is waste of time

  • My wife has been pulling away for years. We are splitting up. I miss her greatly but now I've found a lover who loves me. It's so nice.

  • You are making yourself miserable by holding on to the THOUGHT of her. You aren't holding on to HER, you understand: you're holding onto an idea, a hope, a fantasy. (And BTW, you may be holding on, knowing it can't be productive, in order to subconsciously punish yourself for straying.) Once you let go of that, you may find that you can resume your marriage on some happier and more-tolerable basis. Even if the marriage can't be saved, you will -- by releasing the affair -- have stopped deluding yourself, and stopped hurting yourself. And you'll have stopped wasting your life on a woman who doesn't want to be with you. Is that harsh? Yes, absolutely. But it's also true.

  • This post is spot on!!!!

  • This was very well spoken and you are correct.

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