Stepchild is slow and violent.

My husband to be has 3 children by / different mums. The first mum is fine and a nice lady, the second one is dumb as brick.

He has 2 children with that woman. A boy and a girl. The girl is 3 and a half and her speech is severely delayed. Like, the worst I have ever seen in a child her age.

They suspect she has autism, I don’t know what really goes on with her. Her mum eats like a pig, eating NcDonalds at least twice a week and is a fat cow. Her body is disgusting with her tits down to her bellybutton, an ass so flat it almost goes inside her body and a tummy that hangs over her underwear. She makes me want to barf looking at her, and I am a bi woman that has no problem admiring when a woman is pretty. I even point out attractive women to my partner, so this isn’t our if jealousy at all.

That woman is just disgusting in both long oks and manners, nasty, pushy and dumb. And her daughter is turning out just the same, or worse.

People baby her and compliment her on achieving the stupidest of tasks like she actually accomplished something. Wow, she can say her name and her hair colour. Wow.

She repeats her name all the fucking time and things like mummy’s house at the randomnest of times, because that is basically all she fucking knows how to say.

The two boys are clever. Especially the eldest. And got their father’s good metabolism, even though they all eat like fat people. The girl got her mother’s body and was set up for failure from the get go.

Her mother would go to Mc Donald’s whilst pregnant and eat two freaking Big Macs. “One for me, one fo baby”. She mother also smoked weed and cigs throughout her pregnancy and aside from being slow and her severe speech problems, she also has bladder problems.

The mother was with a violent man after she broke up with my partner (she broke up with him), that hit her and called her fat and etc in front of the kids. And a lot of nasty things, which led to her son starting to call other people fat as he heard it so often.

The girl is terrible though. Violent and spiked and throws tantrums whenever she doesn’t get whatever she wants straight away. Nobody has patience to deal with her or her mum so they end up getting what they want to shut the f up.

My partner and I are probably expected ngm right now, I just need confirmation. If we aren’t yet, we will keep on trying. I don’t have any kids and want just one. To raise it the best I can with time and to be able to provide as well. I am mich better off financially than my partner and his exes, so I will be the one financially supporting a child we have.

It just worries me about this violent dumb girl being left alone a kid of mine. I will never leave her alone in a room with my kid. Ever. But even with me being there, it worries me. That my kid will look up to their big sister and try to copy her. She is not an example to be followed, and I don’t know what to do.

I will never be rude to her, ever. I love kids and I am really patient with them, everybody tells me I am the most patient person around kids they have ever seen, but this girl really tests me. I will never cross a line, but we th a child of mine in the picture now or in the near future, it worries me.

Her mum is envious of everybody and tries to pretend to be something she isn’t and to live above her means just to show off on social media as a good parent. She really isn’t.

Her son has told her a few tones how I am prettier than her and how much he loves me and wishes he lived with me and his dad. I love that kid and wish I could save him from living with that woman.

I am just afraid that if I have a daughter things will get worse than if it is a boy. This girl will already lose her place as her daddy’s baby when my child is born, if it is a girl it will be even worse as there are always comparisons made between sisters more than to a brother-sister.

I will be able to provide a better life financially and emotionally to my kid. I will prioritize my kid. I am just afraid about how this violent little girl might have a negative impact on my child. The boys are fine and great big brothers and we talked to them before starting to try to conceive and they are fine with the idea of a new baby.

It is just her that worries me.

She has hurt me in the past during tantrums. I will not let her harm my baby.

Any advice on what to do? Her dad and basically everybody else try to pretend the problem isn’t really there and that she will catch up eventually. I don’t think she will thoug.

I have babysat plenty of little cousins and been around friends’ kids throughout my life, I never saw a child as problematic or dumb as her.

She also has very manly frautures and looks like a boy wearing a wig.

I will love a kid of mine no matter what, boy or girl, beautiful or ugly. It will be my child, after all.

But it worries me that if I do have a pretty baby (I am a model and so was my mum, so not unlikely), and that baby is a girl, that jealousy over that might set it eventually. She is already a very jealous child as it is, getting everything she possibly can by either force or crying until she gets on people’s nerves and they just give up so she will shut up.

She is potty trained, so not as bad as it could be, but I just dread the negative influence and drama she will bring into my life. I didn’t know how bad it was when her father and I first got together. If I had know I might never have started the relationship.

Now I love him and his other two kids and we will get married soon and either have a baby on the way already or will soon. And I don’t wish she was never born, I agreed to be wmyself th a man with 3 kids, I chose that. I just wish she wasn’t how she is. I don’t love her like I love the boys. Not because she is a girl or any of that cr*p, but because she is a hard pill to swallow most of the time.

She can be sweet at times, but in a way a kid half her age would be. She is just so slow and delayed, I fear a kid of mine even 4 or 5 years younger than her, would surpass her capabilities in no time at all.

I feel guilty for saying all that here, but I have no one to turn to.

Like I said, I will never be rude to her, and I will keep on trying my best even though it kills me inside seeing no results. But, by God, I needed to vent!!!

I will never let my child alone with her, as I am afraid she might actually seriously harm my baby. Even when my kid is older. I would have no problem with baby bezing alone with the two other kids, but not with her.

I just wish she was different and her cow of a mother was different, because she seems to want mother of the freaking year award for doing the bare minimum and doing terribly in certain areas. So entitled, and the girl is going the same way.

Her mother has actually admitted she is jealous of me for having more money than she does, having travelled more and be able to do more things in the future and provide better things for my future child. I could see the resentment on her eyes when she told me her son tells everybody how pretty I am and that I am prettier than her as well. He tells me all the time I am his favourite girl in the world and how much he loves me. He also tells me his mum is nasty and mean.

Again, sorry for the vent. I would love advice and comments from people that went through similar things in the past, as I have nobody to turn to and would actually be willing to do whatever it takes to make this better for me and my baby in the long run.

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