Mother in law

My inlaws lived in a granny flat above my wife and i the bathroom we used was directly at the bottom of the stairs up to their rooms one day i heard the post come through the upstairs letterbox and knew only my mother in law was in and i was alone downstairs so quickly i took my jeans and undies off and went to the bathroom and peeped upstiars 2 mins later she came out to pick up the post so i snuck out and stood to the side of the stairs and looked up she saw me and said some letters were for my wife so i said chuck them down she said its fine she would bring them down i said ok;as she got near the bottom stair i struck up courage to stand at the bottom step she passed the letters then noticed i was half naked she looked at my tool and giggled i said oops srry i forgot i wasnt dressed she said no problem and went back up i stood watchin her when ahe got to the top step she looked down again and said bye i went t o my room and immediately started wankin i was puulin away frantically when suddenly my door opened and in walked my mother in law i reied coverin up but she stopped me and told me to carry on she sat on the bed and watched as i shot my load shes 74 yrs old after i finished she got a wipe and cleaned me up then left

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