I hate my stepdaughter

I have been with my husband for 7 years and married for going on one year. A few months before my wedding my stepdaughter began cutting mine and my daughters hair while we were sleeping.... she even shaved my daughters eyebrow off!!! I took her to counseling and it didn’t help at all..... my daughter is 12 and my SD is 10 .... she’s so jealous of my daughter she started cutting her hair because she was getting comments from boys at school as well as letters... well the SD was jealous because she didn’t receive that type of attention... not realizing both of them were to young for that anyways..... my daughters hair is so F——KD up she has to wear it in a tight bun with lots of hairspray to control all the frizz and unevenness..... my hair is so frizzy and chopped I try to hide the cut pieces I’m so sick of this Little girl ... we have full custody to top it off.... we’ve had full custody for 6 years....: I don’t even want her around me or calling me “mom” like she’s been !!! Who the F——k does this crap.....


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  • Sounds like you should just encourage her dad to give her "special" attention

  • Have you spanked her.

  • She’s 10. He closest relative just got married to a lady who also has a daughter. She feels out of place and not ready for this permanent change. Her new step sister is older and much prettier. What if daddy starts paying more attention to the new additions to the family? Will he forget about me? She doesn’t have much going for her. Her life sucks and this is how she’s trying to combat it, by acting out and doing stupid things. If it goes on like this she’s just get worse and worse. She’ll get older, a bit smarter and do worse more underhanded things or come down with some mental illness that will effect the whole family. She’s 10. People change. Try include her in your new family more. A good balance between discipline and genuine love. It’s tough and may feel unfair for you, but it pays off. She a person who thinks and feels. No one can be ungrateful and unchanged in the face of a genuine love for long. Perhaps this will become one of the most rewarding things of your life.


  • I’ve spanked her and she doesn’t Learn she does it knowing we will spank her because she enjoys it ... it’s hard and I feel like I’m left with out any other options

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes she enjoys a spanking I want her, 10 yr old p**** is the best

  • You there....

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