My young smoking daughter

Hello everyone my name is Pam. I’ve been a smoker since age 9. I’m am now 33. I absolutely love my Virginia Slims menthol lights 120s. I didn’t realize it for a while but my daughter was taking drags off of my cigarette if I just happened to leave it behind to do something. One day I left it behind when I mislocated my phone. I went to the laundry room not there. So then I went to the kitchen and didn’t see it. Then I thought I heard it ringing in the living room. When I walked in I caught my daughter taking a cheek hallowing drag off of my cigarette. She blew out a nice stream of smoke right in front of me. She says mommy please don’t punish me. I really love when I can take drags off of your cigarette. I explained to her that it can lead to health complications and it’s really hard to quit. She was only 2 weeks away from turning nine, the age I started smoking my moms cigarettes. I asked how long she’s been taking drags off my cigarette. She said about 2 years. I asked her if she thought she could smoke a whole cigarette. She said definitely mom, can I? I grabbed my pack of cigarettes and said let’s go outside honey. We then proceeded to smoke a cigarette out on the deck. I talked with her and said I will give you a pack every three days out of the carton. She thanked me. I also told her I only wanted her to smoke at home. She agreed. Now we use it for bonding time.

Jan 2

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  • My daughter and I smoke the same Virginia Slims Menthol Light 120. When I started my divorce my daughter Bethany and I had to find a new place to live. We found a new place to live and while moving in notice a young beautiful woman lighting her long cigarette. She came over and introduced herself. She said if we needed anything at all just ask. After we moved our first load in Bethany said I’m going to sleep. When she did I knocked on the neighbors door and asked if I could try her cigarette. I told her I noticed the sweet smell coming fro the cigarette. BShe cordially told me I will teach you how to properly smoke. She taught me how to take small drags. When I finished smoking it I told how I loved it. So she gave me a pack with 6 left in it and a lighter. I smoked one outside before retiring for the night. Bethany went looking for a pen in the kitchen drawer for a pen and found them. She decided at age 8 to try it herself. The next day I noticed the pack only had 3 left. Bethany walked out and said don’t even consider telling me that she couldn’t smoke. My daughter and I love our cigarettes

  • You are an evil ** and should be ashamed of yourself

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