Naked cousin

I confess walking in on my cousin Becky because I knew she was naked. Told her she had the best looking shaved p**** as she just stood there not bothering to cover up. I think she liked exposing herself naked because she walked up to me, spread her legs and told me to suck her. She was so went my entire face was covered in her juices. Got so hard and h**** I came in my underwear.

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  • Another BS story.

  • That's so hot! I get so hard when I eat p****. I used to bang my cousin and it was incredible. She had the best b****** and being inside her wet hairy p**** was heaven. Was that the only time you had fun with her?

  • You also did it to your 3-year old sister. Aren't you quite the man?

  • Can I be next with the sis please?

  • That is dirty of you, you must be disgusting

  • And then you woke up.

  • Fake fantasy

  • It takes a certain resolve & conclusion to merely disregard & move on from these either bogus or imaginative postings.

  • Do you have any pics of her to share? I can share my wifes pics, if you're interested?

  • So now you've taken to calling your 6-year old, "my wife"?

  • How old is she?

  • Lucky m***********

  • What the h*** is wrong with you...Why didn't you f***** her...

  • Dude he is quick shooter. If he did manage to get it in her it would have been a 3 pump chump session

  • Or may b he did forgot to mention the rest of the story

  • Or maybe you fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

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