Im in love with my Step daughter

I'm in love with my step daughter!
I want her all the time and now she is 16 I'm leaving her mum for her,
I want fukk all the time and I'm going too.

I'm taking her away just the two of us, as gift, but I've booked a romantic room double bed and we will be there all weekend, after I've seduced her I'm confessing to her that I love her and when we get back, throwing her mum out to the spare room and move the step daughter in!

I love that girl!!



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  • I would like what this guy's got how do you seduced your stepdaughter help please!!

  • You should be banging the b****. Knock it up.

  • Hot as h***. your so fuckinglucky.

  • If you were able to spell and write proper English, I'd allow you to f*** my tight 15 year old old c*u*n*t and a*s*s but because you can't, there's no chance of that happening.

  • You mean suck your d I c k and f****** your a s s

  • I know what you mean. I have a stepdaughter who is only 11 years younger than me. She sends me nudes pictures of herself all the time. When she stays here at my house she always walks around half naked. I told her one time if I wasn't married to her mother I would have already f***** her. She says I will cave and have s** with her eventually. That's why she sends me nude photos all the time. She may be right. I want to f*** her and I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

  • When I was 20 I married a woman who was 44. It happened really fast and we got married before we had met each other's family (my parents were crazy p*****). She had two daughters I hadn't met, but one of them was 3yrs older than me, and when we met, there was crazy chemistry. She came on to me right away, and she still does it. I talked to her mother about it and she just laughed and said don't worry, the girl was trying to get me in trouble: she's a serious trouble-maker and loves to mess with people. I love my wife, but this girl is getting more irresistible even now that she's married to somebody else. I want her and I may soon have to give in.

  • I know, people think I make this s*** up, but it's for real. My stepdaughter keeps telling me that I should be with her because I'm closer in age to her than her mother (my wife). She actually got in an argument with her mother one day and told her that she shouldn't be married to a guy who's closer in age to her daughter than to her. She told her mother that she should divorce me and date someone closer to her own age. She didn't bother to tell her that it's because she wants to be with me.

  • God that is sexy as all h***! Please tell us more!!! Please!!!!!!!

  • You want me to tell you about the time I was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee one morning and she walked out of the bathroom buck ass naked? Or how about the time I was watching TV late one night and she got up and came down in her bathroom robe. She sat on the couch next to me, put her legs up on the couch so she was facing me and opened her legs. She didn't have on any panties and she started to rub herself. Or how about the time we attended a wedding and she had on a dress and asked me to take her to the house to get changed. She ended up just changing in the front seat of the car. Again she had on no bra and no panties. Or how about the time she walked in on me while i was in the shower. With a clear glass door. She said don't mind me, I have to pee. Or how about the time I was f****** her mother one night and she popped the lock on the door and walked in. I have plenty more cases.

  • Is she there now?

  • F***, she's always here. Her dad bought her a small house because she refuses to work and can't afford rent. She's never there though, she's always at my house.
    She's sitting on the couch right now wearing short ass shorts with a tank top. She does at least have a bra on though.

  • Let me know when you are around again

  • I have similarp

  • ???

  • Why?

  • I want to hear more

  • Oh, I got ya. But you haven't told me what story you want in detail.
    I mean I could tell one of those above, or I could tell you about the time she wanted to go to the nude beach, or the time she grabbed my c*** when she was on the back of my bike. Or the time she was sunbathing nude on the deck next to the pool. Or the night where she was skinny dipping in the pool. Or how about the time when we were playing basketball horse and she tried to distract me by flashing me her t***. Or I could tell you about the miniskirt she was wearing one time when her and a friend were going out. She asked me if the skirt she had on was too short, and then bent over showing me she had NO panties on.
    Or how about the time she had on shorts and a bee went up her shorts stinging her right on her p**** lip. She kept wanting me to make sure she was ok and asked me 3 different times to look at it.
    I told you, I have so many cases where she has either exposed herself to me, grabbed me, seen me naked, or just plain propositioned me.

  • Have you ever done anything with her?
    Do you want to?
    Would you like to see her doing anything?

  • I have not done anything with her, although I would IF I was single. My wife already thinks I have. I don't know if she thinks that because her daughter has told her we have or if she is trying to get something out of me.
    I did catch her in bed with her boyfriend one time. I walked up stairs because my den is up there and I heard a noise from the guest bedroom. The door was open so I stepped in and she was on top of her boyfriend. She did have a blanket covering them both and I was behind them so I didn't see anything, but it was kind of awkward when she came up to me later and asked me if I liked what I saw.

  • Does she read this site?

  • No, she doesn't read it.
    Had an interesting night. Wife went out with some friends and was helping a buddy work on his car. I got done and came home. Stepdaughter asked where her mom was, I told her she was out with friends. Stepdaughter laughed and said just you and me baby. I just smiled. She then walked over right in front of me flashed me her t***. Then she ratcheted it up by dropping her shorts and panties, and hopped up on the table asking if I wanted to f*** her. I just shook my head and walked into the living room. She ended up going out with her friends.

  • What do you want to know?

  • Thank you for your positive feed back, and yes she tells me she loves me every day, as I tell her I love her every day.

    Her mum is staying with friends for a while, which suits us as we have the house to ourselves, so we can make love all the time, which is fantastic, she is the most beautiful woman I've ever known and has the greatest body I've ever seen.

  • Jessica she's in uniform she's so hot bent over taking 2 d**** in both holes step dads freinds

  • God, you are so lucky, and you must be either really skilled or really hung or both. I admire your approach to her, not giving her the chance to become scared or put off, but always being loving towards her and focused on HER. That is so loving, and it's obviously producing the desired results. Wow! It is TOTALLY producing the desired results! I love the fact that you and she have the place to yourselves for awhile, here at the beginning of the relationship. I almost put the word "affair" there, but really, you and she are truly beginning a "relationship", with both of you knowing that it will replace -- and greatly surpass -- the one you have had with her mother. And lastly, I just have to say that what you and the daughter are doing is one of the most romantic things I have ever heard of or read about. OMMFG! This is a romantic story that should be put in a book, or made into a movie: it's true love. I have so many questions, but I'll just ask one for now, and hopefully have the chance to ask more later on. While the mother has been away, have you and the daughter already moved the mother's things out of the master bedroom, and moved the daughter's things into it, in their place?

  • Yes we did it the day after she left, didn't see any point in prolonging it.
    We put my ex wife's things in the spare room and moved all my loves things in with me.
    We are now planning a holiday very soon, it will be good for some sun, sea and s**

  • Does the mother know abut you and the daughter? What does she say about the relocation of her belongings? Does she want to still be able to make love with you, too?

  • Her mum knows, and is starting to come round, she says her daughter's happiness is her main concern! And says what will be will be!
    She has not moved back yet, (in the spare room that's the deal) she says she needs more time.
    Me and my new girlfriend have spoke of marriage but not until she is 18

  • Jesus! You're already referring to the mother as your "ex" wife? Does that mean you proposed to the daughter already? And did she say "yes"? Where did you propose? Was she surprised to learn how serious you are, or did she expect it? Are you going to get her pregnant first, before you marry her?

  • Good, if she shares the same feelings go for it, or just get her drunk and have your way with her, good-luck man, i prefer tight teen p**** (especially if they are virgins) over lose p**** women o my age (30+) any day, thats why I divorced my wife and have my way with teenage bar girls , good-luck brother :)!

  • Good, if she shares the same feelings go for it, or just get her drunk and have your way with her, good-luck man, i prefer tight teen p****** (especially) over lose p**** women o my age (30+) any day, thats why I divorced my wife and have my way with teenage bar girls , good-luck brother :)!

  • Im doing my three daughters.....

  • How long has this been going on, ace?

  • You there? They are all under twelve...

  • Best that way

  • Are you training them?

  • Well done, I wish I could f*** her. Even if she was eight, I'd f*** her

  • Me too, in the ass at 4

  • Let me start by saying that one of the positive comments elsewhere below is mine, and I say that in the interest of candor. What I am writing to say here is for the benefit of the OP alone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you were the recipient of so much anger and criticism, when you don't deserve it. Those that offered negativity here are just posturing, so please, forgive them. There are two things you wrote initially that should have been sufficient to explain your intentions and your character, but none of the naysayers noticed. First, you love the girl. You didn't express a purely sexual or lustful desire for her: you used the word "love". And I believe you meant it. And you described taking her away on a romantic weekend. All that matters, but your critics didn't see it. The second is that you indicated you'd waited for her to turn 16, which is the legal age of consent where you are (or so I believe). That patience for her to exercise her consent is a further indication of your love: you didn't jump her when you might have easily taken advantage of a child, but rather waited until she was an adult. So, I apologize for all the abuse you had to withstand. And I thank you for "trying" to share such a lovely and warm romantic story from your own life. Be well.

  • Also I noticed you said nothing at all about her feelings for you. Could that be because she’s sick of being molested by someone who is supposed to protect her? Sad news for you. She probably views you just as you are a perverted old man who can’t satisfy a grown woman so you stoop to molesting a kid. I would even say the truth is she probably throws up in her mouth just from hearing your voice. I’m sure she already hates you but if not she will soon

  • I don’t care if you are in the states or Britain you seem to really be a twisted person. I hope before you can take advantage of a YOUNG kid the Mother gets wise to your plan and hangs you and your perverted thoughts

  • I'm very curious about the relationship between the two of you before the romantic weekend getaway. Was there a noticeable attraction between the two of you that built up until it could no longer be ignored or avoided? Were there ever any "close calls" between the two of you? Did her mom ever notice that she made you hard? Did you kiss her in ways that started innocently but then got more and more intense? Tell us about the two of you!!!! Please?

  • They didn't publish my confession that i have fantasies about raping and killing my crush, and they publish this s***.

  • I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t post yours. Now what could possibly be wrong with what you just said??????

  • Sick disturbed twisted perverse sad

  • She sounds sexy as f***! Good on you! Do you know how long she's been sexually active? Anyway, press on! Keep after her!

  • ^Agreed^!!!!

  • You are one sick fukk!!!

  • But seriously...…. if YOU had a chance with the daughter, wouldn't YOU take it? Everybody would.

  • I did get the chance a took it down her ten year old throat

  • Good girl suck that c***

  • Guys! Chill out with the legal analysis!!! It seems obvious that our OP is from Great Britain, where the age of consent is 16, and has been for well over a hundred years (when they raised it to 16 from 13). He didn't do anything wrong, at least not age-wise. S******* his wife's daughter is another matter, but that's a moral matter, not a legal one. He's not going to jail. The girl's mother might well cut his nuts off, but he is NOT going to jail.

  • I don't believe that this post is true, but on the off chance that it is, then this girl's mother is going to have ….. you ….. by ….. the ….. b**** ….. for ….. the ….. rest ….. of ….. your ….. life. And you will never have the girl again. Get used to the status quo ante, and find a way to enjoy being owned by the mother. She is in charge now. Not the girl. THE MOTHER.

  • If this is love, do not let it go.

  • I think disgusting is a very tiny word to describe you

  • If your step daughter doesn't know what your intentions are sexually before hand I predict some jail time coming your way . 16 year old girls are sexy as he'll but 99.5% of girls that age are not into men their parents age . Here 16 is legal and I'd do it if I could but no one wants to f*** their dad. Obviously I'm referring to the age difference

  • LOL! Love it! This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  • I hope this is just a fantasy, because what you just did was to confess to a crime. Not merely a misdemeanor, but a felony. You're going to go to jail. And you deserve that. If it's not true, then for your own sake, SAY it's not true before it's too late. Get out of this NOW.

  • I agree 110%. Why would anyone admit what I just read? If this is true I hope they pick him up soon. Lock him up and let his cell mates know he gets off on kids and he will enjoy being their prison wife. That is after they beat the sh*t out of him a few times. Perverts are the scum of the earth even in prison

  • I'd definitely agree depending what country he lives in . If it's the states he'll be looking at some serious prison time . Pretty sure statutory rape is 20 years in the US

  • The age of consent varies from state to state. Most places, it's 18. There are a few at 17, and maybe 2 or 3 states that hold to 16yo. I don't know where he is, but SURELY he knew the rule before he went "exploring". I certainly hope so.

  • Naa I don't see a train wreck in the making. All of us guys get ourselves in a bit of a jam thinking with our little head but this one will be an epic failure.

  • ….. i know i know ……….. i'm just dreaming here so forgive me please … but what do you think are the odds of her mother staying long term and letting you have both of them?????? i have a ton of other questions...… but that is the most important ……..and its also the hottest...… but let me just say this my friend...… you are our hero...………. and YOU ARE THE MAN!!

  • You may very well be the luckiest man alive!! WOW! I envy you so totally and I wish I was you! Please tell us more about how this all came about, and what it was like! Give us the details! Do you think the mom will sign to let her marry you?

  • I bet he has bin f****** her for years

  • We can marry when she turns 18 until then we will be having lots of s** together,
    A moment we are doing it every chance we get, I'm just so happy!
    When we got our the hotel room, she noticed it was a double bed, and said I think they made a mistake, never mind, I said.
    She said she was going for a shower, i said ok! She said I want to get undressed, I said I'm not stopping you.
    She then said I did warn you and continued to undress, as she did, I was undressing she said what are you doing I replied think I'm going for one first, no she said I going first, as we raced to undress she noticed my C*CK was rock hard, WHY ARE YOU SO HARD!!
    but I had noticed her f*nny seemed wet, why are you wet, I'm not she replied it's a bit of pee, well I will see about That then, I threw her on the bed and went straight down she was giggling, and resisting, I started licking, eventually I said Danny juice within which she begged me to carry on!
    We fukked for hours,
    Once we had finally finished I told her I love her, she cried with joy and jumped on me kissing me and saying "I love, I love you!! We made love for a few more hours after that.
    That was this weekend, and yes I do love her so very much!!!

  • You love her so much that you came on here to brag about bedding her. What an idiot.

    I'll tell you how this is going to play out.

    You'll either do jail time when the law finds out about your cosy little arrangement, or she'll tire of you pretty quickly once everything is out in the open.

    By the time she's 18 she'll be looking for someone her own age, and not some creepy old dude, especially after she gets asked for the hundredth time 'Is that man your dad?'

    You're a loser.

  • I just lost my lunch. You and everyone telling you how nice your story is apparently can’t carry on a relationship with a consenting adult. I hope to read one of two endings to this story. #1 It was all a sick lie or #2 You are tied down and your p**** is removed with a pocket knife and not a pain killer in sight

  • It's so so so so so so so so so so so so so sweet that the two of you found true love in this world. That is not an easy thing to do at any age. I hope her mother doesn't do anything to spoil that beauty or to try to get in its way. Thanks for telling us about the relationship. Tell more.

  • Be honest I bet you have bin wanting over her body for years lol

  • This is hot but the feds finna showup at ur front door guey

  • You pedo think that you're act of embarrassing father daughter relationship would be applauded h*** no...drop dead

  • Sniffing worn panties off a 7 year old pre school daughter wow wanking off in them hard

  • Too late, when I posted this, it was just before the weekend, I confessed how I felt and she felt the same.
    It's my house so her mother will have to live with it!

    And the s** was 10 times better than her mother!!

  • Was her c*** nice and tight.

  • Yes it was, and it tasted out of this world

  • I bet it did I bet you wanted her younger than 16

  • Maybe

  • I went out with a woman years ago her daughter was14. Wow what’s body. I never done anything but was always looking at her body in little outfits.

  • You are admitting you are a pervert plain and simple. Any adult that gets aroused by a child shouldn’t be free to walk the streets

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