Messed up mind

I dont know what's wrong with me.
I'm in a perfectly happy relationship with my bf. We have 3 kids.
Yet, i cant stop thinking about other men. I have never cheated and never will but i cant control my thoughts.
I think about guys from my past all the time. The opportunitys i missed and the 'what ifs'. I dont want to think these thoughts.
I'm always wondering if they think of me. Do they miss me? What would happen if i bumped into them? Would they reply if i messaged them?
I dont know why but I just want to know that they miss me. Still care. Still think about me.
Wtf is wrong with me?

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  • Your not happy. That’s what’s wrong with you. People like you move yo 3 stages the what if’s the cheating and the addiction to feeling wanted getting attention from others.

  • Why are you such a shrew?

  • Not sure what your age is, but if you are in your late 20s/early 30s it's natural what you are going through. You are likely in your sexual prime, a little bored, and think about all the fun things you did way back when. I'm like that too. Just realize that the guys from your past think about you too, even though they probably also are in long-term relationships, have kids, etc. Many things change in terms of life responsibilities and circumstances when you get older, but memories and desire don't.

  • Sweetie you need a monster to penetrate into and top engine will cool down

  • You just like s**. You like it a lot. And you like a lot of it. So? Go get it. Simple. Problem solved.

  • Dont call your exes. Just pick up a guy at a bar f*** him then see what happens. Plenty of apps yku can meet guys who just want to f*** and are in the same thoughts as you.

  • She would be happy to hookup from her own past life circle...perhaps

  • ^yep^

  • I agree: it's safer, in so many ways. She doesn't have to worry about getting harmed, or getting diseases (probably), or getting caught. Go for it!!!

  • Hooking it with an ex has soooooo many benefits. Don't ever miss the chance to "renew the acquaintance".

  • You aren't messed up. You just need to get L-A-I-D. Soon. Now. Hard. Deep. Repeatedly. Call one of your exes. Call the one you think is most likely finish the call by hanging up and coming over and getting on you. TODAY. You know you want that. And you know you need it.

  • There is nothing wrong with you. It is normal to have thoughts like these, especially when you feel unsatisfied -- with your relationship or with life itself. It sounds to me like you are bored. Find something fresh to occupy your time and mind. A new hobby, a new interest, a new goal, etc...
    What is it important is that you have not acted on these thoughts.

  • ^^ Excellent advice. Even find somethings that you and your bf can do together to reconnect.

  • You are normal I think.
    I don't know what advice to give. I would like to say talk to your boyfriend but who knows. my wife said nothing for 30 years and then up and left and told me she had been dissatisfied and depressed and hated me for years.

  • Aww... :( I'm sorry

  • My lady not today but tomorrow you will do it. I just know

  • Thats good nothing wrong enjoy the life if you dont do it you will remain with the thoughts what if

  • You're fine. Don't stress over it. Happens to everybody.

  • There's nothing wrong with you. You are a human being. You are obviously very sexual, but I think that's always been true with you, and you've always known that you were more highly-sexed (and probably better at it) than all of your girlfriends. Your mind isn't messed up. Allow yourself to meet one or more of your exes. Or make some new playmates: guys at work, guys in bars, guys you volunteer with, guys at church, whatever. See what happens. Don't go into it with the expectation that s** will or won't happen, but don't -- DO NOT -- eliminate that as a possibility. Let yourself have a little fun. You've earned it. You deserve it. S** is for pleasure. Let these men please you. They want to do that. Be careful, but get out there!

  • sound like Hannibal Lecter

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