My biggest disappointment.

I was working for an English Insurance company in America when I was asked if I would like to work in the UK. I enthusiastically said yes. I worked there in London for five years and I made some friends.

One day while on vacation instead of having gone home to visit my parents I paid their way to the UK. My father and I went to the Channel Islands with a friend of mine who know how to open old locked doors. There was an old concrete and stell bunker-like fortress there that had not been opened in over fifty years. My friend and I were both of the opinion that there could very well be abandoned equipment still there and after being given permission by the owner of the land and with the idea that he the owner would get anything valuable agreed to let us open the door.

My locksmith friend worked long and hard to get the lock open. It was rusted shut but using tools and solvents we were finally able to break in.

It was very dark inside and although we thoroughly searched every nook and cranny of the fortress we found not one damn thing. No trove of guns, no old machinery no nothing but very old beds and a few cans of spam which were worthless even as relics.

Jul 27, 2018

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  • And that's your biggest disappointment. Wow I've lived a life of underachievement and disappointment. You're in a great position

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