Watching old VCR tapes at work while in college kindled my desire

I went to a small state college in a small town and rented a room above a garage. I needed work and the landlord introduced me to Hiram. Hiram ran the motel in town and he could use parttime help on the weekends. After working there as the night for a few weeks I noticed that there was a room that was always locked. I was alone and it intrigued me. And one day, messing with the lock I got the door to open and I went in.

Hiram had a stash in there, he had a stash of very explicit gay VCR tapes and magazines. Curiosity got the better of me and I watched the tapes on the VCR and small television he had in his office. At times I went through a magazine or two, always carefull not to mess it up. Eventually I watched all the VCR Tapes and went through all of the magazines. I had favorites which I saw over and over while I worked there.

After college I would often fantasize about men I saw in daily life, wondering how it would be to live out the scenes of those old tapes and magazines. I suppose that if anything pushed me to try it was those old VCR tapes, when I watched them I always identified with the seductee. I was in my mid thirties before I succumbed at the hands of a neigbor. when I told him about those tapes and magazines he wanted to playout those scenes and I was more than happy to comply.

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Weird one….

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