My crazy Aunt!

I was very embarrassed when I was young , Every summer I would go to stay at my aunt H house . Every night I would take a bath with my 2 cousin one was a girl same age as me 10 years old and the other was a boy he was 14 years old .

My aunt would put all of us in the big tub she had in her master bedroom and we would play in the water . As the years went by I started growing breast and hair and my other cousin same age as me was still flat chested and no hair .

My two cousins started to look at me different the next year I was 11 years old and they would stare at my body and ask Aunt H why my b**** are bigger then last year and why do I have hair in my private spot . My face turned bright red when they ask her that ! Aunt H got nude and showed all of us what a woman looks like . My aunt H wanted my to understand this was normal . So I felt better .

The boy now 15 years old said I can make your b**** smaller and I said how he said I have to suck on them . So I said ok so he sucked on them and rubbed them but it was not working .
One day on the couch we were watching a R rated move that had s** in it and the boy was laying on the couch across from me and put his foot between my legs and I opened up my legs and put his toe inside my shorts so he could rub my c*** , it felt so good . We did this a few times during the day while watching tv , when my aunt when out shopping with my other cousin . We would watch p*** that she had on VHS Tapes .

One day we forgot to take the tape out of the vcr and Aunt H turned on tv and notice the vcr was on .
She called me and my cousin and ask us who was watching her p*** video !
We both looked down and she said you want S** ! She striped my clothes and his clothes and grabbed his p**** and tried to stick it inside me as I was crying she then bend me over and spanked my bum as she is rubbing my bum and puts her finger in-between my ass and started rubbing my p**** .
She said dirty girls need to be punished !

She keep doing that until I flipped over and she grabbed my nipple and said you think your all that !!
She yanks me into her bedroom and forces me to lick her p**** and finger f*** her .

I was never the same after that day



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  • I had unwittingly embarrassing parents. We used to often visit my moms parents about an hours drive away. When we would leave it was pretty late so we would change into our sleeping clothes including diapers before we left. For me being a girl I had to wear a nightie. OK when you are like 5 but my parents made me we continue to wear nighties and pullups into my late teens. So it was just so embarrassing to stand around as we said good by in a short nightie and wearing a diaper. I know the fantasy of diaper enthusiasts but really devastating and messed me up

  • Oh I remember those VHS p*** tapes my dad had a few of them . The one that stands out for me was a p*** called Black candles that had everything !

  • Was your aunt at least good looking maybe f***** in the head seems like most s** predators are ugly and that is why they go after children .
    Can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book I will suck your b**** to make them smaller dang your gullible if it was me i would be f****** you and doing all kinds of nasty s*** to you !! Gets me hard just thinking what everyone has done to you , your my kind of girl dumb with big t*** come to me baby I can make your life sweet .

  • Haha so fake

  • I mean beat

  • You should best her ass

  • Well it sounds so unbelievable. She is crazy as h***, do you just look at her sometimes and just wanna punch her in the face? I would beat her face in and cut off communication with her crazy weirdo ass.

  • You can't reason with a sick person , in there head they think what they are doing is normal .

  • Is this real?

  • Yes I am afraid so :(

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