Found father-in-laws home movies

I confess, I'm a snoop and am a bit of a perv. Although recently that has come to bite me in the ass.

Just recently my in-laws went on a long vacation, which doesn't happen often. The wife was charged with keeping their plants alive and their mail sorted. Every few days she would go and do what was needed. One of these days my wife asked if I could do it in her stead. I agreed and when I got there I realized I had an opportunity to perv on my mother-in-law. Find any s** toys, see her undies etc..

My wife is Chinese, born in America, (That is a testament to her weight, she is a fat Asian woman, only in America folks!) but still raised with what I thought were great family ethics etc. I was wrong.

After doing the necessary I started to snoop around. I went through everything, I was even lucky enough to find a pair of dirty undies mother-in-law left in the hamper before she left. What I found in their closet is the most shocking thing of all. Hidden pretty well in their bedroom closet are about a dozen VHS tapes and 8 or so CDs. Nothing to identify then except for dates written on them. They go all the way back to when my wife was 20, shortly before I met her to all the way to this past year.

I grabbed one of the VHS tapes, laughed at how they probably were the only people in the world with a working VCR, took the tape and popped it right in. I was instantly greeted with my wife naked and bound, kneeling on the floor of my in-laws bedroom!

It was labeled a few years after we had met. I watched the video as my wife looked at the camera with her mouth wide open and her father slipped his p**** in and out of her mouth. Soon he e********* in her mouth! I sat dumbfounded, angry and really betrayed. All with a h******.

I confess I sat there watching more tapes. It seems as though their sexual relationship is sporadic and large gaps of years before they are taped again.

I started up the DvD player and watched the most recent video. The video recorder apparently had started taping before my wife got there. The phone rang and in Chinese I could here him say it was already filming. She came in, said that "he" was downstairs waiting so it would have to be quick. The "he" they mentioned was me, this was taken a few weeks ago, I had dropped her off so she could pick something up.

My wife came through the door and was in a hurry, her father greeted her at the door and kissed her passionately. My wife went right in front of the camera, that was facing the side of the couch angled towards their kitchen area. She lifted up her skirt, pulled down her thong from out of her large ass (no joke she is 240 lbs and 5'10" a big woman) and bent over, hands on the couch. Father-in-law stepped behind her, unzipped his pants and pulled out his d*** (for an Asian guy he has a pretty big d***, surprisingly) and rammed it into my wife. He f***** her hard and fast, I never heard my wife grunt and squeal like that before. He was definitely rough, pulling her hair as he thrust in. The most surprising thing was that in the background in the kitchen was the mother-in-law cooking, like nothing was happening! I heard the telltale signs of my wife o***** and then shortly his grunts as he came inside her.

She got up, pulled her thong back up, fixed her skirt ran to the kitchen where her mother handed her a bag of food. My wife kissed her smiling mother on the forehead and left.

I was beyond shocked and in an odd way turned on by the taboo act. But still very cross, angry and betrayed. I haven't told anyone else this happened, instead I've decided to get even, I have taken many of their videos on CDs and uploaded them to various free p*** sites.

So if you see various web sites where an older Asian guy dominates a heavy set Asian woman, you know it's my w**** of a wife and her father.

I just wish that somehow I could find out if mother-in-law has s** with my wife. In all the videos depicting some seriously disgusting s** acts (some of those videos are really really hardcore disgusting) only that one had her mother in it and she looked ok with the whole ordeal.

I just never knew my wife could have it in her to be a nasty perverted s** freak. Really makes me think twice at kissing her after seeing some of the stuff she has done.

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  • My wife's step father has pics & vids of her mother with black men.

  • I'm thinking, "INSTANT S** SLAVE"... You could MAKE her and her mom do anything you want, to whoever you want, whenever YOU WANT... POOF! A new Master is born!!!! Her father too if ya wanted.... RUN WITH IT. Good luck

  • Guess your MIL is in for a free 'porking', make sure to bring the camera ;-)

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