Her panty drawer

My girlfriend and I are still in college and she lives with her two friends, and one of them is a guy she's known for four years, in an apartment. she thinks they're cool, but I hate the guy that lives there. When he gets drunk with his friends, they go through the girls' panty drawers.

I only found out because one of the other guys that were there told me, and I told him to cut his S*** or else. He told me to f*** off and texted me a pic of him laughing with her underwear all over her bed. I showed her and she was p*****, but can move out unless she pays off all the remaining months of rent left on the lease. So now he send me pics of her underwear she wore the day before with comments.

She's put a lock on her bedroom door, but doesn't want me to say anything else because she doesn't want him to start putting her stuff on the internet with her picture.

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  • Sounds like you’re screwed. They already know what her panties look like. At least they didn’t put secret cams in her room to see her naked.

  • Sounds like some real jerks.Get a poison ivy plant and rub her panties in them for a good amount of time. Have her buy some new ones but keep the old ones in her drawer. Just pretend you forgot about it and make be on.Let’s see how that works

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