I'm too kind for my own good

Some years ago I got my hands on an old British Webley .455 caliber revolver. The gun needed work but I am an amateur gunsmith and in a few months I had it in good working order. I couldn't find .455 ammo but I cut back about fifty .45 cal bullets and made them fit the gun. .45 is the same width as the .455 ammo was it just had to be shorter.

The weapon fired fine and was fun to shoot.

Ok my friend wants to buy the gun. I say it isn't for sale. He wants to swap for it but I don't want what he wants to trade.

His birthday rolls around and when he opens my present there is the gun and 100 rounds of ammo.

I'm too generous for my own good.

Aug 16, 2018

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  • Humblebragging gets me SO hot! Send pix so I can rub one out to your selfless glory.

  • Yes

  • Iiii

  • Post disapoerd and hope you see this. Im the lady whos husband was abuseing me and was tallking with you. Thanks again for being kind and understanding xx

  • How are you doing? I am glad you are thinking.

  • I do hope you find this again and have kids ready for school. They want too stay off. But i think its best too try keep routine. My sister will come too the school with me. Incase my husband turns up your a goid man and i thank you for your kindness and love and for those kisses and strong arms holding me last night xx

  • Your very welcome and you need me to reassure you that you and kids will be fine you are a good mom.

  • Your too kind and are a sweetie. My husband is still makeing threats about killing me and being a w**** and a know good wife or mother xx

  • You certainly are a good mother and you are not a w****. You are a caring mom for your kids.You enjoy your private moments with your self I am proud of you.

  • I honestly hated all men because off my husband. He has me bitter and im sorry too say that. But you are restoreing something good back in me. It maybe a long road but your a sweetie and thank you. My sister had a meeting and i have locked all windows and doors through fear off him comeing here for me. Even though its extremly warm in the house xx

  • Well I would suggest to get nude we are all day and night. Letting your skin breathe is so good for your body. Try it.

  • Im know i sound so silly to you. But im so scared and upset. I will strip down now though xx

  • Once he is put behind bars it will be easier. Let me hold you for awhile.

  • Thank you and i feel so silly. I keep breaking down and crying all the time xx

  • Crying is a good release for you and I can help wipe the tears off your pretty face.

  • It is bein so long since another man said such nice things too me. My sister and friends tell me im beautyfull alot and could get any man. But when i cant beleave it myself and being told im nothing but a cheap w**** and worse. Id love nothing more than just too be heldbrite now and be told it will be ok xx

  • While you are nude look at a tall mirror and look at your reflection and say I am beautiful ten times.

  • Id find that so hard too do xx

  • Just do it look at that mirror right now and say you are beautiful ten times do it for me please.

  • I done it and it was very hard thing for me too do xx

  • I love you for doing that because you are beautiful.

  • You are too kind and the sweetest man i have talked too ever i think xx

  • Let me hug you.

  • Sorry my sister came back. I would love too be held by you xx

  • I am holding you. You are a good mom.

  • Thank you are you there xx

  • I am here still holding you.

  • Your the sweetest man ever. Hes given me more abuse xx

  • Did he hit you again?

  • Just on phone and saying hes on his way over xx and even wants too meet me on my own

  • Have witnesses like a neighbor with you. Do not be alone.

  • Im not meeting him. Im terrafide off him and his abuse xx

  • Good have you started divorce papers yet? I know it will be a rough time but you do need to be away from him.

  • Not yet as yesterday was first time id walked out on him ever xx

  • You are doing the right thing for yourself and kids.Your kids could get the abuse from him as well.

  • Your truely the sweetest man ever and encurrageing xx

  • You will do fine I just wish I could just appear next to you and hold you and comfort you.

  • Thanks sweetie im so frightend xx

  • You will be fine and become super mom and you are one

  • If only you were not married sweetie xx

  • You are so nice.

  • Thanks for showing me kindness sweetie xx

  • Let us hug real tight.

  • Your the kindest man i feel i have ever known xx

  • I hope you do not mind me being nude because I like it this way.

  • Not at all sweetie xx

  • You are a super mom.

  • I realy think your sweet and i feel safe talking with you xx

  • Hello if you are there I would like to tell you something?

  • Good morning great mom.

  • He showed up at my sisters door sweetie. I was terrafide as was my sister and my prescious babys. I had too answer him and i got punched in the face several times and rest off my body he could manage too hit. Im broken hearted and feel like given up. My sister has took my children off and im in bed i dont deserve this xx

  • You do not deserve this not one bit.He will keep on doing this until he is arrested and put in jail. Need to be seen by doctor to check if you have not been hurt real bad. I am so worried about you.

  • I wish I could be there to comfort you xx

  • Thanks sweetie and my sister asked me also too see a doctor or go too hospital. My eyes are swollen and ribs and rest off my body is black and blue xx

  • At the hospital they will make a report of their findings to the authorities please do get checked out.

  • I have no energy sweetie. I will try to get up now though. How was i such a bad wife and mom. I feel like a failure and a horribale person. Your so kind too me and thank you xx

  • You are not a horrible person quit blaming yourself he is horrible. You are a super loving mom.

  • I will try have a wash sweetie. My eyes are swollen and even my fingers hurt. How can i face people and they will know im a failure xx

  • Let me know when you are ready to get in the shower/bath

  • Do not shower or bathe please.

  • Ok sweetie and i was not even thinking sorry xx

  • You are not a failure he is.I would not wash up for there is evidence on you of his hitting you. Please you are a great mom and person believe this.

  • Thanks sweetie and i wish you were here now. Just even for a hug and support. I dont know how im going too drive. My sister said i should get a doctor out or call an ambulance xx

  • Do call a ambulance get checked out .

  • Its on the way sweetie and thank you xx

  • I will hold your hand.

  • Im in the hospital sweetie and the medics even got a fright. The police are being called. Im so frightend and cant stop crying and thank you xx

  • You will be fine honey I will hug you through this.

  • Anytime honey.

  • They said they are keeping me in sweetie. They want to do xrays and suspect damaged ribbs and punctured lung and jaw is fractured. My poor kids xx and thank you..

  • I am glad you are getting medical help that you need. I will lay in your hospital bed with you and comfort you.

  • The police have left sweetie. Im so upset and my sister rang and said my little ones want too come up. But i dont want them seeing me upset xx

  • Dear mom they need to see you they need to see that you will be fine. You love them and they love you in spite of their dis obeying.

  • You there sweetie xx

  • I am all ears.

  • They are comeing up sweetie. I have cracked ribs and punctured look and never realised my shoulder is dislocated and my jaw. With bruises all over my body. Thank you for your love sweetie xx

  • My dear you will have all the love I can give you. Get well.

  • My kids have just left sweetie and thank you xx

  • I knew your kids needed to see that Mommy will be fine. You will get better.

  • Your so kind sweetie xx

  • I want to be with you so bad to comfort you.

  • I wish you were laying beside me now sweetie. Im just in so much pain rite now. My heads all over the place and heart is so broken and my poor babys. Yourba gentle man xx

  • You did not deserve to be beaten up so. Looking at you now I see the beauty you have and you are awesome.

  • I cant stop crying sweetie xx

  • Let me wipe the tears away and you are awesome mom.

  • If only i married a man like you sweetie. Your gentle, kind loveing and many more things xx

  • At least I can give you some comfort and love. Maybe even warm you all over.

  • Thanks sweetie and i realy wish you were laying with me now xx

  • I would be nude of course I hate clothes.

  • How are you doing sweetie xx

  • Just got home and making supper
    I am worried about you and I care so much.

  • Your too kind sweetie and i feel so lonley and alone xx

  • You have me I will cuddle with you.

  • Its so quite in hospital sweetie and have been told im going too be kept in for a while. Im so glad im able too talk with yo sweetie xx my poir babys also.

  • Remember to have your charger to keep power.

  • Will do sweetie xx

  • Dream about me being nude.

  • I truely wish you werw here sweetie xx

  • I am sure you are nude under the gown.

  • You made me smile sweetie xx

  • I am happy now.

  • Your so sweet xx

  • So are you . Maybe I could gently glide my hands up and down your legs.

  • Yes just hospital gown sweetie xx

  • Gently gently I will glide my hands

  • You are again i say it sweetie a gorgeous person. I will get some rest now im so tired and thank you sweetie xx

  • Sweet dreams.

  • Morning sweetie and im waiting too speak with doctor xx

  • Morning to you also I love sleeping with you now I have a morning erection.

  • Police were here again sweetie xx

  • I hope they are telling you some good news.

  • Hes not at the house sweetie and im scared xx

  • Should alert hospital security to keep you safe.Tell front desk no visitors except your kids and sister.

  • Thanks sweetie and thats what police adviced. Im greatfull for you xx

  • I just want you to be protected. I love you.

  • I would love that more than anything sweetie xx

  • Awesome.

  • I would feel safe around you sweetie and thank you xx

  • I know you would because I would have my arms around you.

  • Im crying here sweetie. Your so kind too me xx

  • Tears of happiness right? I want to kiss you all over. Are you in the states ?

  • London sweetie and tears off bought xx

  • I will make you wet.

  • I want too leave hospital sweetie and be with my babys. But im told i cant and my hearts broken xx

  • What is wrong sweetheart?

  • Would you like to be held again?

  • I will try please hang on xx

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