I want

I want a red rider bb gun

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  • "You will shoot your Eye out!"

  • This is Santa,

    Leave me some milf and p****** when I come. Oh and I'll try not to forget your present this year.


  • I shot a dogs in the back with a bb gun,he ran away yapping,i did not feel good about that.you will never feel good about that,if you did that to a dog that was just minding its own Business,

  • What the f*** is wrong with you? I hope you go to jail for animal cuelty you sick a******.

  • You'll put your eye out!

  • This is not normal. You need to get help. Turn to Jesus or you will burn in Satan for all eternity.

  • This is Santa. You will get one for Christmas. Make sure you leave me some milk and cookies.

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