I have a friend who owns several businesses. He is a gun enthusiast. So am I but to a much lesser degree. He makes a lot more money than I do.

I was at a gun show a few miles from my house when I saw an Italian side by side 10 gauge shotgun and the seller was asking $1000.00 for it. That's is a once in a lifetime deal. Italian shotguns usually cost at least $5000.00 or more.

The seller told me that no one wanted it and he just wanted to be rid of this weapon.

I examined the shotgun and I saw nothing wrong with it. No pitting, or any apparent damage. The bluing was gone but that was ok as it could be replaced.

I called my friend who was at work and he went nuts over the phone. Don't let it get away. He asked me to buy the gun and he would buy it back from me.

I hated to do that because I had a mental image of him not wanting the gun and I would die with a $1000.00 white elephant of a gun in my closet until the day I died.

I bought it with a credit card and I took it home. After my friend got off of work he gave me $1100.00. The extra $100.00 was for finding the weapon for him.

a few weeks later he had two boxes of 10 gauge shells and we went shooting and having that monster of a gun in my hands made me feel like I had an anti-aircraft gun in my hands.

We blew the ever living h*** out of some watermelons and some pumpkins left over from Halloween.

Apr 16, 2018

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