Maybe it's the trailer

My wife and 3 kids and I live in a trailer park. I know......that makes us a cliché. And a joke. But in the last several months shes started playing around again with some of the men who are neighbors. Actually shes doing other men too. But she lies to me about it and says their just friends and tell me shes not cheating. Shes always been way oversexed and I knew that when I met (she had a hugely bad reputation) and it was partly why I married her in the first place. But I thought she had cut out all the adultery after the wedding. But apparently not because some other guys are telling me they see men coming and going all the time while I'm off at work. Its super embarasing.

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  • I wish we had trailer parks in the UK....!

  • In my country no one does that s***, you americans are so f***** up, also my country doesn't have blacks.

  • Ha ha no blacks?! Where do you live? The moon?!

  • The problem is that the parks are full of STIs. those b****** have every disease known to modern medicine. tramps full of f***.

  • Yah they all have something....every one of them...….. i was dating a woman in a park and i caught something from her...….but here is the problem...….even though i knew she infected me......i couldnt stop f****** her...…..she was so g****** good...….i couldnt stop......i had to keep f****** her and i did...……….i kept going back for more and more...…………………………….the filthy b**** could outfuck any woman i ever knew...…..i would still be f****** her today if she and her husband hadnt move halfway across country....she was the best...………………...she is the one that got away...….for sure...……….trae……..

  • The problem with the trailer parks isn't the diseases or the drugs; it's all the drama. The b****** are addicted to upheaval, upset, chaos, disorder, anger and emotion. They aren't happy unless they're unhappy.

  • ^this^ is all true. i lived in a park with my mother for part of when i was in elem. and up high school (1999 - 2010), and i remember some of the women residents having "makeout parties" once every month. in order to get in to the party you had to bring at least one man but no husbands or boyfriends (neither current or exes). the men were guys they worked with, guys they met at their bars, guys from their church, brothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, sons-in-law, etc. the hostess for the month had to provide beers. everybody would come and all the women residents would make out with all the male guests or as many as they wanted. they were crazy and the parties were wild, and i remember that a lot of the women got pregnant over the years they held these. i was too young to be allowed in, but i can remember wishing i could go because there were several of the women i wanted to have s** with at that time. i actually did finally get with one of them for a long time later on down the line. she was hot and filthy and i loved her (actually, i still do love her, i just don't get to see her anymore).

  • This helps me confirm what I've always fantasized about women who live in trailer parks.

  • Yes, I've lived in several, and the stories you hear aren't just stories: they are ALL true. The trailer chicks do the filthiest things you can imagine. Stop fantasizing and get some of that dirty trailer p****!

  • ….been married 19 years...….in that time i had 6 long term affairs …….. all with married women...….also had 3 single mistresses i kept ........ all 9 of them lived in trailer parks...…. your right ………. the park p**** is better than all the rest......its just better...…. it......

  • Back in my single days (late 1990s) I dated a waitress from the medium-size club I managed at the time (during college). She was married to a truck-driver who was gone from home for long stretches of time, and they lived in a trailer a couple miles from the club. she was better in bed than anybody I'd ever had. After we'd been going out for a couple of weeks, she admitted (or bragged, I was never sure which it was) that she had f***** every man in that entire park, which consisted of 38 trailers (I counted them one morning as I was leaving her place to go home). She said she was proud to be called "trailer trash", she knew a lot of trailer trash women, and she referred to herself as their "queen". After we stopped dating (husband started staying home more, so we had to chill), she even hooked me up with another woman from the park and told me to "go enjoy yourself". That woman left her husband for me, and even sent her children to live with their fathers so we could move in together. Amazing women. ALL of them. No morals, no scruples, no class; just all s**, all the time.

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