I hate and love my friend

I hate and love this girl i am friends with. She knows i love her but does not recipicate the feelings. She has a bf but i am convinced shes a w**** and is sleeping around becuase all her friends are whores. I know she is terrible for me both as a relationship and a friendship but i love her. This causes me to dispise her. It is emotionally unhealthy for me for me to be around her becuase she is a good friend but makes me emotionally unstable all the time. I cant seem to shake my feelings for her nor the underlying hatred i have for her. I have no proof that shes cheating other then a strong gut feeling and her non responsiveness at times. I need to get her out of my life to feel whole but do not have the will power. When she texts me i break down and respond becuase i go into denial. I hate what she has done to me and wish she would just stop talking to me or confirm she was cheating to make me hate her enough to drop her friendship.

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  • .... Wow I thought I was the only one, *moan* after the end of Christmas break I wrote to a girl who was the first girl EVER that I liked. Too bad that she was going out with a guy who's a player and the whole damn school knows it and she still continues to go out with him even though he has cheated on her a few times( and lots of other girls in school), but still she with him. And to think all the things I did that I never did before to get with her and it all ended up failing. Here's the kicker, tell me how this year I'm in two classes with her and when I see her I feel a pinch of excitement/love but shame and weakness because she doesn't even deserve the time of day. Also not to mention the player got into her pants.... some girls I swear. I would keep going on but I think you get the general idea

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