Naked pics of my wife

I like to share pics of my wife she is 50 but has massive b****

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  • I like sharing pics as well

  • Hello Ali xx

  • Show your wife...I will show my c***

  • Hi you want to see me

  • You there?

  • Yes I am

  • Hello you are the wife I hope?

  • Hi Ali

  • Hello what are you wearing?

  • Are you still sharing pics?

  • I’d like to share pics of my virgin fiancée.

  • Yes

  • Is she with you now??

  • She is

  • Cool

  • I think so her b**** are massive

  • As I have grown older, I took pics of the wife but I found it more exciting if I took them as a voyeur, her not knowing that I had snapped a pic. Of course when she found out, instead of being ok with it, she was upset and made sure I erased them. Even now, in the later years of my life, I wish I had kept those early pics, she was and is still hot too me.

  • I could have written this. I feel the same way.

  • I am also a voyeur of my wife. Years ago there were no iphones or cameras available, which was when my wife was in her early 30’s. So taking a pic of her was with a polorid camera. She did not like it. Now with all the new things available today, if I had had them back then, I would have a history of her beautiful body to look at now that we are in our 70s. But the fact is I enjoy voyeuring her in the shower more than just being in the bathroom and her knowing that I am there.

  • How old is your wife?

  • Yes she does know and she is 50

  • ^^hello you still there?^^

  • Yes still here this the guy how posted the first message

  • Well how would you feel about your wife flirting with another man?

  • I am ok with it

  • When is you wife around?

  • Hi she is here

  • Will you be around in an hour?

  • Yes why I have pics but don’t know where to post them

  • Busy moment soon finished, will inform soon

  • Hello I'm here next week is your wife there?

  • Sorry supposed to say I'm here, is your wife there?

  • Hi you will be where yes Ali is here

  • I'm here now, is your wife talking to me now?

  • Yes Ali wife is here where will you be

  • I'm going to talk to her right now if you could put her on please

  • Hi Ali here

  • Hi Alison here now

  • Hi Alison, are nervous?

  • No should I be

  • No, it just help to understand a little while we talk, are you on your own or is your husband still with you?

  • R u taking to me

  • Is this Alison?

  • On my own this be easier by email

  • Ok do you have an email address?


  • I sent you email did you get?

  • Yes got it sent one back

  • I'm s being you them

  • Would you be interested in me having s*X with 50 year old wife?

  • Sounds great would love to see them or even have s*X with her?

  • Does she know?

  • Don’t know where to post them know

  • I got many pics of my wife to share with other husbands.

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