My work history is terrible

I'm seventy years old and I consider it a miracle that I lived to be this old. I have chronic asthma from birth, spinal scoliosis and a personality disorder which kept me from learning normally. I have trouble sleeping and I've had a serious nervous breakdown. Obviously at times life has sucked.

I have been laid off four times and fired six time. The times I was laid off were not my fault but I was fired five times for not being worth a damn on the job and once for cussing and using obscene language on the job.

I was fired from ITE Imperial Corp, The Red Cross, ETS pay phones, Vulcan materials, Home Depot and Reliance bank. Each time was for poor performance or like I said cussing or dirty language.

I ended up working for peanuts for the state and after three and a half years I was caught up in a downsizing and at age 63.5 I was out fo work again.

I collected unemployment benefits for eleven months and after that I lived on saved up money and then social security. I also inherited over $400,000 from my parents and by a miracle my 94 year old mother is still alive.

Had it not been for my family I would have ended up homeless.

I firmly believe that had I been born without the problems in this post I would have done much much better. I have no wife and no children. No brothers or sisters.

I really don't know why I posted this but perhaps its to show that even though you may be feeling low you could have the problems that I do.

Does it make you feel better? I hope so.

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  • It helps me feel better because I can relate to your story on so many levels. Thank you for posting.

  • Some of the spontaneous outbursts could have been a result of something akin to tourettes syndrome, and may not be controllable without medication. Since those seem to be the primary cause of your employment troubles, try getting treatment and see what transpires. You may be employable after all, and there are still lots of things you can do for income, even at your age. Best wishes.

  • Attitude

  • It's seems like your obscene language could've been changed by you. Your health problems see something you can't change. If your poor performance at work was because of your health, that's understandable. But if it wasn't, it's self -inflicted why you got fired. And your bad language didn't help. So f*** off!

  • I could not have cussed. That was my fault.

  • Well $400,000 is more then I ever got, that is a lot of money . compare it to what I got, I was giving about $1000 left after expenses. so my guess is you have over mortgaged yourself. buying up scale rather then down can be a burden if you have no work. is there any jobs you would do like handyman or mowing or just office work, try to branch out. there are people crying out for services but often no so many skilled at counselling cuz you don't need to be a honours post grad psychology student to be a counsellor, or a law degree to answer the phone.

  • Why feel bad about something you don't have a lot of control over? you can study and apply but you can't make people employ you. you can only try. i think your strong and you will get there. its getting harder for everyone. so many jobs are going to be lost to computers and robots and its yet to be peak unemployment. all you can do is fill your day with healthy things activities and keep your mind fresh and keep applying. keep studying something.

  • What part of "seventy years old" don't you get? He doesn't care that computers and robots will be getting all the jobs soon. That's a problem for idiots who keep breeding even though there are fewer and fewer jobs to go around.

  • Yeh I understand same here. I spend most of my day now playing word association games to cope - see what the universe is saying to me. like red rooster, red car, no bull, zoelu 666, zoelu, zulu devil ken knows rooster queen and n**** save kids. paper, kevin m, estate dec, scots. quanne and ken.

  • I hope things are well. When you get down to it, for many people a job is "just a job." It's important to have one, but don't let it define your life. I hope that you have adequate financial planning to call it a day and retire early. Just take care of yourself.

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