For about 7 months my husband and I have been engaging in some, Lets call it unconventional activities, We had an unplanned kind of switch type hookup with another couple we are close to in Vegas 7 months ago, I know, So cliche but it happened. We came home, Nothing was said about it for probably a month or more and then I couldn't take it anymore and had to bring it up to her, We shared a long talk over a bottle of wine and as it turned out we were both more than ok with what happened and even both said that maybe some day it would happen again.
Well, It didn't take long after that before she brought it up and asked if I was serious about doing it again and I told her I was but that I had not actually presented the idea to my husband outside of our bedroom talk but that I knew he would be up for it. Me and her made a plan, I talked to my husband about it to make sure he was in and she did the same with her husband, We ditched the kids with the grandparents and had them over for supper.
It was weird and awkward and AMAZING!!!!! We ended up doing it once or twice a month and then last week we had friends over and had the kids at my parents so they ended up staying after everyone else was gone, Obviously we git it on and as luck would have it we got caught by another couple. I didn't even know until the next day that we had been caught but one of my other friends called me (Which was weird to start with, We always text) but she told me she had left her phone there and was going to come get it.
She walked across the alley and came in, She looked ragged, Like she had the worst hangover ever and was being super weird and awkward and I could tell she wanted to say something but was avoiding it, I asked if she was ok and she said "Well...I need to talk to you", I said "Ok" and she looked at me squinting her eyes and I looked back confused as she looked down then back up and said "Is (My husband) here?", I said "no, He went to get the kids", She said "Does (My friend) know you are f****** her husband?", My heart stopped, I was freaking out and looked at her saying "What?". She explained that she got home and realized she had forgotten her phone and walked back to get it (it's only three houses away across the alley).
She explained that she had walked up the deck and the blinds on the patio doors were not closed all the way and she seen me, My husband and my friends husband on the couch but obviously it was when my friend had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water which was the only time my husband had come and joined us for a couple minutes. I had no idea what to do but tried to explain and I could tell she wasn't believing me, I said "For real, I can call her right now" and she squinted tilting her head to the side, I said "Just wait" and texted my friend that I needed her to come over right now.
She walked over and came into the kitchen where we were standing and stopped looking at both of us saying "Um...What's up?", My other friend looked at me and said "Oh, Wow...Um...I really didn't mean to get caught up in the middle of this", Obviously thinking she had no idea but then she looked at my other friend and said "I just feel you should know".
I looked at her and said "She forgot her phone here last night and came back to get it but...The blinds were not closed all the way" pointing to the patio doors. My friend instantly freaked out, She was like "Oh my god, No, I, Um...just hold on...I um...oh s***" and I said "Uh, She must have walked up when you were in the kitchen because she seen me with (My husband and hers) but didn't see you".
We had a huge discussion explaining what was going on while my other friend was crying out of embarrassment, I was just sitting there completely embarrassed and she said "wow, that's a lot to take in, Um....I'm gonna go and i'll call you later" and she left, Me and my friend sat and talked for a while and she decided maybe we should take a bit of a break but I feel like we are already busted but I asked her not to tell anyone so hopefully she doesn't.


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  • Big whoop, U got busted enjoying getting laid. S** is s**, Love is love 2 totally and completely different things. If Ms Nosy has a problem IT'S HERS not yours.

    Ask her if shes jealous or just wants to join in... you never know.

  • WE got caught in a similar situation, me and my husband have been swapping partners with the next door neighbour's for sometime and she happen to see us f****** each other partners. She said her and her husband have been thinking of swapping partners for sometime and she wondered if they could join us. I said i would have to asked the others first but i thought that they would not mind. as it happened iv'e always fancied her husband anyway. so i'm going to get to together with the others and talk about bring them in. i hope they will let them because iv'e always fancied her husband.

  • So hott

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