Drug users and alcoholics hate my guts

I try to distance myself from these people and they resent it. They think that I think I'm too good to associate with them.

Guess what? They're right. Drug users and drunks contribute nothing but misery to society. Anyone unfortunate to have to live with or around one of these worthless people is in for screaming, assaults, stealing and overall raising H*** at you for not approving of their obnoxious lifestyle.

My advice is to get to know someone really well before you date, marry or roommate with one of them. They aren't worth anything and they will try to drag you down with them.

Dopers and drunks need to take responsibility for their stinking habits and quit blaming other people for their problems.

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  • On the one hand, I agree with you of course. But dude, how about STFUing about it once in a while? What is it about this site that people post the same s*** over and over and over and over? Is this an unofficial site for people with OCD?


  • She lets the rats walk around her food. I mean what next? what the dam h*** next? I have had this place. I have to play down the problems cuz if others seen it for their own eyes they would be profoundly shocked it might kill them. infact I wish it would kill them.

  • You aren't without judgement, no one is. Have a good day 😊

  • Your post encompasses many of the people who became cultural icons.

    Upstanding people who were riddled with STDs. Double life drug users. Political Christian leaders with sexual assult and alcohol dependicy. Mistresses. Rapists who believe its their right in faith that encourages insemination.

  • Being a cultural icon does not mean you're worth idolizing or respect of any kind. The Christian leaders who sexually assault children, for example, do not deserve any respect whatsoever. They may be "icons" but they're still scum. Perhaps they deserve to lose their icon status once they're shown to be scum but they won't. The OP is right - drug users and alcoholics suck. We do all have our issues but those two problems are things we do to ourselves.

  • Good point conveyed. I would rather hang out alone,then to be in a bad company

  • So very true, nothing worse than having to pay for someone else’s stupid habits

  • Like when your taxes go to funding career-politicians' perks, wars, and babies that people love to make but can't afford to raise?

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