Belly rumbles

I really like belly growls... I think I have a fetish. 0//0

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  • Https://

  • (I left a comment before but ¯\_(° -°)_/¯)

    Do you think you would be willing to speak about it, or? :o
    I have one as well so I'd most likely understand.

  • Sure!

  • Cool. You have any available contact?

  • You think you have a fetish? I think you have a mental illness.

  • Toe-may-toe. Toe-mah-toe.

  • Can u send me more stories plz

  • Who loves long burbs...:-o

  • Seems these types of fetishes aren't uncommon now.
    Saying this as I have a stomach noise fetish as well.. haha.

  • I love it too. Do you like hunger ones where they are long and deep or what are you into?

  • I don't think it's specific exactly. :/

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