So F'ed up.

A week ago my friend and I were out at the club and she brought a guy home, We all ended up in bed and had s**, Now a week later they are dating.
Not only is it awkward to be around him since just a week ago I unwillingly had him come in my mouth after having his d*** in her and me but the other night I could hear them banging and then in the morning he walked up behind me in the kitchen, Slid his hand down the front of my shorts and grabbed my p****, Just out of the blue. I jumped and screamed and pulled his hand out of my shorts but when I turned around he cornered me and said "So...Me and Meghan want you to come to the bedroom", I was like "Ummm...No" and slipped away into my room, She came and apologized but WTF!!!!
Why is she dating him, I am so embarrassed every time I see him and he is always there, He constantly tells me he wants to f*** me and walks up behind me touching me or wraps his arms under mine grabbing my b**** and holding me while he whispers dirty s*** in my ear about what he wants to do to me, He walks around naked after showering and takes pretty much any opportunity to show me his d***, It's like "Yeah, Ok, I know you have a big d***, I remember". I have told Meghan about everything he does and she doesn't seem to care, I tell her all the dirty s*** he says to me and she just laughs saying "He's so terrible".
A couple nights ago I am sitting on the couch watching a movie, They are beside me under a blanket and I could tell they were doing stuff but then Meghan pushes him over right beside me, Puts her head under the blanket and he puts his arm around me, Slides his one hand in my shirt grabbing my b*** and flips the blanket back with the other, I was like WTF!!!, I said "I think I am going to bed", Meghan only took his d*** out of her mouth long enough to say "Stay" before she shoved it back in. Have you ever tried to talk to your friend while she is looking up at you with a huge d*** in her mouth while her boyfriend pinches your nipple, Not awesome.
The final straw was this morning, I am sitting on the floor in front of the couch, She comes up and lays between my legs with her head on my stomach and we are talking as I play with her hair and I was just about to start telling her about how I feel with the whole situation, Of course he was there, He's always there and comes out of the shower buck naked, Walks up and just gets on top of her pulling her shorts to the side and starts f****** her, I don't know what's going on with Meghan, She has never been like this, She has always been a bit more reserved than me and growing up I was always the wilder one.
I couldn't even do anything and before I knew it Meghan had her hands up my shirt playing with my b****, He is kissing me and her, He pulled Meghan's clothes off and I was playing with her b****. So I am backed up against the couch, She has her head on my chest turned to the side sucking my nipple and he whispers to me "Are you ready", I said "For what", He says "I'm gonna come in your mouth" and I said "You put that thing near my face i'll bite it off" and then he pulls out, Straddles Meghan and my legs and shoots his load up her chest and hits me right in the f****** face, I turned my head and he stands up coming on the side of my face and in Meghan's hair then he squats and comes again on my b*** and Meghan's face while she licks my b***.
I was irate, I was shaking and pushed him back, Pushed Meghan away and burst out crying, I got up and went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and gagged, I had it everywhere, I had it in my mouth, In my eye, All over my face and my chest, I don't even f****** know how I ended up with my shirt off and I don't know how he came that much. I got in the shower and Meghan was knocking on the door, I told her to go away and just sat in the shower crying after I finally washed all his come off me.
I am sitting in my room with the door locked but I need to talk to Meghan and tell her I am moving out if she is going to keep dating him, I am not an accessory to their gong show, I just need to calm myself before I talk to her because if I say the things in my head now it could end our friendship.

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  • Sadly because you participated in the session initially, he thinks your game all the time. Although you just wanted a one time fun session. Unfortunately your friend is not helping the situation. Best thing for you to do is get yourself out of harms way.

  • Get another guy, and have him c** in your friend and her boyfriend face

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