Out of control

I'm 28m, married to a 26f, and we have two small kids. I didn't plan this but I found myself involved in an affair with a 49yo married woman I work with (I'm her supervisor). Now she is beginning to press me hard to leave my family to be with her. She says she's leaving her family, and doesn't want to share me anymore with my "sorry-ass" wife and kids. She's amping up the s** and seduction like CRAZY, and it makes me feel like I'm totally out of control and that I can't do anything except give her what she wants.

Aug 27, 2018

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  • She's controlling you professionally and personally. Put your d*** back in your pants before you lose everything. Find some p**** that has a less devious and manipulative brain attached to it.

  • I know you're right. I do. Your logic is perfect. And when Dolores isn't in front of me, talking dirty, being demanding, and being so willing and so available -- and so incredibly sexy and so incredinly SKILLED -- I feel strong in my resolve. But when she turns it on, and points it at me, her sexual appetite is irresistible. It's like she has a spell on me and can drag me into her web ANYTIME she wants to. Apparently, she's been doing this a long time, with (or to) a lot of different men. My best friend says she has some kind of witch power. Anyways, thanks for your comments.

  • Do you still fvck your wife?

  • No......Dolores put an end to that many months ago.

  • She's using the s** -- and increasing the heat -- to tighten the noose she has around your neck. The sooner you get away from her, the less pain you'll have to endure. It won't be easy, but you can survive it. But if you wait much longer, you'll be so lost in her, and in her sexuality, that you'll never find your way home. She's a succubus.

  • You CANNOT continue the affair. Rid yourself of that insane cretin.

  • Please do not allow this s*** to ruin your family...…..and your career...…..

  • I'm on the opposite side of this. I'm an older married woman dating a much younger man where I work. He's married too, and he's my supervisor, but we made out at the end of each of the first four days I worked for him, and on the fifth day, we went to a motel and f***** like rabid wild animals. We could not help it, and the attraction has only gotten more intense. It's been going on for three months now, and we want each other more and more (and more). I would not chase him or threaten him like you described Delores doing, but I would do ANYTHING to keep this affair going. ANYTHING.

  • It's all going to come to an end eventually. And when it does - You're screwed. She sounds vindictive. If she doesn't get her way, not only will you be on the outs with your wife but possibly your job. Chances are she'll find a way to tell your wife for you. And since you are her supervisor, you could very well be out of a job and even slapped with a sexual harassment case against you. So..hope it was all worth it. At least, if you ever loved your wife tell her, divorce her and let her find a man who wants to be with her.

  • Oh Jesus F. God! The word "vindictive" doesn't even begin to describe Dolores. She has the capacity for incredible meanness and even brutality. She threatens to go to my wife all the time and even to tell my children what we have been doing to each other, once they could understand it, just so they know "what a perverted sick f*** Daddy is". And she laughs. -- OP

  • Apologize to your woman and promise her not to do it ever again and she'll be no threat. Just need to grow some b****

  • Dolores makes it clear that she'll get what she wants. Ending the relationship won't end the pursuit. She is on the scent and she won't stop. -- OP

  • Run!!!!

  • It wouldn't help: she wouldn't stop chasing me down. That's how she is. -- OP

  • Dude, NO just NO! Affairs are for s** only, you’ll regret this. Chick #2 doesn’t love you, if she did, she wouldn’t want you to leave your kid kids and their mother, and this is coming from a 53 year old woman.

  • You're even more right than you know. Dolores has never once said that she loves me; all she ever says is that I belong to her now. She is increasing the pressure on me to leave home (she's already said that I'm not making the choice; she's making it for me). I think this is probably all just about money and security. I just don't know how to get out of this snare of hers. -- OP

  • ^^ do you have affairs then? Uu

  • No, but if I did I would know that you don’t ever break up a family!

  • ^^ ever thought about having one? Start lightly' ^^

  • Bailing on your kids for a selfish interfering woman. Think with your big head instead of the small one for the sake of your kids.

  • I know it was a mistake. A huge mistake. I know that Dolores is manipulating me but I'm not in a position to resist her. She knows what she does to me. She keeps telling me that she's going to tell my wife what we've been doing (some of which has been in the bed where my wife and I sleep) and the only way I can keep her from doing that is to keep f****** her very time she says so. She says she will end my marriage and blow up my family unless I end it myself: she says I can do it nicely, or she can do it ugly. It's up to me she says. Any time she starts the seductions I can't resist her. -- OP

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