I LOVE fat women, feedee, SSBBW, female gainers

I love FAT women and think they're beautiful!! I want to find a woman who desires to become a huge queen sized lady of leisure, eating whatever and whenever she wants, never uses the word "diet" and enjoys showing off her huge body.

Do women like this exist out there??

Sep 4, 2018

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  • I've enabled myself as love for food, giving her lots of positive reinforcement and love. She's ballooned to 581lbs.

  • Hearing their hearts struggle when you put your head to their chest is such a turn on,wondering if it'll manage another tick before it goes bang

  • I'm married to one, they are out there. She now weighs 660lbs and has happily eaten her way to that weight. She is now truly struggling to get around carrying that much weight, but she is still gaining more, she wants to get even fatter.

  • Yes they do, I am one. I have encouraged my husband to feed & fatten me for years now. I now so fat I am immobile & just keep wanting to gain more weight. It is just so erotic to me.

  • Yes, they do exist and I'm lucky enough to be married to one of them. I confess that I also love fat women, but my dream was to marry a curvy, sexy woman who was slender and shapely, but had the potential to let herself get fat after we were married. My wife was a beautiful, slender, voluptuous bride but during our courtship she told me she loved to eat, but refused to overindulge, because she had a very difficult time keeping her figure. Perfect! On our honeymoon I confessed to her that I loved fat women and begged her to let herself get fat for me. That killed her incentive to diet and work out. She wanted to please me, so she reluctantly decided to relax and let the pounds pile on, but only gradually. It took ten years and two pregnancies, but she doubled her weight from 140 to 280. So I had to be patient and I had to reassure her every time she outgrew her wardrobe that she was the most beautiful girl in the world and that I couldn't get enough of her, so please keep on putting on more weight.
    You can do it the hard way and fatten up a slender girl, like I did, or do it the easy way by marrying a girl who is already fat. I did it the hard way, because half the fun of being married to a fat girl is watching a gorgeous, slender, shapely girl get fat. The transformation process is a huge turn on. I loved watching love handles slowly appear and clothes getting tighter and tighter and b**** swelling and midriff bulging and hips spreading and thighs thundering ... etc. You get the idea.

  • And while you are looking for your dream girl, here's another helpful suggestion: The trick is to find a slender girl who has the potential for obesity. Hint: check out her mother and her aunts. If they are fat, there is a good chance that obesity is in her DNA. Also, if a girl has a very sexy 'hourglass' figure, she probably has a strong tendency to obesity and it would not be hard to make her fat. Also, there are girls out there who work hard to stay thin long enough to catch a guy and marry him, then they let themselves go. Most guys try to avoid this 'trap', but for us it isn't a trap, it's a dream come true. My wife didn't set a trap for me, as she had no plans to get fat and only got fat for me. I can't thank her enough for letting her figure go. I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. On our tenth anniversary I gave her a humorous card that said: "To the girl who not only kept her school girl figure, but doubled it. Thank you, honey. I love you!"

  • No, she wasn't offended, as she took it as a 'huge' compliment. She loved that card and after many years, she still has it. And by the way, she is still fat. And happy. And so am I.

  • Yes they do !

  • Hmu lmaoo

  • My wife is a hot BBW. She has huge t*** and a phat shapely ass. She didn’t feel sexy when I would tell her she was. When a black guy came on to her at the bar one night that changed everything. I could tell she loved the attention and brought it up in bed. She confessed that it really turned her on the way he was trying to pick her up. It started our new lifestyle, she only takes huge black meat and they love her BBW Married sexy self. 8 and counting.

  • I dream of my bbw wife doing this for me , I have openly discussed this with her, but she does not like this communication. I suspected that she cheated on me with a co worker. And love the idea, so erotic. But she gets mad when I ask he about it.

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