I just backed into our maids car and it was 100% my fault

The lady was parked in my driveway well out of the way but for some idiotic reason I backed out and hit her doing damage to her vehicle and mine. The is the first accident I have had that was my fault. I'm 71 and I don't know how I could have been so damn careless.

My Insurance companies going to either get rid of me or raise my rates so high that it will be a chore to pay them.

I am kicking myself hard as I type this.

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  • If you haven't had previous vehicle incident history you have little to fear.

  • Stuff happens, that's why we have insurance. Stop beating yourself up. Your first accident ever ..They aren't going to get rid of you and why don't you wait to see what happens with your rates. You also have the option of looking at other insurance companies to see how they compare. It's not always a bad idea to look around.

  • As we get older we get careless. Just is. We forget things.

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