Oh I think I might rant, a tad...

I was raised a Pentacostal Christian "Holy Roller." At one point in my life God was everything. As I got older I began to think of most of the Christians I met to b hypocritical. It was weird growing up the way I did. My mom still tells me that she saw demons being cast out at one of our prayer meetings. This scares me.
I believe in God. Not anyone's version of him. I love God and believe he made us in his image. I am not perfect, but I do the best I can. I make mistakes and I think that if God is truly all loving and all knowing, he will love me for who I am. I don't go to church every Sunday. I don't pray as often as I should, but I know he is there for me. Sometimes I get down on myself and think God hates me, but I have no idea.
Religion is a set of rules and codes made to be followed. Pay this much, come worship this day, say this, do that, don't do that. God isn't a control freak. God wants us to love him and use our brains.

Sep 18, 2010

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  • I was too!

    My friends used to ask me if they could come to church with me- im still ashamed to admitt that I never let them. I was afriad that their would be an 'Alter call' and they would see my mum cast out demons and spirits.

  • Dude, if God made us in his image, and we are truely a reflection of him/her/it, then we are f****** F*****.

  • Great insightful post...I agree with your logic.

  • You know, people can try to tell you what's the right thing to believe and what's the wrong, but I don't think you should always listen. When it really comes down to it, the only way you will know is if you ask God yourself. Seems like you already have...I'm just saying you shouldn't have to pay money to the church and not question things and want to know for yourself to be a good person, or to be spiritual, even. God is there. You don't need people telling you to do all this or else you're not good enough in God's eyes. I agree with you that God isn't a control freak. It just makes sense. God loves us no matter what. We can always come back. He is always there for us. He wants you to know the truth. He'll answer if you ask.

  • You have to rememberb no one is perfect!! And religion is not a bunch of rules it is a relationship with God. The sooner you realize and presue what God has for you the sooner you will find your life being transformed from "God is cool and I use him when I need him" to " I'm completely in love with God he is amazing and I know he has the best in store for me!"

  • First, God is not a him or her. God is more of an it. More so, Christians are not hypocrits, most people display this behavior from time to time in their lives.

  • Hypothetical Jesus, people! Stop arguing about book characters I feel like I'm at a Harry Potter convention!

    I <3 God too, mate. God is awesome.

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