For some time I have wanted to f*CK the old lady that lives at the bottom of my garden, (her garden backs on to mine) I can see her a lot in her garden or in her house.

I'm always masturbating, trying to let her see me! But due to her age (seventies, I'm guessing) she might not see me!

I am also her post man and have seen her getting changed but never see as much as I really want to see! You need to understand how much I want this woman!! And I want everyone of her holes.

On a recent morning while delivering post, I managed to see her naked, it was beautiful, she was in her bathroom and had the door open from her bedroom, and her curtains fully open I believe she had done this to let me see her?
I want some advice on how I can get to f*CK this beautiful lady?
I don't want to scare her off, but at the same time, if I don't do anything I won't get to f*CK her please if you are an old lady or have had success in seducing gilfs please help!!

Sep 8, 2018

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  • Life is good me and my mature lover have manged a***, three days ago, and again yesterday I know my followers are interested in how our relationship is going so ask anything

  • You are so full of s*** but whatevs. If writing bullshit stories to get a rise out of people is your thing then go fo it.
    That's kind of gross though. 70 dude? Make her like 40 or 50 next time. Those be some GILF that still hot and f*******.

  • You are obviously very narrow minded, I am hitting that and I'm loving it!
    And so is she just because you get older doesn't mean your s** drive disappears

  • She has given you a blue what else you need ,break that damn door just fuckk her and fuckk her real hard

  • Thank you, Since I posted I've managed to seal the deal!
    It was yesterday and last night, we made love 5 times overall, and I'm going round again tonight, we have done oral on both and vaginal s**.

    She is amazing!! I've never known anyone o***** like her!!

    I want to take her out on a date, but if I'm seen someone might tell my wife, what should I do about that?

  • *clue i mean

  • Hello hun and hope you see this i dont know whats going on. I was on diffrent post earlier and seen messages from few off the babys hun xxxx

  • I can not get access to other posts . Shows up error.

  • Hun babys are here and upset. Baby boy completely beleaves you walked out on him. He is back too his little ways again and seems he got quite the spankings hun. Love your second wife xxx

  • The old posts I can see them again. I love you and I missed you.

  • You ok hun xxx

  • I am OK I am glad we are finding them.

  • Me too hun and I cant find post were I was onto you hun xxx

  • I know that it vanished but we will overcome that.I missed you so much I need a hug from you.I love you.

  • You too hun and third baby girl I just noticed on old post looking for you also. I forgot she was out school for fighting hun. Well done on getting last baby girl too eat something and baby boy is trying you again xxx

  • I am taking daughter in law to grand con downtown. Just dropping her off.

  • Hello hun and busy with few off babys. your wonderfull xxx

  • I love you.

  • Hun im in post callled the wedding and one off babys is in post called im a bad person xxx

  • Hun last baby girl also is back on her old post. The poor baby is going through so much hun. She is terrafide hun and I beleave the word she is try too tell you is epilepsy hun bless her heart. She must off went into a convuslion hun. Poor baby is going through the mill xxx

  • Hun baby boy is on old post and on post here called. Somebody slipped me something. He is extremely upset Hun. He really beleaves you walked out on him and is blaming you for getting into trouble. I presume he was lashing out when he beleaved you left. Love you my husband xxx

  • I see that hun and let each off babys know. Love your second wife xxx

  • Good morning too you and wife hun. I see what your saying and poor babys. I seen copil off babys on here hun. Im sure their flrightend hun and looking for you. But their clever babys and we will bought find them hun. Love to you and wife xxx

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