I'm into the Granny Type

Already in my Youth I was educated to respect elder people and help them. Thats how my parents brought me up. And that helped me to my very first sexual experience. I was 12 at that Time and my mom had sent me to the grocerie-store nearby to get some corn for the barbecue that evening. When I payed, I met a old lady from our neighborhood. I already had helped her some in her garden and she asked me, if I would carry her purchases home. I sure did. When we came to her house she offered me some cold lemonade and left. to change as she said. I looked around and the furniture must have been as old as I thought she must be. I was sure, she was older than my grandma of my dads side and grandma eve was more than 80 years. The lady came back only dressed with a dressing gown. And ist was not right tied up. When she walked I had a good look to her t*** and to her bare shaven (!) c***. She sat down besind me and sa soon as she did, her hand was on the bulge in my pants. Yes, even with 12 I had hardons an I knew what masturbation was. That afternoon when I came back to my mom, I have had my first b****** and I've had my Boyhand in the c*** of that old lady. I visited her often after that and I now prefer Women much older than me.

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  • If you put some effort in them, they are easy to get. And once over their shyness they ar the best in bed. The chubby ones I like most.

  • Welcome to the club!

    There’s nothing better than f****** old women.
    Been there, done that from the age of 16 (the chubby ones are the best!)

  • My grandmother introduced me to s**, she was 70 and I was 15.

    She caught me watching her shower and came out naked. And said you like my body? I said yes. Then touch it.

    10 minutes later we were on her bed and she was on top riding me until I came.

    We became lovers until her death at 94.
    Best second my life.

  • I've banged a few grandmothers before and I'm only 35 years old. I love that old p****. They know how to please a man. Yeah baby!

  • I also had a few, they always thanked me and asked if I could come back soon.

  • Me too. Hey we could form a club. Give tips on how to please a granny and give them geritol and s*** like that. Plus we could tell each other about our best granny I f***** story and all. What you think interested?

  • I'm in, I bang older gilfs all the time definitely could do with conversing with others

  • I’d like to f*** a grandma.

  • That's nice sweetie

  • Don't encourage this type. Don't reply is the best way.

  • Check the Friends and Family Category for a story called My Doting Grandmother, Part 1. It's the start of my life of f******.

  • Thank you. I love that post! utawiemer@mail.de

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