I pee in my bed on purpose. I love it. So does my husband, who f*** me right after.

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  • Live and let live. As long as you're not hurting anyone.

    One question though, how and when did you discover this fetish?

  • I would p*** over you after i f*** you

  • Assuming you wash these sheets each day, it must be costing you a fortune in power, constantly running the washing machine. I hope you are protecting the mattress, otherwise you will be wallowing in your own filth, you dirty bastards.

  • I hate walking into houses that smell of pis$ when on service calls. Nasty

  • I used to do this as a kid. Our house was cold and dark and I would wake up and be too scared to get out of bed. Later in life as a teenager and l found peeing myself either in bed or in my clothes but wearing a nappy wasa great way to deal with stress. To this day.

  • I always wet the bed every night until I was like 11, and quite a bit after that but not every night. I guess I really stopped having "accidents" when I was about 14 or so, but kept wetting my bed on purpose some times. Usually I try not to do it unless I have a diaper on, which is like a couple of nights a week, but sometimes I wake up and I've gotta go and I don't want to get up so I do it in my bed and go back to sleep. It's like I know I shouldn't do it, but in the middle of the night It seems like its ok and then in the morning, especially when I don't wear a diaper, I think why did I do that again. Sometimes I don't even remember doing it so in the morning I'm no even sure if I woke up and did it on purpose, or if I really had an accident in my sleep. It's why I still wear diapers to bed sometimes, because I'm afraid I'll have an accident , or that I might just think I'd rather wet the bed than get up in the night.

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