Childhood abuse

I don't think people abused by the church or whoever as kids long ago should get huge financial compensation.

I suspect that they will never be happy unless they can forgive. My suspicion is that they will always view the money as not enough. So they remain focussed on how terrible everthing is.

They need to focus on forgiveness.

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  • The OP is wrong. If there are no consequences the abuse will continue. Report these pervert Priests or ministers or Rabbis etc whenever they touch you or anyone else improperly. The victims deserve the compensation and the church deserves the punishment.

  • Is it abuse? Why? Until recently girls were married off at 13.

  • Things change. Stop looking for validation that your pedophilia is okay. It isn't.

  • Provided the Church pays the compensation, I'm not bothered. Let's not forget the church don't have to pay taxes. Perhaps they should be taxed, so that money can be used to compensate those they are complicit in abusing.

  • Me and my parents before me tithed every week and paid money to the church. Now that money is being used to compensate the victims. Because some scum bag priests could not keep their p****'s under control. I feel anger to those priests and at the same time I feel sorry for the victims and anger that they are getting the money. When I cool off I totally understand that they need compensation and support.

  • All priests should be castrated (brain and testes). They don't need their s** drives and it will reduce the odds of molestation. If they have a problem with that then they shouldn't be priests. On the other hand, the catholic church could allow priests to engage in marital s**, much as it did before the middle centuries. That won't eliminate child abuse completely, but should reduce it dramatically. Forgiveness is easy for those whom haven't been brutally raped by someone trusted by everyone and considered a voice of God.

  • Kids have been molested since forever. It's only this generation who think they are special. Mom encouraged my dad to f*** me. She used to give me a condom and say go take care of your dad before we had dinner. At other times she'd knock on the door and say dinners ready as soon as you've finished. It wasn't brutal rape. Rape yes but I just lay there and he'd do his thing.

  • 1. Look up 'Stockhom syndrome'. This is similar.
    2. With an attitude like this, you will undoubtedly abuse your own children or be complicit in their abuse and continue the cycle.

  • It's only this generation that is so fixated about consent. In days gone by marriage was by arrangement - no consent. Women had s** with their husbands when their husbands required it - is that consent.

  • Girls need to learn to submit. It's important to understand that it is the father and then the husband who is in charge and in control. I was very rebellious and had to be disciplined with the rod until I learned to submit. Now I glorify my husband by attending to his needs at his request. Within marriage I can not resist.

  • ^ Bullshit written by a daydreaming incel, not a wife ^

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