Hooked on online female penpals and chat buddies

I am married guy with young kids. I am not very happy with my marriage for a lot of reasons and I have started meeting women online. On Craigslist or other sites like anybodyoutthere. While most are just online friends, some live far away, I am sort of obsessed with them and spend sooo much time at night and at work chatting with these women, most are married too. I find it so refresing and nice to have a cute woman care about what I think and want to talk with me. We swap music, talk about s**, work, kids whatever. It is very refershing to be able to be so honest about everthing. I don't have to be so guarded about what is really on my mind like I do with my wife or friends in town. I should stop and I know it is bad but I am so hooked. At first I thought it was healthy to vent to another married person about our problems but it is messed up. The reason I like them more than my wife is that they are not judging me, they are only friendly and kind and we don't have to argue about changing diapers and taking out trash.

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  • I'm to am married with children. I am a hospice nurse and normally pretty busy but other than my husband and children i have no friends Because I'm shy to a fault. I would LOVE to have someone to talk to about anything and everything And not feel commited. My email is sillysis6768@yahoo.com and I hope to hear from ya

  • I hear ya. I feel the same way about my online boyfriends (and I'm married too.)

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