It's time.....

.....for Rose McGowan to admit she's a giant liar.

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  • She has never been talented enough or good-looking enough to get by on her own. That's why she was tossing tricks. When it stopped working, she got angry and decided to get even. She is the cheapest kind of w****.

  • She used her body for work. Unfortunately, the work didn't pan out and now she's bitter that she made a bad deal. Makes all women look pathetic; like they can't make deals.

  • Exactly. She thought she was buying something and using her reputation to pay for it. When she didn't get what she thought she'd bought, she tried to get her reputation back, but it had already been thrown out with the trash. So sad.

  • That p**** of hers must be way beyond incredible, otherwise no man would put up with her lying and her selfishness and her bullshit. I think we can't even begin to imagine how good she is in the sack.

  • True. Harvey Weinstein could get any w**** in Hollywood. Why would he bother himself with THAT unless the p**** was magnificent?

  • Interesting. I've often thought that myself, that she must be one magnificent F***.

  • I completely agree with ^these^ observations. I bet she's the best piece of ass in Hollywood.

  • I would give ANYthing to be the man tappin' THAT ass. DAMN!!! She FINE!!!!!!

  • …...yah...……….she is so so so so so so so nasty...……..just really dirty...…..filthy...… its why i love her so much...….

  • Sexiest beast alive

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