God is Evil

God is an evil and backstabbing liar who does nothing but make life miserable day and night.

Dec 23, 2019

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  • Not true you're confused because you are being attacked Spiritually by Satan. He wants you to blame God. Satan is the one you should blame for he is the guilty one causing disruption in your life

  • God is real.
    Satan is waiting for you

  • There is no god

  • Ummm.... I guess we will not be seeing you at church this Sunday?

  • God is nothing but the subconscious mind hellbent on making all of us it’s slaves, there are no chosen people, the Jews are not the chosen people, Christians are not a chosen people, Muslims are not a chosen people, its all a Fairy tale.

    I read the story of the Exodus many times, over and over again and Atheists and Rabbis agree with me that Moses was all alone on the mountain for 40 days and 40 night’s trying to come up with a solution so the Israelites didn’t go into the promised land or return to Egypt, and so with nothing but the help of his subconscious mind he came up with laws and commandments, Moses did this himself, he claimed God helped him, but he was all alone and his mind ( not God) was talking to him. He forbid Homosexuality and that was one of his laws, condemn all homosexuals to death. Why did he condemn homosexuality, well because it was never written but I believe that Moses had sexual relationships with the Pharaoh of Egypt and his people.

  • Interesting. So you believe in God but somehow do not see his graciousness.

  • God's not Evil; God is absent. There is no God. It's just us. We're fine.

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