Trailer park mom

So I started dating this girl, I should have known right off the bat being she is a waitress in a strip club but she is 24, lives with her mom in a trailer park and is dumb as a stick but...Oh so hot and dirty. I can do whatever I want to her and she complains but always lets me do whatever I want...Her mom, Well she is a different story.
Maggie is 48, Single mom and always has been, She has a boyfriend but whatever, She was probably super hot when she was younger but she definitely shows her age now, Blonde hair, Pretty face for an older broad, Kind of a big nose but it suits her face, Wrinkly cleavage and big t!ts that look like a tube sock full of sand when she bends over, Big, dark nipples that are kind of oddly long, Like I'm talking 2-3 inches long when hard and bumpy areolas, Bit of a soft stomach, Bit of a big a$$ and thighs with some cellulite but decent legs, Keeps her pubic hair trimmed short and shaved in a wide "V".
Now you might ask how I know all this, Well...Two months ago I am over at my girlfriends after the bar closed and she is s**t faced, I nail her face down and dump a load on her back, She goes and cleans up then stumbles back to the bedroom and passes out, I go out to burn one and while I'm out there her mom comes home in a cab, She gets out and stumbles up to the trailer, Doesn't even notice me there as she fumbles for her keys, Drops them then locks the door and can't figure out why she can't get in before unlocking it again and going inside.
I'm standing outside peering in through the window and I see her stumble around the kitchen, Grab a drink of water and stumble down the hall, So I go to her bedroom window and she was so wasted she never even closed the blinds before she starts undressing, I figured I would check her out and whatever but she gears down to her bra and panties then sits on the bed and just sits there, I watch for a few seconds and finally she reaches behind her back, Fumbles with her bra but can't get it so she slips it off and down to her waist. I was surprised when I seen her b****, Like I said they are quite a sight. I watched her for a few more seconds before noticing her bedroom door isn't even closed so I sneak back inside and walk up to her door, I look in and she is just sitting on the side of the bed with her phone in her hands hiccuping.
I stood there and looked at her for a second or two then said to my self "F*** it", I dropped my sweats, Whipped off my shirt and walked into the room.
Maggie looked up at me, Squinted and looked down at my fully erect c*** then back up at me, I walked right up in front of her and she looked up, Looked down, Hiccuped and went to say something but hiccuped in the middle of it before looking up at me and took a deep breath letting out a sigh. I reached down and lifted one of her big saggy b**** and she looked at my hand then at me and muttered "Ex...Ex...Hic...Excuse me" and pushed my hand away, I grabbed it again and she looked up at me, I took my other hand and rubbed my k*** across her cheek, She leaned back and scowled at me.
At this point I figured I was screwed anyway and her daughter was gonna dump me as soon as she found out anyway so I grabbed her by the hair and tilted her head back kissing her on the lips and she kissed me then I took her hand putting it on my c*** and she started stroking it as I jiggled her b**** and pulled on her n!pples. I puled her head down and she opened her mouth so I shoved my c*** in, She only sucked for a couple seconds before pulling away so before she could come to her senses I pushed her back on the bed and pulled her panties off, I didn't know if she had already gotten f***** earlier or not so I just put some spit on my fingers and shoved two in her, She took a deep breath and clenched her teeth letting out the breath.
I fingered her for a minute before spreading her legs and shoving my d!ck in her, She grunted a little as I started nailing her but she lifted her legs and crossed her feet on my back, I nailed her for a minute or so then sat up and grabbed both her n!pples pulling her b**** up and stretched them, She winced a bit as I shook and wiggled them but she started groaning and eventually she came then soon as she did I put her hands at her sides, Straddled her chest trapping her arms with my legs and she moaned "Uh Uh" protesting but when she realized she was trapped she opened her mouth and I shoved it in blowing my load, She took it all like a pro...Maybe she was at one time and when I was done I pulled my limp d!ck out and rubbed some on her face as she tried to squirm away.
When I was done humiliating her I got up and she stood up, She looked kind of lost so I spun her around and bent her over the bed, I kept her there pinching and slapping her big hangers for a few seconds before she stood back up and pushed me away wandering to the bathroom, I went and crawled into bed with my girlfriend and passed out, My girlfriend had to work the next morning at the cub doing inventory and I knew she was going to be hung the f*** over, she was texting me complaining about it so I couldn't sleep and got out of bed. I was kind of hoping to sneak out of the trailer and go home but Maggie was sitting at the kitchen table freshly showered in her housecoat, Now...Had Maggie played her cards a bit differently she may have ended up with a different outcome but she started off with "Sit the f*** down" which put me into defense mode So I started with "Why would I do that?", She started her argument with "Why would you do that?, Why would you f*** me and come in my mouth last night?" so right there I knew she remembered everything and I had her right where I wanted her, We argued for a bit about who was at fault and obviously it was me but I wasn't letting her win so when she said "This never f****** happened" I said "Oh it did" which turned her to basically begging me not to tell her daughter because it would destroy their relationship. I know, I know, I'm and a****** But I walked up to her and just pulled down my pants saying "Well, there's one way to secure my silence", Maggie looked up at me and said "Are you f****** serious?", I looked down at her and shrugged, She looked at me and was absolutely outraged breathing angrily and gritting her teeth but then she stood up and said "This...This is how you want to play this...This is how you want our...relationship to be" I shrugged and she said "One f****** time and if you ever say a word I will cut your d!ck off and feed it to you".
I spun her around and reached in her housecoat grabbing her t***, She was standing with her back to me shaking her head and I dropped her housecoat to the floor as she stood there not cooperating with me at all and shrugging me away every time I touched her. I led her to the couch and she closed the blinds, She sat down and I stood in front of her, I grabbed her by the hair and she slapped my hand away then took my d!ck in her hand and shook her head before wrapping her lips around it, I grabbed her head with both hands and shoved it in deep which was when I realized Maggie is a deep throat specialist, She never gagged, Never flinched just went b**** deep and took it like a pro.
After a minute or so she pulled away and laid back, I knew I was the last one in her and she had already showered so I went down on her, She was starting to get into it and said "If you want to come get up here before I do cause when I'm done WE are done". I didn't even pretend to be nice, I just jumped on her and shoved it all the way in, She took a deep breath and her eyes got wide as she said "OOohhh s*** that's bigger than I remembered", I was f****** Maggie whispering "You like that, You want more of that" and she was just laying back loving it, Maggie started to tense up and moan before she started convulsing and screamed which actually kind of made me nervous that someone might have heard her but I kept going anyway.
Maggie relaxed and her legs flopped open, I had her big squishy t*** in my hands jiggling and shaking them, She looked down and looked disgusted saying "Don't do that" so I pulled one hand away and gently slapped her on the side of the face then leaned in and whispered "I'll do what I want, You're my b**** now" and she kind of shook a little bit, Took a deep choppy breath and let out a slow choppy breath, I looked down at her and she looked a little scared or something so I said "You like that...You like being my b****" and with a little bit of fear in her eyes she nodded her head.
I shoved it in all the way and she tensed up, Her eyes rolled back and she moaned, She looked at me and said "Come for me, I want your come" and just then I heard a car door, I spread the blinds and it was my girlfriend. I whispered "S*** Mackenzie", Maggie whispered "F***, Get off me", I pulled out, Grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom starting the shower and jumping in before it was even warm. Maggie, I assume put her housecoat on and ran to her room since I heard her footsteps before I got in the shower. A few minutes later my girlfriend came into the bathroom, Stripped down and joined me in the shower. I let her give me head and then I came in her mouth, She looked up at me and said "That was quick" and I wanted to say "Your mom got it ready for you" but I didn't.
Three days later I was left alone with Maggie again and I just walked up behind her at the sink, Grabbed her hair and pulled her head back whispering in her ear "Time to finish what YOU started", She never put up the slightest fight and I dumped a load in her doggy style and flipped her over, F***** her missionary on her back in a puddle of come then pulled out and gave her a second load on her big floppy t!ts after telling her "Squeeze your big old t!ts together", She tilted her head back to avoid the facial but I slapped it across her face when I was done anyway.
For the past two months I have been nailing Maggie every chance I get and she loves it.


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  • You mentioned the possibility that Maggie may well have been a pro at one time in her life (and I agree with you completely: she has all the traits and skills of one). First of all, you really have to find out if she was or wasn't. Because if she was, then -- second -- you need to go to work on marrying her. Women who have worked in the s** trade (not just strippers, but women who have actually sold their bodies to men) are the best wives in the world and the most loyal and the best partners, in addition to being the best lovers. Find out. My guess? You've struck gold and don't even know it yet.

  • Hottest thing I've read in years! Maybe ever!

  • DAMN! You are the m************ MAN! These relationships you have going with both these women are the stuff of f****** LEGEND! Please don't stop, whatever you do. Hitting the mother-daughter combination -- even if you never get them into the same bed at the same time -- is the holy grail of relationships! Don't you DARE let either one of them off your hook! Fantastic work, my brother!

  • So basically you took advantage of the mom and sexually assaulted her and now you are blackmailing her in exchange for elicit sexual favors..? I doubt this will end well for you, better get out of this whole thing while you still can, move far away and loose contact with them at all costs...
    It’s only going to take 1 time of the two of them talking about this then getting a plan together to frame you as the above sexual deviant...

  • I like how she complains but let's you do it. I like to whip My Girl. She complains but let's me.

  • It's very long. I got sick of it

  • Totally.

  • TL;DR

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