Does she do it on purpose

My wife...Well, I call her my wife, We aren't married but have been together 8 years, Anyway my wife's older sister who is now 40 and looks great for 40 let alone having multiple kids constantly exposes herself to me but I can't tell if she is aware or just careless.
She has always worn small bikinis and when tanning has always worn thong bottoms, Tan lines and all that. She acts modest about everything else like if I happen to come home and she is tanning with my wife topless she puts on a top or covers up but is always fine laying on her stomach in front of me in a thong and I can't even count how many times I have seen her v***** from behind or just her bum cheeks, Many times her thong has been shifted to the side with half or all of it on display, She keeps he legs apart, I assume for tanning purposes and I know her b****** aren't the greatest since she started out small and now they are saggy from having kids but she never leaves them out on display although I have caught a hundred glimpses when she puts on a top or whatever.
She spends a lot of time with my wife and when they were renovating last year the only option at their house was to bath which she said she hates bathing so she would come shower at our house, Usually when I was at work but a few times when I was home and has no issue walking around in just a towel which a few times was on the verge of being way too short and again makes no attempt to keep her crotch hidden, She and her husband recently moved so when she comes to visit now she never closes her door when changing and from the living room I can see in, She never blatantly changes in front of the open door but wanders around her room naked.
She sleeps nude and never closes her door so when I leave for work in the mornings and walk past I always see some form of something, Bum, B******, V***** or whatever.
We don't have kids so it is not an issue of concern about that but I just feel awkward trying not to look but really she has an amazing body for her age and her...Crotch is basically perfect, Total "Innie" with nothing hanging out, Not even a peek of the inner lips, She keeps it shaved or lazered bald, I have never seen a single hair or stubble on it and not to be a pig but her bum hole is perfectly bald, Pink and also pretty. I have mentioned to my wife about having seen things and she just laughs saying "Yeah, She has never really cared too much about that", She wears skirts command, Dresses, Yoga pants, Shorts and never a stitch of underwear and my wife tells me that her sister has told her many times that underwear is the most uncomfortable thing ever and that if she could still pull off going braless she would, My wife says her sister always did growing up and a few times got sent home from school to change her shirt if a teacher felt it was too revealing or whatever.
My wife doesn't seem to care if I see her sister naked so I don't really know if I should even care but it just makes situations awkward when she is laying there tanning and her v***** is exposed or sometimes when she moves I see her b****** and I find myself strategically positioning myself so as not to ever be in a position to be questioned as to whether or not I was looking and in the mornings when she stays over I close her door so I don't get accused of peeking and I am not going to say it has never happened but it makes it hard not to fantasize about her when you spend a half hour sitting 2 feet from her exposed v***** or when you spend all day on a Saturday staring at her tanning in a thong but should I even care...Doesn't seem like it.
Anyway that's my rant for the day.

Oct 2, 2018

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  • You can talk to me anytime sweetheart. I love you so much daughter.

  • Please and my friends mom spanked me very hard over doctor daddy hugs xxx

  • Please find me daddy hugs xxx

  • Hello daughter I would not spank you in doctor's office. I would have opened your l**** for doctor to see as I know you would have liked that better. I love you daughter.

  • No i would f*** not like that daddy and i was going to go down now and scream at her daddy hugs xxx

  • You would not even let me?

  • Not for boy doctor daddy hugs xxx

  • Daddy has female doctors. I love you so much daughter.

  • I bed you did not like it daddy hugs xxx

  • My female doctors handle my p**** with no problem . I love you.

  • Well my friends mom had not one rite too spank daddy hugs xxx

  • She did not need to do that. You should have asked for woman doctor. I love you so much daughter.

  • Why are you not answer me. she said there was no girl doctor daddy and said it is her doctor daddy hugs xxx

  • Well I am sorry I was not there with you. I wish you were here with me I am getting paper work started but it will take time I was told. I love you so much daughter. I will sleep with you tonight. I love you so much daughter.

  • I dont mind you see me daddy and just not other boys. i will tell my moms friend im sorry tomoro daddy hugs xxx

  • I am proud of you. I love you so much.

  • Will i give her a hug also tomoro and daddy. its so much stinging me down there. will you rubb me again please daddy hugs xxx

  • I will soothe it for you. I love you so much daughter.

  • Im tired now and i want you too cuddle me the whole night and make it better daddy. nite my daddy hugs xxx

  • I will hold you tight. I love you so much daughter.

  • I cant beleave it daddy and my friends mom tricked me. because i was sleeping daddy and i woke up and she was putting cream and a powder there and i was very sleepy. she said i am very good and i need go back sleep and said she will make me a bubble bath after brekfast daddy. i was trying too say something and she kissed my head and just said i need to go sleep daddy hugs xxx

  • I am glad she is taking good care of you down there.Soon you will feel much better. I love you so much.

  • It makes my face very red daddy hugs xxx

  • Daughter living with me you will soon get over having red face because you will see me all the time nude and you will get used to walking around the house this way also. I love you daughter very much.

  • Daddy i realy need to ask you something hugs xxx

  • What is it sweetheart?

  • If i hit doctor in front off you like my friends mom. would you off spanked me even at home. he was very mad at me and so was my friends mom daddy hugs xxx

  • Yes I would have spanked you in the restroom. I love you so much daughter.

  • But daddy thats not fair and it stings you no. i might off got mad and spit and fight back daddy hugs xxx

  • You would have hit me?

  • Why are you ignoreing me daddy hugs xxx

  • I suppose if you hit someone like me I should just let you. After all you have the right to do that. And you can kick me and bite me and I should just let you and I have no right to do anything.

  • Stop being mad at me daddy hugs xxx

  • I am not angry with you. So I should just should let you do whatever you want and I will just watch you. Never step in to scold.

  • Fine then daddy. but i rather get grounded daddy hugs xxx

  • So then the final conclusion is that I should give you free reign do as you please and I become the neglectful parent and am told that I am not a good parent.

  • You are good daddy hugs xxx

  • I will become the neglectful parent.
    I will look the other way when you hit someone.
    If you start cussing I will let it go.
    I will not care what you do or do not do.
    Is this what you want me to become not caring?

  • No daddy im sorry. but spankings realy sting. i do love you daddy hugs xxx

  • Spankings are for kids who do not want to behave.I had one spanking from my dad and that was the only time. I made sure I behaved well after that. I love you so much daughter.

  • Stop be mad at me daddy please. i do love you daddy hugs xxx

  • I am not mad at you I love you to much to be mad at you.

  • Well deal if ground me sometimes instead off spanking me daddy hugs xxx

  • Your bum is meant to sit on Daddy's lap. I love you so much daughter.

  • I prefare sit on your lap daddy. because i def not like being spanked. it does sting so bad daddy hugs xxx

  • Come sit now. I love you so much daughter.

  • I cant get you daddy and keeps not let me get you daddy hugs xxx

  • Sweetheart I love you.

  • Daddy whats wrong and i could not get you. blood was down there dadfy and my friends mom let me sleep ther bed daddy. i realy need you daddy hugs xxxx

  • Connections were down. You might have gotten your first period with blood being down there. I love you very much daughter.

  • My friends mom wants me too go hospital daddy hugs xxx

  • You should go and make sure that it is not worse than what I think it is your period. I love you very much I want you to be healthy.

  • I dont want too go and my friends mom said its not my period daddy hugs xxx

  • Bleeding inside is not good until it is fixed. B***** panties and clothes and sheets. You need to get it taken care of I want you to be alive and not dead. I love you so much daughter.

  • My friends mom is makeing me go daddy hugs xxx

  • I want you to go please I want to know if you are going to be OK. I love you so much daughter.

  • But daddy do i have to go hugs xxx

  • Yes you do and I will be with you holding you. I love you so much daughter I do not want to have you die.

  • Daddy were are you. i put something on n some were by mistake daddy hugs xxx

  • I have daughter in law at hospital right now for a lung procedure. I need to stay close by. I love you so much daughter.

  • Daddy im back and they asked me lots of stuff and i cant stop crying. i did not want talk with a lady and a doctor. im very angry and scared and feel like run off now. i called my friends mom mean names in car and was screaming daddy. she was tell me to stop shouting and talk. but i cursed at her and kicked back off her seat and she pulled car over and push me down on seat and got my panties off and spanked me in the car daddy. she kept saying she loves me. but im not going too talk like that ever again and was try hug me. but i said f*** get lost meany. she kept my panties and said i can go too room and think of my behavur daddy. is she very bold for doing that daddy. my friend is down stairs. i have too have anothet bath and get something too eat and im not ferl like eating daddy hugs xxx

  • Daughter why you keep fighting. These people who want to help you. Why are you bleeding? Do you know why? I love you so much daughter.

  • You are left and my friends mom should not have spanked me daddy hugs xxx

  • You should not be mouthing off. Other form of discipline should have been used. I love you so much daughter.

  • They said did some one touch me daddy xxx

  • The blood down there we ruled was not your period then the next possible thing someone tried to penetrate you with their p**** or you used a hairbrush handle to penetrate yourself. I love you so much daughter.

  • They are bold daddy hugs xxx

  • Its not period even my friends mom said that. the lady and doctor was asking me lots off things and i told them i did not want talk daddy. my friends mom had no rite too spank me daddy hugs xxx

  • Well it is doctors job to find out about abuse your dad and uncle hurt you bad. I love you so much daughter.

  • You are ignore me now. i have too go sleep now daddy. i want you too sleep with me daddy nite daddy i do love you daddy hugs xxx

  • Oh honey let us cuddle and kiss and go to sleep your body is so soft and warm I love it. I love you so much.

  • Im scared you no daddy hugs xxx

  • How come? Daughter.

  • I have bad dreams alot daddy. i dont want too talk with anybody daddy hugs xxx

  • Let us dream about both of us on a fantastic vacation enjoying the water and beach and the sun. I love you daughter so much.

  • I wish i go too beach with you all the time daddy. my dad never tooke too beach. would we do lots off fun things together daddy. like soccer and stuff daddy hugs xxx

  • Yes daughter go to a water park and go down water slides and have fun in a wave pool. I love you so much.

  • What is a watet park daddy. i wish in all my heart i lived with you daddy. i would not be bold i promise daddy hugs xxx

  • Oh I love you so much. A water park has slides that water goes down them and the slides are long and yes you wear swim suits.All different lengths and the wave pool makes big waves that you have fun in. I love you so much.

  • Wow daddy and it sounds awsome. you would do all that fun stuff for me daddy. you make me be happy you no so much daddy hugs xxx

  • I would do that because I love you so much and daddy is crying right now because you make me happy.

  • Im crying daddy also. i wrote a note and put it under my friemds moms pillow i did. i said im sorry for curseing and kicking back off her seat in car daddy. its stings so bad in my pee pee and my bum over being spanked daddy hugs xxx

  • Still taking pills for your pee pee? Cream also. I love you so much.

  • My friends mom. put it on. me again daddy earlier hugs xxx

  • Hope your pee pee feels better soon. I love you daughter and you look beautiful.

  • Me beautiful daddy. your my daddy forever and ever daddy hugs xxx

  • Thank you sweetheart with all my love.

  • Daddy im feeling sleepy daddy hugs xxx

  • Let's go to sleep honey, I love you. I am holding you.

  • Put you arms around me please daddy hugs and i do love you daddy hugs xxx

  • I will put my arms around you and kiss your lips you are so beautiful.

  • Im in my room now daddy. my friends mo took my ipad earlier. i grabbed it when she was not looking. im suppise too have a bath soon and she said then she put more cream on me. i dont want her doing it daddy hugs xxx

  • Daughter let her apply it you must get better if I was there you know I would. I love you dearly.

  • But daddy i dont want too and you would make me if you here daddy hugs xxx

  • Look you need the cream to get better and applying it yourself it is difficult. Better to have help. I want you to get better so when you pee you will not hurt. I love you.

  • My friends mom said she did bath for me with lots off bubbles daddy hugs xxx

  • Great you wash me I will get in tub with you.I love you daughter.

  • Fine and i sit on you lap in bath then daddy. can i splash you daddy hugs xxx

  • Sit facing me that will be fine and you splash all you want. I love you daughter.

  • Im getting in now daddy and i splash realy hard so watch out daddy hugs xxx

  • Fine let us have some fun splashing. I love you so much.

  • Not too much splashing or my friends mom might go mad daddy hugs xxx

  • I love how you wash me sweetheart you are great. I love you so much.

  • I allready had bath daddy and my friends mom put cream all over and gave me tablets. she kept ask me lots off stuff daddy hugs xxx

  • Mom's are curious and they know things. By asking questions they get to understand more about you. I love you daughter/

  • I told my friends mom i dont want talk daddy and i do love you daddy hugs xxx

  • You can talk to me sweetheart. I love you so much daughter.

  • Im ok daddy i dont want too talk too anybody daddy hugs xxx

  • Daddy my moms friend said if i dont go up and get a bath and dressed then she will have too spank me daddy hugs xxx

  • I took my panties off daddy and it still sore when im pee daddy hugs xxx

  • Ok daddy if im bold then you spank me. but sometimes ground me to instead daddy hugs xxx

  • Daughter You are awesome. I love you dearly.

  • Was your daddy mean daddy hugs xxx

  • Im not saying that daddy i do love you daddy hugs xxx

  • Hello daddy hugs xxx

  • Well you started it daddy. you said you would off spanked me in a room daddy hugs xxx

  • You mean i would not be allowed ware clothes daddy hugs xxx

  • I am sure you will get so used to it that sometimes going to the mini van you would feel the breeze and you would say oops I forgot something. I love you so much.

  • I cant beleave you love somebody like me daddy. i am happy and i do love you daddy xxx

  • Sounds good to me I wouldn't turn away if it is there to see I will look and if it is your house go for it just be like innocent oh I forgot you were here sorry I am naked also LOL

  • Just give her a taste of her own.. when it's just you two strip in your room.. or tan nude.. it's your house after all

  • The post could have made more sense if you have written it after you f***** her for provoking you

  • If i were i would have tied her hands on bed and f***** her right infront of my wife

  • I agree to what extent we should contain ourselves, not today but tommorrow you will f*** her real hard

  • Women know exactly what they are doing. My pretty blond cousin and I were buddies and hung out most of our lives. She enjoyed showing herself off and what it did to guys. She said she like the power of it and got a kick out of doing it.

  • Let her walk around nude if she wants to. You are the one that has problems with nudity. If you were all nude at home after a week or so it would be so normal you would not worry.

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