Does she do it on purpose

My wife...Well, I call her my wife, We aren't married but have been together 8 years, Anyway my wife's older sister who is now 40 and looks great for 40 let alone having multiple kids constantly exposes herself to me but I can't tell if she is aware or just careless.
She has always worn small bikinis and when tanning has always worn thong bottoms, Tan lines and all that. She acts modest about everything else like if I happen to come home and she is tanning with my wife topless she puts on a top or covers up but is always fine laying on her stomach in front of me in a thong and I can't even count how many times I have seen her vagina from behind or just her bum cheeks, Many times her thong has been shifted to the side with half or all of it on display, She keeps he legs apart, I assume for tanning purposes and I know her breasts aren't the greatest since she started out small and now they are saggy from having kids but she never leaves them out on display although I have caught a hundred glimpses when she puts on a top or whatever.
She spends a lot of time with my wife and when they were renovating last year the only option at their house was to bath which she said she hates bathing so she would come shower at our house, Usually when I was at work but a few times when I was home and has no issue walking around in just a towel which a few times was on the verge of being way too short and again makes no attempt to keep her crotch hidden, She and her husband recently moved so when she comes to visit now she never closes her door when changing and from the living room I can see in, She never blatantly changes in front of the open door but wanders around her room naked.
She sleeps nude and never closes her door so when I leave for work in the mornings and walk past I always see some form of something, Bum, Breasts, Vagina or whatever.
We don't have kids so it is not an issue of concern about that but I just feel awkward trying not to look but really she has an amazing body for her age and her...Crotch is basically perfect, Total "Innie" with nothing hanging out, Not even a peek of the inner lips, She keeps it shaved or lazered bald, I have never seen a single hair or stubble on it and not to be a pig but her bum hole is perfectly bald, Pink and also pretty. I have mentioned to my wife about having seen things and she just laughs saying "Yeah, She has never really cared too much about that", She wears skirts command, Dresses, Yoga pants, Shorts and never a stitch of underwear and my wife tells me that her sister has told her many times that underwear is the most uncomfortable thing ever and that if she could still pull off going braless she would, My wife says her sister always did growing up and a few times got sent home from school to change her shirt if a teacher felt it was too revealing or whatever.
My wife doesn't seem to care if I see her sister naked so I don't really know if I should even care but it just makes situations awkward when she is laying there tanning and her vagina is exposed or sometimes when she moves I see her breasts and I find myself strategically positioning myself so as not to ever be in a position to be questioned as to whether or not I was looking and in the mornings when she stays over I close her door so I don't get accused of peeking and I am not going to say it has never happened but it makes it hard not to fantasize about her when you spend a half hour sitting 2 feet from her exposed vagina or when you spend all day on a Saturday staring at her tanning in a thong but should I even care...Doesn't seem like it.
Anyway that's my rant for the day.

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